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Ramco ERP for Precision Manufacturing


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Precision manufacturing is not just manufacturing. Leverage Ramco ERP which has been finely tuned for the needs of Precision manufacturing industry

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Ramco ERP for Precision Manufacturing

  1. 1. Precision Manufacturing Industry
  2. 2. © Ramco Systems Company Overview Part of the $1 Billion Ramco group Global R&D Center in Chennai, India 20 Offices Worldwide 1500+ Employees Rich history 24 Years 800+ ERP Customers Worldwide
  3. 3. © Ramco Systems Americas MEA Europe APAC Real Estate / EPC Energy & Utilities Government Manufacturing Trading across 35countries over 800+customers serving 40+verticals Logistics Global ERP | Customer Presence
  4. 4. Precision Manufacturing just Manufacturing Manufacturing
  5. 5. © Ramco Systems There is a need to quickly bring to life an idea Prototyping and Engineering/Design Estimations and Sample Production of Parts
  6. 6. © Ramco Systems Designs continuously evolve and being off by a nanometer is not acceptable 7 Well defined engineering change management functionality
  7. 7. 8 APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) Regime Quality of the product is not an afterthought but a way of life
  8. 8. 9 Tight integration with Principal’s supply chain Where the supply can’t be delayed by a few hours
  9. 9. © Ramco Systems Typical Challenges Ramco’s Solution The right solution for your problems!! • Process & Material estimation • Alternate BOM • Support for ECN • Global replacement of parts Prototyping & Engineering Design Change & Estimations Prototyping & ECM 1 • Engineering BOM • Process plans • Product attributes High Precisions and Tolerance Handling 4 Manufacturing • Traceability through out the life of a part • Track failed items with reason code for improvement • Recall parts 2 Traceability Lack of end to end traceability of a product Stringent Quality Checks 3 Quality management • Attribute/SOP Based QC • APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) Regime
  10. 10. © Ramco Systems Typical Challenges Ramco’s Solution The right solution for your problems!! • Lean Manufacturing • (FSN Analysis), Value (ABC Analysis) or criticality (VED Analysis • Advanced Planning & Optimization maintaining an optimal level of inventory Optimize Inventory 6 • Integrated Supplier & Customer Portal • Production Planning • Material & Capacity Planning • Demand Planning Need for tight integration with Principal’s supply chain 5 SCM 7 Pricing Effective Management of costs & prices • Powerful Procurement Planning • Procurement Contracts • Material Cost Revaluation • Pricing strategy based on real time cost data • Subcontracting process • Material issue, tracking and reconciliation • Subcontractor payments • Flexible Contract Definition Subcontracting of low tech production 8 Sub-Contracting & Contract Management
  11. 11. Ramco’s Solution
  12. 12. Sales & Distribution Inventory Procurement Discrete Manufacturing Human Capital Management Maintenance Management Finance & Accounting Inventory Administration Inventory Analysis & Planning Warehouse Management Quality Management Physical Inventory & Cycle Counting General Accounting Receivables Management Payables Management Fixed Assets Management Global Tax Solution Equipment Induction & Setup Preventive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance Shutdown / Outage Management Work Management Financial Services Workforce Management Recruitment Talent Management Employee Development Sales Administration Customer Relationship Management Order Management Outbound Logistics Exports After Sales Service Manufacturing Administration Product Data Management Engineering Change Management Estimation Planning Procurement Administration Sourcing & Purchasing Inbound Logistics Subcontracting Imports Supplier Portal Work Order Management Scheduling Manufacturing Execution Costing Payroll & Benefits Planning Management Accounting Customer Portal Project Management Project Administration Bid Management Project Definition Project Planning Project Execution Billing Quality Management Project Closure Reliability & Review Demand Planning Analytics eSignature Device Integration SOA Integration / Collaboration Powered by Ramco VirtualWorks® Data UploadsEmbedded WorkflowAdvanced Reporting Wizard Interface Geospatial Integration Enterprise Add-ons Advanced Planning & Optimization Enterprise Process Control Solutions Ramco’s Manufacturing Solution Map
  13. 13. Ramco’s Differentiators
  14. 14. © Ramco Systems Prebuilt Library of Business Components Ramco | Differentiators Integrated Planning Engine for Production, Procurement and Distribution Highly Flexible and extendible Enterprise System A Robust, Tested Product for Precision Manufacturing Industry In-built Advanced Reporting and Intelligence
  15. 15. © Ramco Systems We deliver it all through
  16. 16. © Ramco Systems Attach Images Approval & Alerts Manage Critical operations – Anytime, Anywhere Download App Access ERP screens on Mobile Field Sales Automation Depot operations – Order, Dispatches, Billing Sales & Collections Work progress Stock queries, analysis Inspection Report Fault Leave Application Sales person tracking Mobility
  17. 17. © Ramco Systems Redefining User Interface with WorkSpaces | One screen does it all Analytics Visualization Transaction Optimization Role-Based WorkSpaces
  18. 18. © Ramco Systems Shop Floor Reporting
  19. 19. © Ramco Systems Can I get a quick history showing performance trend? Geospatial Integration | Get Real time, Contextual & Location-aware visibility Visibility at the click of a button Do you have the answers to these in real time? Can I track my Logistics online? Can I drill down to a location wise demand? Can I know the quickest/ most efficient route to transport raw materials?
  20. 20. Experience – Case Studies
  21. 21. © Ramco Systems Partial Customer List
  22. 22. Solution Key Business BenefitsBusiness Needs • The Swatch Group is a global MNC, manufacturing and selling finished watches, jewelry, watch movements and components.  Many new capabilities with capacity planning, automated transfers and invoicing reduced cycle times of deliveries, reduced TCO, Reductions in purchase cycle time (over 30%),issue resolution time ( by 80%).  Streamline their business processes and optimize the lead time on watch delivery, Seamless integration with 3rd party software like PLM,KARDEX  Production, Logistics, Sales, Finance and Human Capital Management  Integration with disparate intra-enterprise systems including Quality Management (Web8D), PLM and Material Handling System(Kardex LVS)
  23. 23. Key Business BenefitsBusiness Needs • India’s largest gear manufacturer • Manufactures a wide range of Ring Gears and Pinions, Transmission Gears and Shafts, Differential Gears, Gear Boxes majorly for the automotive industry  Integrated IT Enabled organization with access to real time information throughout  Transparency and streamlining of key business processes  End to end material planning and scheduling of operations  Enhanced insight into shop to tighten production planning  Effective tracking of cost estimate, planned costs and actual costs at Work order levels  Improved collaboration with suppliers and partners • To streamline key processes and create transparency across functions and operation levels • Information availability “anyplace, anywhere, anytime”. • Better decision making on product mix, capacity and utilization • Deeper customer engagement and customer service by proactive replenishment of stock • Effective Planning of material and equipment • Collaboration with business partners • Effective Processing Lead Time management Bharat Gears
  24. 24. Solution Key Business BenefitsBusiness Needs • Upeca Aerotech Sdn Bhd is a part of USD 52 million Upeca group headquartered in Malaysia  Systematic tracking of Engineering drawings, Certificate of Conformity No, quality attributes for QC have been implemented to ensure full compliance  Integration between inventory and sales planning for committing realistic dates to customer  Ensuring quality parameters are communicated to supplier and measured during Good receipt  Ability to track the total cost, Project wise and Department wise  Reduction in Batch traceability time through automation, which used to depend on paperwork  Streamlining templates for PO and GR  Quick Lot traceability  Integrated Online information to aid in Planning  Track Quality parameters, version numbers  Integrated accounting system  Integrated ERP (Ramco ERP On Cloud – Standard)  Inventory, Procurement, Financials, Sales and Discrete Production Upeca Aerotech Sdn Bhd
  25. 25. Solution Key Business BenefitsBusiness Needs • Founded in 1895 by Arthur Savage. • Manufactures hunting & sporting rifles and range systems. • Manufacturing locations in Westfield, MA and Lakefield, Ontario  Serial No, Bar Coding features reduced transaction times on repairs and warranties.  Inventory decreased by $2.5 million  Inventory turns up1.2 times  50% reduction in manufacturing lead times.  Each gun to be tracked individually.  Serial based returns and repair tracking  Validity of warranty and repair parts.  A web interface for customer to enter and track complaint and repair status.  Discrete production suite with finance, production, planning, Inventory, sales and procurement. Serial No,  Bar Coding enabled.
  26. 26. © Ramco Systems Integrated Asset management & Talent Management Comprehensive solutions with Best practices Scalable, Flexible & Extendible Solutions In-built Analytics & Mobility Intuitive & Easy to use Multiple Deployment Models Future proof / Technologically advanced Industry specific Solutions Compliant with Global Standards Homogeneous Solutions A Platform with Incessant Innovation “Be Empowered” Ramco Enterprise Suite – Value proposition
  27. 27. • Ramco reserves the right to change any of its product decisions at any point in time, without prior notice; product roadmap items, timelines are subject to change at any time without prior notice. • The content of this presentation is not to be construed in any way as a commitment by Ramco or as an obligation undertaken by Ramco with regards to delivery of such features mentioned in this slide in its product. • Organizations are advised to make their software product purchase decisions only based on features available as on date in Ramco’s products Disclaimer
  28. 28. Thank you