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Tao garden


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Tao garden

  1. 1. 1Georgeous Tao GardenBy Caroline Robertson ND  My long search for Shangri-la chi.” Master Chia, who enjoysended on entering Tao Garden robust health at 66years old, is aHealth Spa and Retreat. Itʼs walking advertisement for theessence enveloped me as I universal tao system. Everyoneexplored the 80 acres of organic thrives in the pure atmosphere ofgardens fragrant with tropical fruit Tao Garden with itʼs strictlytrees, flower canopied cabanas and chemical-free environmentgently flowing rivulets. The sensual supported by the grain ferment EMseduction continued as I paused to (effective micro-organisms) whichinhale a heavenly lotus before cleanses everything and fertilisesfollowing a vibrant butterfly over the the organic gardens. The water,palm fringed bamboo bridge. Stress purified by reverse osmosis andevaporated as I unwinded in the ozone, is better than bottled waterherbal steam room and jet lag and the air is alive with freshdissolved as I floated in the large oxygen. This eco-eden is alsolemonade-flavoured pool. Strolling home to over 45 bird and 27along the gardenia lined path to my butterfly species as well as overmassage my only worry was that Iʼd 500 varieties of fruits, flowers andhave to leave this paradise at some herbs, making it a paradise forpoint. nature lovers. Who would have imagined Welcomed to Tao Gardenʼssuch an idyllic oasis existed only integrated clinic with a noni juicethirty minutes from Chiang Mai, and a warm smile I enjoyed the freeThailand? Far from the noise and foot massage machine whilepollution of tuk-tuks, Tao Garden waiting for the medical doctor. Thewas founded by Taoist and martial clinic provides an incredible array ofarts Master Mantak Chia eight treatments blending the best ofyears ago. He was inspired by the East and West, ancient andTaoist philosophy that nature modern. Though they offer manynurtures one towards radiant health packages, I turned to the doctor forand beauty. Mantak Chia, author of a regime customised to my needs.over twenty books and dvds, After a detailed discussion, livebelieves that health arises from blood and elemental analysis, thepure cells and blood, hence Tao doctor recommended a course ofGardenʼs motto of “good air, good detoxifying and rejuvenatingwater, good air, good heart, good therapies. Scheduling treatments inWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  2. 2. 2Georgeous Tao GardenBy Caroline Robertson ND  my longevity passport, my trip to Many guests also enjoyedpampering paradise began. The daily complementary classes in chiensuing weeks were a delicious kung, Chinese yoga (tao yin), thedaydream of Thai tendon massage, inner smile meditation and the sixabdominal massage (Chi Nei healing sounds taught by MasterTsang), genital massage (Karsai), Chiaʼs senior instructors in thesoothing shirodhara, acupuncture, natural outdoor pavilions. Theseozone steam, far infrared therapy, potent self-healing tools proved anlymphatic drainage and body invaluable adjunct to therapies asscrubs. In the healing hands of the they educate and empower guestscompetent and compassionate to maintain inner harmony at home.therapists I soon felt my pain Private tuition in these practicestransform into pleasure and my and other inner elixir arts are alsofatigue replaced by boundless Fellow guests shared their One of the spaʼs highlights foramazing transformational stories many was the sumptuouswith me. Christina who was taking smorgasbord of organic vegetariantime out from her Dubai work to and non-vegetarian food. The menudetox said, “After a few days here is designed with meticulousmy asthma subsided and I havenʼt attention to detail, ensuring eachhad to use my Ventolin since.” guest gains optimal nutrition andHedwig from Germany was ecstatic satisfaction. Information regardingwith the results of her three-week which dish suits each blood typestay, “Iʼve attained my ideal weight and the therapeutic effect of eachand feel very relaxed. Most item are openly displayed. Theimportantly my chronic ovarian cyst stunning water-encapsulatedpain has gone.” English couple restaurant believes food isHelen and Neil shed stubborn kilos medicine, serving staevia herb as aand their blood showed remarkable sugar substitute, healing bamboochanges after the herbs, colonics salt, papaya powder to aid proteinand steam treatments. “When I absorption, and a plethora ofarrived my cells were misshapen organic herbal teas and juices.and sticky with fat. Now after two Though travelling alone canweeks theyʼre healthy with sometimes be awkward, especiallyabundant immune cells,” said a at mealtimes, at Tao garden I neverglowing Helen. felt lonely or bored. Like-mindedWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  3. 3. 3Georgeous Tao GardenBy Caroline Robertson ND  guests always offered friendly the affordable tariff is reduced evenconversation over meals and further during low season making itprovided cheerful company for the an irresistible temptation. Sucharray of activities including reasonable rates are rare in spas ofbadminton, darts, ping pong, water comparable quality.aerobics, soccer, body stretch, Tao Gardenʼs staff andswimming, tennis, sepak takraw, systems flow with seamlessyoga, badminton, table tennis, Thai precision due to the efficiency of itsboxing, basketball, water aerobics, Swiss- German managers Walterdarts, football and Thai fruit carving. and Jutta Kellenberger, MantakBut the most popular pursuit by far Chiaʼs students for almost 20 years.was retail therapy at Bangkokʼs “The spa started as a teachingbest shopping destination only thirty centre for the Universal Taominutes away - Chiang Maiʼs Night system,” Jutta explained, “WeMarket. The spaʼs complementary continue to train internationalshuttle service takes guests to the students in this inner martial artsstreet blocks of bargains in system as well as offering courseselectronics, carvings, silks, clothes in Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai andand homewares, ensuring no-one Female Sexual Healing.” Someleft with a shortage of souvenirs. guests love the place so much theyThose keen on venturing further buy a villa and rent it out whenafield can also enjoy visits to theyʼre away.temples, national parks, the long One thing I really liked aboutneck Padong tribe, elephant parks, Tao Gardens is that thought I waswaterfalls and nearby natural hot spoilt for choice I could choosesprings. what I wanted to do, rather than After the dayʼs adventures I feeling forced into anything. I waswas always glad to return to my blessed to spend time at thisvilla hideaway with its large sanctuary embodying style andbathroom, air conditioning, substance. To visit this patch ofseparate kitchen and comfortable paradise amidst the chaotic andliving room. Sitting on my private toxic world was a regeneratingbalcony overlooking the bamboo retreat that I would recommend togrove and rice paddy field I really anyone. I departed feeling rebornappreciated the low-cost quality and ready to face life with freshaccommodation and facilities. Often energy and optimism. And if, as theWeb: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  4. 4. 4Georgeous Tao GardenBy Caroline Robertson ND  saying goes, heaven is in the heart, Garden use all natural organicIʼd visit this Nirvana again in a products. Spoil yourself with a bodyheartbeat. scrub, facials, wrap, manicure, pedicure and hairdressing.Caroline Robertson is a spa Chelation Therapy This deepconnoisseur, having spent many detox involves an intravenousindulgent interludes at international injection of EDTA, magnesium andspas. As a naturopath, homoeopath vitamins b and c to cleanse theand Ayurvedic consultant based in body of heavy metals andSydney she appreciates the atherosclerotic plaques whichbenefits of a healing holiday and cause heart disease. It is also usedprescribes it to many patients. to improve circulation, cataracts,For more about Tao Garden ulcers, diabetic neuropathies,including a voucher for a arthritis, alzheimers andcomplementary treatment and osteoarthritis.booklet contact: (02) 9904 7754, Chi Nei Tsang Deep, massage releases emotions and energy blockages affecting the entire body. ExcellentModality Menu for digestive disorders. Chinese Acupuncture and HerbsAyurvedic treatments Shirodhara Dr Wang has been practising theseentails pouring a soothing oil arts for over 15 years. His caringstream over the forehead for and accurate approach reactivatesrelaxation and endocrine chi in the disturbed area.rebalancing. Abhyanga is a firm Colonic Irrigation Cleanse thefavourite with two masseuses colon and establish healthygliding over the body in a sublime gastrointestinal flora.synchronicity. Far Infrared Therapy This is oneBanana Leaf Treatment As you lie of the simplest and cheapestin the sun covered with banana treatments offered. Resting underleaves your body absorbs healing the far infrared shield stimulatesinfrared rays while the leaves filter circulation, oxygenation, immunityout damaging UV rays. and cell regeneration. Microbes areBeauty therapies Pampering and also eliminated through this simplegrooming services offered at Tao process.Web: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426  
  5. 5. 5Georgeous Tao GardenBy Caroline Robertson ND  Five elements aromatherapy Traditional Thai massage AIndividualised aromatherapy blends wonderful way to fortify, align andare applied to vital points as part of unblock energy. My sciatica easeda relaxing 90-minute massage. after one treatment with MasterHeart Biofeedback Manage stress monitoring and altering your Thai tendon meridian massage Aemotional reaction. Learn how to deep muscle massage along themeditate for deep relaxation. meridians combined with a herbalHerbal Steam Bath Traditional compress to relieve pain.Thai herbs purify the body andstimulate circulation.Hot spring hydrotherapy Enjoy afloating massage at nearbysulphuric mineral baths. Especiallybeneficial for skin and jointproblems.Karsai A Tao Garden specialty, thisgenital massage is excellent torestore male and femalereproductive balance. It is alsoeffective for bladder problems.Lymphatic Drainage Essential topurify the blood, boost immunityand improve nutrient assimilationOzone Steam Therapy Thisdetoxifies and oxygenates cellsenhancing health, longevity andbeauty.Physical therapy- A thoroughassessment, treatment andmanagement approach to musculo-skeletal problems such as pain andstiffness.Reflexology This firm footacupressure harmonises the wholebody.Web: • Email: ayurvedaelements@gmail.com17 Orchard Road, Chatswood NSW Australia 2067Phone- 0011 61 2 9904 7754 • Texts 0425 233 426