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Discover Zero UI- With Ramco, just Mail It!


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Work has become so synonymous with email that today employees spend 28% of their time on emails. Start conversing with your system through simple emails!

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Discover Zero UI- With Ramco, just Mail It!

  1. 1. 1 Simplify 2 Contextualize Align 4 3 Differentiate Scale 5 HR strategy for innovation-centric companies Capability Time
  2. 2. Innovation comes by challenging the status quo
  3. 3. Era of Cognitive & Adaptive Solutions Ramco’s design philosophy aligned to the new revolution At Ramco, we Hub it Prompt it Thumb it Mail it ……….Moving towards “ZERO UI”
  4. 4. While on the move, If you want to Apply for leave? pull up your latest pay slip? As an admin, view payroll readiness status report ? . . . . You generally Log on to the system ! Travel through the menu screens ! Carry out the transactions ! And then….Pull up the desired document/information !!
  5. 5. With Ramco Mail it . . just send an e-mail Ramco’s intelligent Payroll will do it all for you… Apply leave View loss of pay Pull up your salary slip View payroll readiness status report Pull up pending task list for payroll processing And much more…. Mail it
  6. 6. Ramco HCM Solution Map Payroll Talent Management Recruitment Planning & AnalyticsCore HR Time & Attendance Workforce Planning Organization Scorecard Analytics Country-specific Compliance Requisition Management Sourcing Candidate Management Selection & Offer Management Onboarding Competency Management Performance & Goal Management Succession Planning Career Planning Training Administration Gross & Net Pay Calculation Retroactive Pay & Increments Financials Integration Direct Deposit Automation Organization Management Personnel Administration Movements & Exit Management Benefits Administration Travel & Expenses Schedule Management Paid Time-Off Management Time Entry Management Project Time Booking Absence & Overtime Tracking Data UploadsAdvanced ReportingMobility Role-based Access Extension Toolkit SOA-based IntegrationWorkflow Enterprise Add-ons Employee & Manager Self-Service
  7. 7. 7 70% of the world’s working population can now run on Ramco’s payroll platform recognizes Ramco as a LEADER in Global Payroll in their Leadership Quadrant