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19 Labs cf public


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Intro to 19Labs and the future of remote healthcare

Published in: Healthcare
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19 Labs cf public

  1. 1. Android for Healthcare Oct 27th, 2016 Ram Fish, Founder & CEO @19_Labs
  2. 2. Why is Google building hardware ? a. Enable new services b. User experience drives adoption c. Lucrative d. All of the above
  3. 3. Sensors: Built-in & External A.I. Driven Diagnostics Private & Secure Let the journey begin! Healthcare @2020
  4. 4. THE WORLD’S FIRST Smart, Integrated, Portable Health Center Advance Sensors The Diagnostic Devices, Medical know how, Supplies. All-In-One place. SERVICES TeleHealth Services, Cellular Voice & Data, Backup Power & light. All in small portable box. A.I. GALE Guides AI diagnostics, Voice bot SmartCall Center “Bringing the Clinic to you”
  5. 5. MINI GALE DOCK Add to existing First Aid Cabinets Secure storage of Additional Clinical supplies Basic Clinic-In-A-Box
  6. 6. Value Proposition Care Provider Managed Clinic-In-A-Box Monthly Service Better, Faster, Care Lower Care Costs Increase Efficiency Lower Transport Costs Schools Homes Community Workers
  7. 7. • Monthly Fee • B2B Direct • $2B Opportunity Providing a Complete Remote Healthcare Solution Business Model
  8. 8. Ram Fish Founder & CEO The team Jerry Horel Co-Founder, VP System Eng Scott Parazynski, M.D. Chief Medical Officer
  9. 9. TRANSFORMING (REMOTE) HEALTHCARE Integrating Technology, Human Expertise, and Supplies Delivering Smart, Integrated, Empowering Experience Ram@19Labs.Com