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Mobile First - Information Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device


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Ramco Systems provides right solution for the right device.
Today, businesses are 24/7, interconnected, and dynamic. To keep pace with a fast-changing work scenario and provide real-time insights, it has to be mobile first.

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Mobile First - Information Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device

  1. 1. Mobile FirstInformation Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device Prepared By: Srinivasan R Date: October 2012 Designation: Vice President - Technology Location: Chennai © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  2. 2. Why Mobile ?© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  3. 3. Some Statistics on mobile usage88% of people own a mobile phone84 million iPads sold till date35% of Americans don‟t have Internet access at homeMobile Internet is the only way for 50 mn AmericansIn the U.S., 25% of mobile Web users are mobile-onlyOver 6 Billion Subscribers, 1.2 Billion Mobile Web Users © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  4. 4. Some more reasons for going mobile Google earns 2.5 Billion in mobile ad revenue annually There are 6 Billion mobile subscribers worldwide This is 87% of world‟s population 50% of twitter‟s users use twitter mobile 1/3rd of facebook users use Facebook Mobile 91% mobile internet access is for Social Activities“moving forward with `mobile first„ mindset” – Yahoo !! © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  5. 5. What do they say ? "We understand that the new rule is mobile first,…" “Google programmers now want to do work on mobile first, before the desktop” Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  6. 6. What do they say ? "Now we really are a mobile company. All the code we write is [for] mobile," Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  7. 7. What do they say ? “Especially in mobile, true simplicity takes a lot of time,” “’s hard to design for mobile and make things extremely simple” “Your first version’s probably going to fail. You probably should just accept that. (You should look at) not just quantitative data but what people Dave Mornin, CEO, Path are actually trying to do.”© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  8. 8. What do they say ? “We are investing in apps,which is a huge opportunity for us..” Jude Brooks, Digital Activation Manager for Great Britain and Ireland, Coca-Cola© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  9. 9. Traditional Approach – Desktop FirstApplication Designed for the DesktopComplete on FunctionalityUse Technical Capability to Scale DownGraceful Degradation based on the underlyinginfrastructureApplication re-design not a preferred option © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  10. 10. Challenges with Desktop FirstVast difference in Screen Real Estate, leads tounusable business functionalityDesktop applications are meant for high processingpower, rendering on Mobile makes the solution sluggishBandwidth is usually not a concern for desktopsolutions but very critical for Mobile SolutionsPresentation metaphors do not have similarity betweenDesktop and the MobileEnormous dependence on the translation semanticsof the target device © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  11. 11. In today‟s fast life, Mobile Solutions Should use the entire device capabilities Should be personal Should adhere to the device characteristics Should be context sensitive Should present what is exactly necessary Should be radical and innovative© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  12. 12. It has to be „Mobile First‟Do MobileDo from StartDo it Right !! © Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  13. 13. Mobile First – In Action Right Solution for the Right Device Leave Application evolves in the Mobile First Approach© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  14. 14. Building a Solution a Child can use© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  15. 15. With the power of touch© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  16. 16. Right out of your mobile© Copyright 2012, Ramco Systems |
  17. 17. Mobile First,Innovation at its Best Thank you |