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Rama Prasad Ayurveda Nutrition Food


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Ayurveda Nutrition Basic Principles
Ayurveda Elements
Dr Rama Prasad

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Rama Prasad Ayurveda Nutrition Food

  1. 1. & FOOD OOD OD ENErGY
  2. 2. Grains The basis of most traditional diets There are a thousand times more seeds of grain than any other seed in the world Grain and civilization Quinoa helped the Incas to scale mountains and keep them healthy. Hard, beady millet fortified desert nomads on Africa to cope with harsh winds Golden wheat provided bulk and strength for Europeans to pioneer virgin settlements.
  3. 3. Grain’s general energetics Sweet, sAtvic, suited for all. Diuretic grains: - K (barley, corn, rye, buckwheat). Nutritive grains: + K, - V. (wheat, oats, rice). Steamed: lightest and easiest to digest. Yeasted breads: + V, +acidity, +weight. Refined pastries: more concentrate + K. Fried: heavier to digest, as dehydrated. Dried: (muesli) Heavy. Soaked/cooked (porridge) =V. Spices can make them easier to digest.
  4. 4. Amaranth +VP -K 6,000 yr old grain found in crevices of Mexican caves. Similar to quinoa, but smaller Highest lysine source of all grains
  5. 5. Buckwheat +VP -K Technically a nut Staple diet in Poland & Russia. Strengthens heart, arteries, veins, capillaries, increases circulation. High in Rutin (anti-depressant), P, Fe, B+, E, C
  6. 6. Barley Cultivated in India since ancient times, 1500’s Europe barley bread more common than wheat, Japanese roasted barley tea - mugicha, Scandinavian’s barley porridge, Scots: whisky, Captain Cook fed crew barley sprouts on trip to Australia for vit C.
  7. 7. +V -KP. Rich in minerals & C. Won’t aggravate V if soupy. Diuretic, demulcent, anti-rheumatic, convalescence, lung disorders, skin diseases, oedema, strengthens kidneys, improves, absorption & anti-diarrhoeal. Reduces cholesterol, antiviral, anticancer, Middle East use it for heart disease & cystitis. 2nd highest grain source of calcium, also Phosphorus, K, Fe, Mg, B1, 2, 3 & 5.
  8. 8. Corn Staple grain for millions (south Americans and Africans). Five species. Promotes oestrogen. Symbol of fertility is Ceres -goddess of corn. 1607 us settlers lived on corn. Italians make polenta, Mexicans nachos.
  9. 9. Corn +VP -K Tones liver, kidneys, spleen, solar energy, enhanced with ghee, corn silk for UTIs, prostate enlargement, oedema. Low in gluten. High in A, minerals, very low in calcium (Eat with Tahini, broccoli). Nb: May have allergen connected to IBS and R.A.
  10. 10. Millet +VP -K Mainly cultivated in India (red millet Ragi -high in Fe protein, fed to babies and elderly). Though nutritionist Paavo Airola called it “the most nutritious cereal in the world” and Dr Vogel called it “a complete food”- in the west mostly used as birdseed. One of few alkaline forming grains. Demulcent, diuretic, nutritive, debility, convalescence. Easily digested high in Fe, E, K+, Mg, lecithin, silica, A.
  11. 11. Oats
  12. 12. Oats -uncooked +VP -K Staple for hardiest races - Scottish highlanders, Hebrides. Reduces need for insulin. Binds to nicotinic acid receptors-helps quit smoking by reducing cravings. Inositol and oat bran lowers cholesterol, helps metabolise fats, oestrogenic, laxative, P, Silica, Na, highest grain source of Ca. Oats –cooked -VP +K
  13. 13. Quinoa -VK +P Technically a fruit. First harvested 3,000yrs ago by Incas. All ess aas in perfect proportion. Similar to milk.
  14. 14. Rice –white Staple for millions of people. 10,000 varieties. Many diff forms- rolled, puffed, flaked. Basmati- queen of fragrance - higher protein and fibre than white rice as is parboiled before husking, sells to 200% size when cooked, separates well, nutty flavour. Best to cook with absorption method.
  15. 15. Rice –white -VP +K Bran and germ removed, often with glucose and vegetable oil to look better. China: word for rice synonymous or food Japan: same word as meal Thailand: people called to dinner with “eat rice”. Dry roast rice before cooking to reduce Kapha. Lowers P, useful in diarrhoea, fevers, lowers blood pressure, intestinal disorders. Old rice reduces Kapha. Used in Hindu rituals- anna-prAzana.
  16. 16. Rice –brown +PK -V Higher gluten and three times higher fibre than white. Rye +VP -K Staple grain in Europe in middle ages, used in Germany, eastern Europe, Scandanavia, Russia. Builds muscles, helps kidney’s detox, normalises heart beat. High in phosphorus, Fe, K+, E, silica, Mg, Ca, B1,2,3
  17. 17. Triticale +VP Hybrid of rye and wheat, Ayurveda wary of cross breading as long term outcome unsure. Maya Tiwari: K in summer, P in Autumn, V in winter and spring.
  18. 18. Wheat +K -VP 1/5th total calorie intake of human race. White flour is Tamasic, creates Ama, blocks channels, Spelt: ancient wheats slightly different gluten not so bad for coeliacs. Atta flour low in gluten high fibre. Cous cous easier to digest. Coeliacs have allergy to alpha gliadin protein in wheat called gluten (also in oats, barley, rye, corn), may be allergy to pesticides though.
  19. 19. Wheat Excess wheat causes waste starch residue build up in body-allergy. Strengthening, aphrodisiac, nutritive, builds muscle, strengthens heart, relieves palpitations, calms mind, counters insomnia, good for ulcers, colitis, haemorrhoids, with milk and sugar helps bleeding disorders, external use for burns, sores, cuts. White flour loose, fibre, zn, mg, b3, b6, E. Good wheat high in ca, phos, k+, Fe, Na, Mg, Si, B1,2,3,5,6, E
  20. 20. Vegetables
  21. 21. Generally sAtvic High in minerals, lower in sugar than fruit which is generally higher in vitamins when not artificially ripened. Root: heavy, nutritive. Leaf: light and drying increase V, decrease K and P. Raw: ok for P or if have strong agni Light vegies like spinach good with heavy grains. Dry: light vegies to be used with spices, oil, dairy items.
  22. 22. Artichoke +V -KP Haemostatic, diuretic, liver cleanse, menorrhagia, Asparagus +V -PK High in E, A, blood purifier, diuretic, infection, bleeding disorders, VD, fever, gout, arthritis Avocado +KP -V Oily heavy, antidote -cayenne pepper, tonic, nutritive, demulcent, liver/lung/skin tonic, builds muscle, blood, fat Beans/green +V -PK Diuretic, Astringent, blood cleanse. High in A and C
  23. 23. Bean sprout +V -PK Antacid, High Vit K, lowers cholesterol, liver cleanse (eg: alfalfa) Beets +KP -V High Mn, Mg, Na, K. Demulcent, laxative, +Fe, promotes menses Bell pepper +V -KP High in C, bioflavanoids, iodine and A. Refrigerant. Bitter Melon +V -PK Antipyretic, antacid, liver/blood tonic. Reduces weight. Diabetes, tumours. Broccoli +V -PK Demulcent, nutritive, blood cleanse, Ast. chlorophyll, A, C, Ca, P, Mg, Fe.
  24. 24. Carrots +P -VK Diuretic, promotes blood flow, strengthen eyes, alterative, antiseptic. High in A, Ca, P, Mg, Na. Celery +V -PK High minerals, Astringent, diuretic, nervine. Similar to Gotu kola. Arthritis. Chillies +P -KV Stimulant, diaphoretic, digestive. Cs, congestion, indigestion.
  25. 25. Coriander +V -PK Diuretic, diaphoretic, cleanses, blood /bile. UTI, externally for skin conditions, antidote for hot foods. Good for eyes. Corn +PV -K Nourishes, strengthens, diuretic. Jaundice, hepatitis, UTI, kidney stones, oedema. Cucumber +VK -P High in E, Iodine, thirst relieving, refrigerant.
  26. 26. Eggplant +VK Nutritive, demulcent. Fever. Lettuce +V -PK Silica, Fe, E, chlorophyll, bioflavonoid. Alterative, Astringent, diuretic, calming, cleansing to emotions, blood and lymph. Mushrooms +V -PK Diuretic, Astringent, tamasic, promote decay, anti-tumour, anti-cancer, reduce cholesterol. Okra +K -PV Demulcent, diuretic, aphrodisiac, burning urination, diarrhoea, dysentery, spermatorrhoea, leukorrhea, tonic.
  27. 27. Okra
  28. 28. Onions +P -VK Ph. Raw: +V. Diuretic, aphrodisiac, expectorant. Flus, earache, debility. Parsley +P -KV P, Mg, Ca, Fe, Cu, Mn, A, C. Stimulant, diuretic, emmenagogue, eczema, oozing rashes, delayed menses, gall stones, kidney stones, cleansing. Peas +V -PK Ph, E, Fe, P, Mg. Alterative, blood cleansing, Astringent. Potatoes +VK -P P, Folic acid. Nutritive, tonic, diuretic, sedative, galactagogue. Radish +VP -K C, S. Expectorant, anti cough. Seaweed +V -PK High in minerals, relieves oedema, congestion, good for hypothyroid. Dissolves cysts, benign (seeds), Tamasic.
  29. 29. Spinach +VP -K Mg, Cl, Fe, Cu, Mn, E, Oxalic acid. Alterative, refrigerant, demulcent. Fever, cough. Squash +K -PV Demulcent, expectorant, nutritive, refrigerant. Sw. Potato +K -VP Heavy, nutritive, convalescence, weight gain. Tomatoes +PK -V Acidic, circulatory stimulant, builds blood, aggravates toxic conditions, good for heart (lowers cholesterol and blood pressure) Turnips +K -VP Cleanse blood, lymph. Haemostatic. Zucchini +V -PK
  30. 30. Heavy, dry, better as soup in winter, throw away frothy water (phytates), add spices. Lower cholesterol, high in fibre, regulates blood sugar, improve colon Beans
  31. 31. Adzuki +V –PK B1, 2, 3, alterative, diuretic, tonic, builds blood, menstrual problems, Chickpea +V -PK Ca, Ph, K, A, B1, 2, 3. Nutritive, aphrodisiac, diuretic, astringent, strength, increase zukra Broad bean +V -PK Heavy Kidney +V -PK Ca, A, B1, 2, 3. Ph. Heavy, + protein. Lentils +PV -K Low fat, Fe, Na, Mg, A, B1, 2, 3. Better sprouted, drying. Lima +V -KP Not too heavy to digest
  32. 32. Mung =VPK Low fat, Fe, Ca, A, B1, 2, 3. Light, sAtvic, refrigerant, antipyretic, alterant, haemostatic, good in enlarged liver spleen, powder for mastitis, breast cancer. Peanuts +PK, -V Acid forming, B3, protein, nutritive, high protein, aflatoxin. Soya +V –KP Estrogenic, high protein, infections of lung, lymphatic congestion, fever. Tofu +KV -P Bound with MgCl can disturb Ca metabolism. Split +V -KP Bind stool, good for diarrhoea. Urad +KP -V Highest protein, tonic, diarrhoea, dysentery, hemostatic, arthritis, paralysis, liver disorders, nervine demulcent, increase zukra, breast milk, external plaster for arthritis.
  33. 33. Dry roast -K Soak -V High fat, increase marrow, nerve tissue, shukra, ojas. Seeds lighter, less nourishing, chew well. Better spring and autumn. Nuts Mostly Sweet, heavy, oily. Aphrodisiac.
  34. 34. Almonds +PK -V Ca, Ph, Fe, K, Mg, B, E, A, Amino acids, alkaline, nerves, glands, muscles, aphro, demul, laxative, cough, increase zukra, kidney and brain tonic. Remove skin before use. Brazil nuts +KP -V Methionine, oily heavy Cashews +PK -V Lowest fat, high tryptophan, demulcent, emmenagogue, analgesic, sedative, anaemia, emaciation, sexual debility.
  35. 35. Coconut +K -PV Cooling, diuretic, demulcent, emollient, lung, skin, febrile, infectious disease Lotus +KV -P Tonic, carminative, aphrodisiac, rejuvenative, increase zukra, leukorrhea, infertility, neurasthenia, +ashwagandha / shatavari
  36. 36. Macadamia +PK -V Highest fat Pecans +PK -V Low protein, high fat, easier to digest Pine +PK, -V Pistachio +PK -V Potassium, iron, A, highest lysine, B1. tonic, sedative, anaemia, neurasthenia Pumpkin +V -KP Fe, A, B, Ph, antiparasitic, light, reduce zukra
  37. 37. Sesame +PK -V B3, Ca, Mg, heavy, nervine, black: best for females, repro/apana tonic Sunflower +VPK D, Ca, Ph, K, Mg, Febrile, infectious condition, lungs, lymphatic, Walnuts +PK -V Ca, A, B, aphrodisiac, laxa, nervine, antiparasitic
  38. 38. Dairy
  39. 39. Dairy products + K - VP Build all tissues. Pure essence of plants. Not good at night or cold. Improves Ojas.
  40. 40. Buffalo +K Better for sleep, tamasic, fattier, Human =VPK Eye and nose drops. Increase during pregnancy. Butter +K -PV Clears channels, good post digestive, piles, diarrhoea, dysentery, anaemia, anorexia Buttermilk +P =VK Digestive, GIT tonic. Cheese +K -VP Cot. cheese +K -PV Milk Cream +K -PV 2 Calcium : 3 Phosphorus 90% Asians lactose intolerant
  41. 41. Ghee +K -PV The best fat for human use. Contains conjugated linoleic acid, lowers cancer, cholesterol, heart disease, fat, increase lean muscles, promotes memory, intelligence, agni, semen, ojas, fats, remove toxicity, cures many brain and mental diseases, constipation, chronic fever.
  42. 42. Ice Cream +K -PV Milk +K -VP Sour Cream +PK -V Yoghurt +PK -V Digestive stimulant, aphrodisiac. Diarrhoea, emaciation, cold-damp. Not at night or not every day.
  43. 43. Oils Can causes skin and eye disease. Can also cure them used intelligently. High E, A, cholesterol. Prefer cold pressed.
  44. 44. Almond +PK -P Beauty aid since Roman days, helps absorb A, D, E, K. Cough lung. Avocado +KP -V A, E, K, 17 minerals, 11 vitamins, sunburn, liver tonic, muscle tonic. Canola +V -PK Light, low cholesterol.
  45. 45. Castor +PK -V Purgative, antispasmodic, analgesic, external pack reduce apana related pains. Corn +PK -V A, D, E, linoeleic acid, drying, demulcent, diuretic Coconut +K -PV A, D, E, K to keep fats from oxidising. antidermatitic, sunburn, dry cough with fever, increases repro tissue.
  46. 46. Linseed +P -KV Expectorant, lubricant, laxative. Margarine +K -VP Rancid Mustard +P -KV Circi;atpru sti, demul, anti-cough, congestion, C, arthritic joints
  47. 47. Olive +K -VP Oleic acid, liver tonic, softens gall stones, cong bile, mild laxative and nourishes skin and hair. Peanut +PK -V Laxative, demulcent, diuretic. Safflower +KP -V Worst oil, promotes circulation, lax, emmenagogue.
  48. 48. Sesame +PK -V Skin hair intelligence, digestive fire tonic. Sedative, laxative, tones all dhatus, lung, kidney, brain, liver, calms nerves, relieves muscle tension, spasm. Nail, bone, teeth. Subtle. Soy +KV -P Demulcent, diuretic, skin tonic, Cough, heat in lungs, nourishes skin. Sunflower +K -PV
  49. 49. Fruits In general sweet & sour, - V & P and + K. Perhaps most sAtvic food. Promotes lightness, clarity contentment. Dry: +V. Cooked: -V, esp with Sw spices. Sour fruits combine well with other fruits. Sw fruits OK with dairy and grains. In the morning sour fruits liquefies K, afternoon Sw fruits Cs you down. Generally not strengthening enough for heavy physical or mental work. Sour: +P, unripe: +V. Heavy fruits: banana and jackfruit.
  50. 50. Apricots +K -VP Beta carotene, Fe. Relieves thirsts, anti cough, refrigerant, seeds are laxative, destroy tumours. Bananas +K -VP P, Zn, Fe, Malic acid, B6. Flowers for dysentery, excess increase P, Ast, laxative, refrigerant, unripe –good for diarrhoea, cough, bleeding from lungs. Banana stem juice anti aphrodisiac. Cranberries +V -PK Diuretic, Ast, hemostatic, UTI, anti oedema, reduce weight.
  51. 51. Cherries +KP -V C, Fe, P, A. Alterative, tonic, builds blood and plasma. Dates +K -VP Ca, Ph, Mg, B5. Red for alcohol intoxication. Nutritive, tonic, aphrodisiac, demulcent, laxative, refrigerant, febrifuge, convalescence. Asthma, low semen, reproductive weakness. Figs +K -VP Fe, Ca. Nutritive, demulcent, laxative, kidney/gall bladder stones. Cough, +weight.
  52. 52. Grapes +K -VP Mn, silica, refrigerant, thrirst relieving, nutritive, demulcent, diuretic, refri, thirst, diuretic, haemostatic, lax. Anaemia, haemorrhage, heart disease, burning UTI, black are higher in Fe. Grapefruit +P -VK C, P, bioflavonoids, E. Expectorant, aids sugar and fat digestion. Stimulates enzyme production. Obesity, converts estr to testosterone. Kiwi Fruit +K -PV C, E, pectin
  53. 53. Lemon +KP -V P carbonate neutralizes acidity, increases white blood cells, antibacterial, stimulant, refrigerant, thirst relieving, expectorant, astringent, febrifuge, kidney/uterus/sore throat, gargle with salt. Bleeding gums. Plus honey reduces fat, stimulates bile. Lime +K =PV Palpitations, malaria, fever, gargle. Peal for liver, stomachic, externally for dandruff, bites. Mango +K -VP King of fruits, seeds for diarrhoea, demul, diuretic, astringent, constipation
  54. 54. Melons +KV -P Febrifuge, diuretic, kidney tonic. Oranges +K -V C beta carotene, bioflavonoid, Sour increase P, Sweet decreases. Circulatory, stimulant, expectorant, refrigerant, t Lung disease, counters cough, vomiting, stomach Papaya +PK -V A, C, Na. Enzyme papain, demulcent, stimulant, laxative. Seeds abortificiant, milky juice of unripe fruit is a
  55. 55. Peaches +K -VP A, C, Su, Zn, Io. Skin can aggravate dermatitis, demulcent, refrigerent, laxative, febrifuge. Cough. Leaf – used in vomiting/nausea Pears +K -VP Na, folic acid, silica, demulcent, laxative, tonic, febrifuge, anti-cough, liquefy mucus, strengthen lungs, reduces acidity.
  56. 56. Persimon +K -VP Demulcent, astir, antidiarrheal, anti-bleeding intestine, Ripe good for dry cough.
  57. 57. Pineapple +K -PV C, A and bromelain. Sour can icrease P, refri, diuret, lax, cleanse liver, jaundice, antacid, biliousness, antialcohol effects Plums +P –VK Fe, K, Ca, Ph. Refri, alter, thirst relieving, laxative, prunes more laxative, Fever, dry cough, Umebioshi – anti parasitic, anti cough.
  58. 58. Pomegranate -P =VK Astringent, alter, haemorrhoids, haemorrhage, builds blood, liver cleanse, gall stones, hyperacidity, fever, diarrhoea, dysentery. Anti parasitic – rind. Strawberries +KP -V Lower blood pressure, high in Fe, anti plaque, refrigerant, anti thirst, alter, haemostatic, eliminates kidney stones, arthritis, gout.
  59. 59. Sweeteners
  60. 60. Brown Sugar +K -VP Linked to every disease, esp. allergies, immune system disease, diabetes. Brown just as bad as white. Honey +P -VK Demulcent, emmenagogue, expectorant, laxative, nutritive, tonic, dissolve fat, improve immunity. sAtvic, imbibed with properties of herbs/flowers, eg. Sage honey is nervine. Astringent for burn. Active honey good of helicobacter pylori. Catalyst. Jaggery +K -VP Minerals, Vits, Fe. Post partum tonic,
  61. 61. Maltose +K -VP Can be from rice, barley. Tonic, demulcent Maple Syrup +K -VP Demulcent, not as heating as honey. Molasses +PK -V High in Fe White Sugar +K -VP Average American uses 55 kilos/year. Only used in ama-free state. Increase rajas and then tamas.
  62. 62. Condiments
  63. 63. Carob +P -VK Alkalising, Ca, Ph, pectin, protein. It is a bean. Nutritive, demulcent, heavy. Chocolate +PK -V 22% fat. Oxalic acid inhibits Ca absorption. Stimulant, aphrodisiac, Depression, hypotension. Increase V in excess. Mayonnaise +PK –V Heavy, promotes acid and mucus
  64. 64. Mustard +P -VK Respiratory infection, cough, bad for eyesight Olives +PK -V Oleic acid antiviral,
  65. 65. Salt +PK -V Rock salt doesn’t increase P as much, increases appetite, brings out flavour, gargle for sore throat, softens muscle, emetic, laxative, re- hydration.
  66. 66. Tamari +PK -V Vanilla =VPK Aphrodisiac Vinegar +PK -V Circulatory stimulant, increase enzymes, promotes menses, +agni, -Ama.
  67. 67. All natural foods are good if used wisely. Unwisely consumed, even nectar can kill. Hence we need to develop ‘mudita’ towards all food items. Practicing the ‘six steps of nutrition’ we will assimilate what we eat. Gradually we will eat what we need. Food will satisfy all our senses. aum