High Tech Manufacturing


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Whitepaper, Ramco

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High Tech Manufacturing

  1. 1. Co-create. Innovate. Win.High Tech ManufacturingWhite Paper
  2. 2. 1Overview • Special emphasis on supply chain functions to ensure fast and least expensive servicing of customer demandsAny enterprise goal is to crash manufacturing lead times, increase • A complete nancial solution for the enterprise - handlinginventory turnover and service customer demands promptly. While books of accounts, management accounting, receivable andtrying to achieve these targets, quality standards have to be payable accounting, treasury, etcmaintained and waste has to be eliminated. Positive referencescount. Therefore, the customer expects and also gets high levels of • Web-architected solution that promotes anytime, anywhereaftersales support. All this is not an exception in High Tech industry workingtoo, which has high volumes of products to be handled in all the • The technology underlying the solution promotes integrationnodes of Supply Chain and highly automated manufacturing with other solutions – plant automation systems, bar-codesystems. systems, RFID systems, etcRamcos Comprehensive Solution for High Technology Addressing the key Pain Areas of High Tech Manufacturingenterprises IndustryThe Enterprise Discrete Manufacturing solution consists of acomprehensive suite of pre-built software components andservices. This is a personalized solution speci c to the enterprise - acombination of personalized assembly of pre-built software. Thesolution delivered by this approach is dynamic and is capable ofevolving and changing as the business environment changes.The solutions are designed to power intra enterprise planning anddelivery across all functions. Additionally, the solution is intendedfor collaborative operations between the enterprise and itspartners – customers and vendors.Ramcos solution for High Technology enterprises is a totallyintegrated system that has been developed based on Ramco’sextensive experience with electronics and electrical productsmanufacturing companies. The solution is designed to meet allspeci c needs for varied users in di erent functions. Ramco’sEnterprise Discrete Manufacturing delivers the following bene ts to Our nal solution for High Tech enterprises is based on ourenterprises in the High Technology industry unique technology platform that allows rapid solution assembly.• One enterprise solution for a multi-company, multi-geography, Also important to rapid solution delivery is our extensive list of multi-currency enterprise - enterprise wide transactional pre-built solution components some of which are listed below backbone providing support for all functions • Portals (Customer & Supplier)• Ability to deliver geography / country speci c functionality within a single solution • Demand Ful llment• Ability to integrate and collaborate across the supply chain to • Inventory management reduce cycle times• Ability to synchronize the supply chain for a multi-company • Procurement management enterprise • Sub-contract management• Comprehensive manufacturing planning and control function with associated planning, scheduling and execution functionality
  3. 3. 2• Distribution management• Manufacturing Planning• Finite Scheduling• Shop Reporting• Work ow• Collaboration Manager• Maintenance management• Analysis & Productivity Tools• Financial management• Human Resources ManagementCustomer List• Moser Baer• Recorders & Medicare• ETA• Opto Speed• DXB Video©2007 Ramco Systems Ltd. All rights reserved. All trademarks acknowledged.This document is published by Ramco Systems Ltd. without any warranty.No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose withoutthe written permission of Ramco Systems Limited.Improvements and changes to this text necessitated by typographical errors, inaccuracies of current information or improvements to softwareprograms and/or equipment, may be made by Ramco Systems Limited, at any time and without notice. Such changes will, however, beincorporated into new editions of this document. Any hard copies of this document are to be regarded as temporary reference copies only. Ramco Systems | 64, Sardar Patel Road, Taramani | Chennai 600 113 | Tel: +91 44 2235 4510 | Email: info@rsi.ramco.com | www.ramco.com