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Robert Amann TED Talk Slideshow


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Robert Amann PSO FS TED Talk Slideshow

Published in: Education
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Robert Amann TED Talk Slideshow

  1. 1. DANIELPINK:The Puzzle ofMotivation
  2. 2. DANIEL PINK is an American journalist and Author who at one point was the chief speechwriter for Al Gore
  3. 3. IN DANIEL’S TALK TITLEDTHE PUZZLE OF MOTIVATION He mainly spoke about how rewarded work versus non rewarded work had a different outcome than you’d think, about what you did if you really MOTIVATED people He said his talk was a case, because he wanted to prove FACTS.
  4. 4. Dan made this point apparent, and to relate and make the audience understand with the example of THE CANDLE PROBLEMA subject is put into a room with the aboveitems. The goal was to attach the candle tothe wall so that the wax would not drip onthe table. With different methods tried, theleft image was the solution
  5. 5. This experiment was conductedwith incentives, one group wastold to solve as fast as possible.The other was told that if theywere in the top 25% of fastest Thetimes, you get $5. If you’re thefastest, you get $20. incentivized group took About 3 minutes LONGER
  6. 6. Dan maintained theaudience’s attention by usinghand gestures, and reallyannunciating himself MAINTED EYE CONTACT AND RELATED To the audience to make them feel part of the talk DYNANISM RATING: Dan was really dynamic , 4/5 he really extend his voice and was very animated to keep interesting
  7. 7. Dan kept his story, or his case as hecalled it, flowing by making it a storyHE NEVER STOPPEDENGAGING THEAUDIENCE Like Nancy Duarte, he was constantly engaging his audience with visuals, with facts, and kept his talk flowing into one huge point
  8. 8. Between Dan Pink and Sir KenRobinson, both used a lot of humor tokeep the audience entertainedThey both were VERY animated and justinteresting to keep watching because ofhow into their speech they wereDan had a lot of love for his topic, andhad ample information to back upeverything he was saying and overall thecontrol of his voice emphasizing thethings that needed to be was spot on
  9. 9. After watching Dan’s TED Talk, you can learn a lot on his deliveryLOVE YOURSUBJECTAND BEANIMATEDKeep your tone of voiceinteresting, and reallyemphasize your points, andmake a joke everyone canunderstand and relate to
  10. 10. The advice to take from Dan’s talk over all…Be passionate of what you’re talkingabout! Don’t be motivated by the “youhave to do it attitude” or rewardyourself for doing it Keep your creative freedom with what you want to speak about, or you’ll only be focused on the ‘have-to’s’ and only narrow your mind to what you can do with your speec
  11. 11. “There’s a mismatch between what science knows and what business does…” “20th century motivators work, but only in a surprisingly narrow band of circumstances” “If than rewards“Secret to high performance isn’t often destroyrewards and punishments, it’sautonomy “ creativity”