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  2. 2. CONTENTS • Namaskar • Religions & Spirituality • Languages & Literature • Food • Marraige • Festivals • Epics • Sculpture & Architecture • Painting • Agriculture • Clothing • Music & Dance
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION The culture of india is an amalgamation of sub-cultures spread all over the indian sub-continent and traditions. They are several millennian old. Several elements of india;s diverse culture-such as indian religions,yoga,cuisine,clothing,festivals, languages and etc.........
  4. 4. NAMASKAR Common spoken greeting. Salutation -namaskaram, vanakkam(tamil),assalam alaikum(urdu/persian) ,sat shri akal(punjabi)......etc.
  5. 5. RELIGIONS & SPIRITUALITY India is birth place of many religions. Like Hinduism,buddhism,jainism and etc. Hinduism and buddhism are the world’s 3rd & 4th largest religions.
  6. 6. LANGUAGES & LITERATURE There are many languages as india being the multi- religious society. sanskrit,telugu,hindi,malaya lam,kannada. Hindi –the official language of india.
  7. 7. FOOD & SPICES India is known for its love for food and spices. Indian cuisine categories are northern,southern,eastern,western and etc....... India is the worlds second largest producer of food after china.
  8. 8. MARRIAGE For centuries,arranged marriages have been the tradition in indian society. They also demand dowry. It has been outlawed by the indian govt.
  9. 9. FESTIVALS India is multi-cultural and multi- religious society. Celebrates festivals of various religions. Many states and religions have different festivals depending on their religions. Such as navratri,diwali,ganesh chaturthi,durga puja,holi,rakshabandhan dussehra & ramzan.
  10. 10. EPICS  The oldest well-known epics of india. -Ramayana and the mahabharata.
  11. 11. SCULPTURE & ARCHITECTURE Sculpture in india date back to the indus valley civilization. Where stone and bronze figures have been discovered. Indian temple carvings are world famous.
  12. 12. PAINTING The earliest indian paintings were the rock paintings. Cave paintings such as ajantha,ellora and temple paintings. These paintings testify to a love of naturalism.
  13. 13. AGRICULTURE India is one of the global leaders in the agriculture. The second largest producer of rice & wheat in the world. India is one of the greatest producer of -cotton,sugarcane,peanuts,jute,tea, Spices,pulses etc........
  14. 14. CLOTHING Traditional clothing in india generally varies. Different parts of the country have different styles of dressing. Such as sari,churidar for women. For men dhoti,trousers and shirts etc.
  15. 15. MUSIC & DANCE The music of india includes multiple varieties of religious. -folk,pop and classical music. There are many well-known dance forms. Kuchipudi-andhra pradesh,bharatanatyam- tamilnadu,kathak,kathakali,..etc.
  16. 16. CONCLUSION India is a country with”unity in diversity”. Indian culture is well known for its customs,religions,spirutial values etc... We are proud to be indians.