Winter regine-for-australia


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Winter regine-for-australia

  1. 1. 1Comfort foodBy Matthew Hooper  With winter on the way we start to The medicine for winter is keep itlook for a few items we may have warm.forgotten about. We look for thingson a bodily level, the coat at the Stella recommends slow cookedback of the cupboard, we dust off foods, hot pots, stews filled withthe heater. And, in the same natural seasonal vegetables (such as beet,way, we start to look at warmer carrots, zucchini, pumpkin), andfoods. Instead of a T-shirt we take a mild spices. If you are a meat eaterjumper, instead of a Caesar salad, – lamb, beef, pork, a little fish. Shewe look for a casserole. It seems to also recommends nourishing teasbe a natural progression. Following like Oolong and Ginger. Hazelnutsthe philosophies of Ayurvedic, and walnuts are especiallyTraditional Chinese Medicine beneficial in winter. Slow cooked(TCM) and Western dieticians, it is rice or congee also play a big partindeed natural to look for a few new in the TCM approach to winteritems on the winter menu. eating. This may be mixed with googy berries, dates, ginger andTalking with Stella Pericleous, TCM cinnamon.practitioner; Rama Prasad,Ayurvedic practitioner; and Clare Stella says that in winter the bodyJames, a dietician in the western needs more heat, but it also needstradition, I discovered a few home foods that are easy on thetruths about winter food and winter digestion. When the digestion iseating. I discovered that itʼs easy the energy uptake is moreimportant to keep the body warm on efficient. ʻMeal times are sacred,the inside as well as the outside. To and just as important as what youdo this it seems it is important to eat is how you eat it,ʼ she says.keep the body active on the inside Sitting down and enjoying theas well as the outside. Stella notes, warms foods of winter is what sheʻin winter the Chinese philosophy recommends.about warm, cooked food becomesespecially important.ʼ The TCM Rama Prasad says ʻIf you have aapproach says ʻfood is medicine.ʼ good winter, you have a good year.ʼWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  2. 2. 2Comfort foodBy Matthew Hooper  He reminds me that in Ayurvedic according to an individualʼsphilosophy there is an emphasis on constitution, but like Stella andthe importance of the seasons. Rama she recommends mildʻWinter is the energy uploading time spices, slow cooked foods, soups,of the year. In winter the body casseroles, warm drinks. Likeneeds to acquire energy for the rest Rama, and Stella, she recommendsof the year. What we see in the eating early in the evening. Also,human body in winter is that the eating a lighter meal at the end ofdigestive fire is the strongest.ʼ the day is important. Clare also recommends a bit of a detox at theIn winter the Ayurvedic approach start of each season. ʻThis will allowfocuses on the earth (stability, you to metabolise things a bitintegrity), and water (elasticity, better,ʼ she says.flexibility) elements. The body ishungry and we need to build up Each of the practitioners mentionedenergy levels in response to this. above emphasises that allRama suggests eating strong comments made above about foodproteins, good quality are general comments and foodcarbohydrates and high quality fats. intake should be tailored to suitLike his counterpart Stella, Rama individual needs.suggests eating warming foods,ginger, garlic, mild spices, soups “Winter is the energy uploadingand casseroles, and eating dinner time of the year.“early. Stella PericleousClare James acknowledges she a holistic approach to food and Rama Prasadhealth. ʻThe main thing I would say www.ayurvedaelements.comabout winter eating is to eat low GI 02 9904 7754foods that keep you warm, keep Clare Jamesyou fired up all day.ʼ Clare sensorium7@bigpond.comemphasises that food types andcombinations need to be selectedWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426