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Emcure e learning


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Emcure e learning

  1. 1. EMCURE – E LEARNING VSM Software (P) Ltd “Not just software. Total business solutions”.
  2. 2. E-LEARNING Helps the sales teams keep abreast with product knowledge and hone their selling skills. E-Learning material can be accessed online in a secured manner and at the end of the training, evaluation can be done with regards to the field force knowledge and understanding. ”Not Just Software. Total Business Solutions”
  3. 3. TRAINING CONTENT Training content can be provided in the system in the following ways ◊ Presentation slides with illustrations and animation ◊ Videos ◊ Training sessions managed by a tutor ◊ Presentation with VOIP ◊ Friendly character taking through the training course The above training content material will be prepared by Emcure and uploaded into the system through an upload screen All files to converted into flash file format (.swf) before upload The training content uploaded will be secure and will be handled for downloads, copy, print, paste opening content in multiple windows ”Not Just Software. Total Business Solutions”
  4. 4. TRAINING EVALUATION Evaluation will be through objective questions in the following formats ◊ MCQ with  one correct answer,  More than one correct answer  With sequence ◊ Match the following ◊ Picture labeling ◊ Fill in the blanks ◊ True/False questions There will be option for multiple attempts with each attempt being recorded with date and time Passing marks will be decided by admin At the end of the test session performance information will be presented to the user as popup ”Not Just Software. Total Business Solutions”
  5. 5. Reports Performance of the field force will be measured through reports that include the following ◊ Month wise trend , pie graph or bar graph ◊ Excel sheets indicating the charts for performance trends ◊ Team wise/division wise/ state wise/ country wise performance charts ◊ Seles performance representation ◊ Post training performance charts Selection Filters will be provided at various levels that help analyze the performance at desired levels ”Not Just Software. Total Business Solutions”
  6. 6. BLOGGING / DISCUSSION This section provides interface between HO and various teams ◊ Discussion will be initiated in a forum or blog by HO ◊ Users can post their views/comments and read comments posted by others Views/comments posted in the forum/blog will be moderated by Admin Approved comments by admin will only appear in the forum/blog Comments / views will have option for like rate reply share sort ”Not Just Software. Total Business Solutions”
  7. 7. CORPORATE UPDATES This section provides corporate news updates which could be in the form of ◊ Video messages from CEO/COO or Divisional heads or Marketing heads etc. ◊ News bulletins, circulars, letters Information updates can be provided via videos, presentation slides or PDF documents ”Not Just Software. Total Business Solutions”