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Psychology of stakeholder management sept 2016 - v2


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Presentation at PMI Chennai Chapter - 10 Sep 2016 - Psychology of Stakeholder management

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Psychology of stakeholder management sept 2016 - v2

  1. 1. Psychology of Stakeholder Management PMI – Chennai Chapter – KSS – 10 Sep 2016
  2. 2. http:/ Can you please participate in the following survey ? Many thanks for your support
  3. 3. WON TOP HONORS PMI National Conference – Sept 2014 Managing GEN-Y Talent Psychology for Project Management Creative Thinking National Conference Publication Psychology for strong Business IT alignment Spoke at many events
  4. 4. Why Psychology? Conclusion 01 02 03 Challenges Identify powerful stakeholders early Influence without authority Effective Negotiation Agenda
  5. 5. Why Psychology Human Factors are key to Project Success Jonathan Haidt - Psychologist Psychology can help PMs understand the human factors, analyze their interactions & manage them efficiently
  6. 6. How to identify powerful stakeholders early ? How to Influence without authority ? How to Negotiate effectively ? How to avoid pitfalls in understanding the needs of the stakeholders ? How do we plan to get stakeholder buy-in? How to create a collaborative environment ? How to effectively communicate ? How to manage resistance ? How to build relationships ? Stakeholder Management Challenges
  7. 7. How to Identify Powerful Stakeholders Early? Understand Sources of Power
  8. 8. Understand Sources of Power • Legitimate • Reward • Coercion Structural Basis of Power • Expertise • Information • Charisma Personal Basis of Power • Priming • Belief Cognitive Basis of Power
  9. 9. How to Influence Without Authority? Dr. Robert Cialdini Six Principles of Persuasion
  10. 10. How to Influence Without Authority?- Reciprocity A $0.05 flower bring in thousands in revenue People tend to return a favor
  11. 11. How to Influence Without Authority?- Authority Joshua Bell and the Subway Experiment Need to establish credentials to Influence
  12. 12. How to Influence Without Authority?- Social Proof To influence use the horizontal peer power Asch Conformity Experiment O Power – 2:00 – 3:30
  13. 13. How Negotiate Effectively ? Roger Fisher William Ury
  14. 14. How Negotiate Effectively ? … Separate people from the problem Focus on Interests not Positions Invent the options for mutual gain Insist on using objective criteria
  15. 15. Focus on Interests not Positions Position – What is Required? Interests – Why is it Required?
  16. 16. “Let us never negotiate out of fear But let us never fear to negotiate “
  17. 17. Conclusion Need for Psychology Sources of Power Influence Negotiation Recommendations Stakeholder Management Psychology
  18. 18. Further Reading
  19. 19. Thank You Ramanand Garimella Global Competency Head - Program Management TCS
  20. 20. References 1. 2. Scott DeRue, “Influencing People: Building Your Base of Informal Power”, Coursera, Unit1 3. Emily Lawson and Colin Price, “The psychology of change management”, McKinsey Quarterly - June 2003 4. Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” , Publisher - Harper Collins 5. Dariusz Dolinski et all, “Dialogue Involvement as a Social Influence Technique”, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2001 6. Sharon De Mascia, “Project Psychology”, Publisher – Gower, pp 73-86 7. Principled Negotiation -