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M365 virtual marathon understanding power platform licensing may 28 2020


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M365 Virtual Marathon version of the live talk on Licensing updated to reflect latest information and comments from the licensing article recently posted and in progress in SP Docs (e.g. for RPA)

(this slide set has been updated to fix animation issues at the end)

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M365 virtual marathon understanding power platform licensing may 28 2020

  1. 1. MICROSOFT 365 Virtual MARATHON May 27 & 28, 2020 36 hours / 2 days MICROSOFT 365 VIRTUAL MARATHON UNDERSTANDING POWER PLATFORM LICENSING Ralph Rivas Collaboration Evangelist @bigpix2000 and Broughtto youby: TheGlobalMicrosoft Community& | #M365CONF #M365VM
  2. 2. MICROSOFT 365 Virtual MARATHON May 27 & 28, 2020 36 hours / 2 days Mark Your Calendars: March 23-25, 2021, MGM Grand Resort Las Vegas, Nevada, USA #M365CONF TheSharePoint Conferenceis nowTheMicrosoft 365 CollaborationConference #M365VM Broughtto youby: TheGlobalMicrosoft Community& | #M365CONF
  4. 4.  Ralph Rivas (like it said in the main slide)  Microsoft Aficionado since 198<redacted>  MCP 1613  Consultant since 2000, Magenic since 2002  Accidental SharePoint Guy since 2003  Solution Architect by Day, Dad/Entertainer by night  Collaboration Evangelist (read Office 365 Fan)  On the Mentoring path … PLEASE ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF… Broughtto youby: TheGlobalMicrosoft Community& | #M365CONF #M365VM
  5. 5.  Visit the Vendors Booth, Sessions and Watch the Videos  Submit Your Answers to Enter the Raffle  You need at least 5 correct answers then submit for a chance to win one of 3 (One in each Americas, APAC, EMEA) ARE YOU READY FOR A RAFFLE? WE ARE GIVING AWAY 3 OCULUS QUEST ALL IN ONE!
  7. 7. So what’s this all about then? Welcome to the “toughest session” ever seen in this conference!
  8. 8. About this session • Session Goals  Understand the cost nuances in the various scenarios and combinations  Apply what we learned (select scenarios on the webinar) • What Is in Scope  Power Apps, Power Automate (core)  Power Virtual Agents (new)  Add-ons and extras (CDS, AI, Portal)  Latest updates
  9. 9.  Official License information from Microsoft itself is the baseline  For Power Automate (formerly Flow)   For Power Apps (formerly Power Apps)   For Power Virtual Agents (new!)   The Key document is a PDF Download  First let Microsoft speak …
  10. 10. About these links and the document • Pricing is separate from the licensing information  Not meant to confuse you or force you to look at several places but …  … allows for pricing to be targeted to its region • The main pricing links hide the nuances  … and there are many so understand before selecting • Pricing can also be found in your Office Admin site  (and search “Power”)  The result may not match the documentation exactly!  Older plans are represented (for now)  There may be regional nuances  Always make sure you check your regular licenses to see what you already have included
  11. 11. Before diving in, quick things to look at • What is your License program or … • How do you buy Power Platform services? • Do you know your TAM or Microsoft Rep?
  12. 12. Licensing Program Options – which one do you have? • Volume  EA  EAS  Service and Cloud Enrollment (SCE)  Education (EES) • Other  MO Government  MPSA  MOSPWeb Direct  Region specific programs • I ask you once again, who’s your Rep?
  13. 13. MICROSOFT 365 Virtual MARATHON May 27 & 28, 2020 36 hours / 2 days Power Apps
  14. 14. First, the latest free stuff from Microsoft …
  15. 15. The Small Print?
  16. 16. Power Apps Pricing
  17. 17. Power Apps – What you get • “Run Single Apps” – Per User/Per App/Per Month  Individual users run specific applications  Considered the “Standalone” license • “Run Unlimited Apps” – Per User/Per Month  Users can run unlimited apps • Seeded Power Apps – Bundled with Office 365 and Dynamics 365  No extra cost but there are limits on the Power Automate side  For Customizing or Extending Office 365 and Dynamics 365  E.G. Provisioning SharePoint Online Sites or Lists
  18. 18. Power Apps Per App Plan – What else do you get for that first type
  19. 19. Power User Plan – What else do you get for that extra per month Remember this is for “unlimited” custom applications
  20. 20. Power Apps with Dynamics 365 – an overlap flavor Unlike the previous ones, this is for accessing capabilities in Dynamics 365 only!
  21. 21. Speaking of Dynamics 365 – what counts as D365
  22. 22. Power Apps incl. with Office 365 – what’s out of box! In the same spirit as Dynamics 365, these would be for working with Office 365 Apps, e.g. SharePoint, Teams
  23. 23. What counts as O365 Licenses which get the “free” Power Apps ability
  24. 24. The Connectors – Appendix B calls out recent changes to Premium! Find the connectors here: If you must have a Premium Connector, you will need a Per App or Per User Plan (and this is a big deal!)
  25. 25. What about that Power App Portal • A recent Power App resource with licensing much like a web portal application • This is not a SharePoint Web Site and it is its own system • It has specific use cases and you get it whether you want it or not.
  26. 26. Power Apps Portal - End User Types
  27. 27. Power Apps Portal - Use Rights
  28. 28. Power Apps Portal – Capacity • It’s about page views and logins and … • we will cover this later …
  29. 29. Questions or Clarifications before moving on?
  30. 30. MICROSOFT 365 Virtual MARATHON May 27 & 28, 2020 36 hours / 2 days Power Automate
  31. 31. Power Automate Pricing
  32. 32. Power Automate – What you get • “Per User Plan” – Per User/Per Month  Individual users CREATE unlimited flows  Considered the “Standalone” license • “Per User Plan with attended RPA” - Per User/Per Month  Same as last plan but with ability to automate legacy apps via RPA and AI • “Per Flow Plan” – 5 Flows Per Month (in US $500 and $100 for each addl.)  Implement (Flows with “reserved capacity”)  Serve “unlimited users” (this is in bold in the document!)  Also considered a “Standalone” license • Seeded Flow – Bundled with Office 365 and Dynamics 365  No extra cost but limits discussed previously  For Customizing or Extending Office 365 and Dynamics 365  E.G. Provisioning SharePoint Online Sites or Lists
  33. 33. Some differences from Last Year’s plans • Limits  Older plans had monthly limit while the new plan is about daily limits  Both allowed for “additional capacity” to be added but in the former, it was for the month while in the latter it is for the day • The price  New “entry” point is $15 in the US  Promotes Heavy use, penalizes casual use Old Plans
  34. 34. The Limits now make a difference …
  35. 35. Concept: Enabled Top Level Flows • Important for the Per Flow plan • Flows that count:  Scheduled flows  Automated flows  Instant flows  Business process flows • Remember it is extra (e.g. US $100) per additional Unit in the Per Flow Plan • Purchasing “units” is not the same as purchasing capacity” which is available as an add on cost • Child Flows are those triggered by another flow does NOT need additional licenses!
  36. 36. What do you get for the plans …
  37. 37. Power Automate with Power Apps • In the old way, the Power Apps license effectively included the Flow license though not the other way around. You paid for things “once” if the starting point is Power Apps • In the new way, the only “Free” use of Power Automate (flows) consists of:  Flows that are limited to the context of the Power App e.g. Built in Power App Trigger/action to send the app a push notification  Flows coming from a Premium Power App (e.g. the per app, or per user plans) are free  Flows that use premium connectors not included with the Power App (e.g. the Office 365 Power App which does NOT include Premium connectors) are NOT FREE unless that flow is included in the context of Office 365 or Dynamics • If it runs in the context, a lot can be done
  38. 38. • RPA (Remote Processing Automation) • A market for process automation that encompasses the use of an application's graphical user interface (GUI), where a user records a series of steps/actions/tasks for the automation technology to then perform as a process by repeating directly in the GUI. • RPA Bot • A GUI-based process running on a desktop or virtualized environment • Attended Bot (the type identified in the plan) • Triggered by an explicit user action on their workstation, i.e. a local or remote desktop • Runs concurrently with the user on the same workstation • Can run more than one discrete process, but each process must be serialized to run sequentially • Unattended Bot • Runs autonomously without requiring user actuation • Can be deployed on a local or remote desktop, or other virtualized environment • Can run more than one discrete process, but each process must be serialized to run sequentially • Concurrent instances of a singular process require an additional unattended bot for each instance Now about those bots …
  39. 39. One has a plan but the other is only ever (until they change it again) an ADD ON … Attended versus Unattended Attended Unattended
  40. 40. • UI flow authoring, bot orchestration and management are included in the offer. • The bot must operate concurrently with the user on the same workstation • The bot can run more than one discrete processes (UI flows), but each process must be serialized to run sequentially. What you get with “Attended” …
  41. 41. • One unattended RPA add-on license includes the rights to one unattended RPA bot, as well as all necessary functions tied to UI flow authoring, bot orchestration and management. • Running the unattended RPA bot in a VM requires the separate purchase of any necessary compute resources. • Any services or applications the unattended bot is accessed must be licensed separately. What you get with “Unattended” …
  42. 42. Power Automate within Power Apps
  43. 43. Power Automate and Dynamics 365 • This works in the exact same way as within Power Apps but where the context is Dynamics 365 which we looked at earlier.
  44. 44. Power Automate and Office 365 • There is an important distinction here from the previous plans and bundles in that Office 365 capabilities are very basic and leave out major components that may force the purchase of the per user or per app plans
  45. 45. Usage Guidance – Understanding Trigger Types • Automated Flow Trigger  Triggered by webhook or polling event  Examples: SharePoint created/updated; Exchange email received. • Instant Flow Trigger  Triggered by the “current user”  Examples: "Flow Button“; "Power Apps Trigger“; "SharePoint For Selected Item"
  46. 46. Usage Guidance – Flow • Use Standard Connectors whenever possible • Automated Triggers  Flow Owner gets full license (service account or Flow Bundle)  Watch Number of Runs (API capacity purchases possible) • Instant Triggers  Each user needs a license  Seeded apps (Office 365 of Dynamics) do NOT need a license  Power App Trigger would need a license for itself and negate need for Flow license
  47. 47. Questions or Clarifications before moving on?
  48. 48. MICROSOFT 365 Virtual MARATHON May 27 & 28, 2020 36 hours / 2 days Power Virtual Agents
  49. 49. Power Virtual Agents Pricing
  50. 50. Power Virtual Agents (PVAs) – What you get • (In the US) $1,000 a month whether you use it or not. • “Unlimited Flows” – as with the previous cases in Power Automate, these are only for flows triggered by PVAs • 2,000 Chat Sessions – Each time someone “talks” to the Bot, counts as one session.  More on this coming up • May be stacked (by more “capacity” at $1k per license)
  51. 51. What is a Session? (According to the doc …) • A session is an interaction between the customer and the bot and represents one unit of consumption. • The session begins when an authored topic is triggered. • These sessions are referred to as ‘billed sessions’ in the product. • Sessions are deducted for both testing and production usage. • A session ends in one of the following scenarios:  When all the customer's questions are answered  When a customer intentionally ends or closes a chat session  When a bot is unable to answer adequately, and the interaction is escalated to a live agent
  52. 52. Add-ons • As discussed earlier, there is the ability to “add on” to gain Capacity. • For Power Apps  Portal Login – 100 daily logins per month @ $200  Portal Page Views – 100,000 Page views per month @ $100  AI Builder – Each “Unit” at $500 per month   Unit = 1 million service credits  Also an Add-on to Power Automate * Service Credits is a “currency” that is deducted at different rates for various scenarios (e.g. Forms processing, prediction, etc.) . Without a rate sheet, it is a case of seeing how much you use during a trial or pilot to determine how many “units” to get
  53. 53. Common Data Service Add-Ons
  54. 54. Centrally Manage all this from the Platform Admin Center • and navigate to Analytics • Alternatively go to the main purchase area in the Main Admin screens
  55. 55. Questions or Clarifications before moving on?
  56. 56. MICROSOFT 365 Virtual MARATHON May 27 & 28, 2020 36 hours / 2 days Quick Real-Life Scenarios • Where the names have been changed to protect the innocent …
  57. 57. Time to look at a scenario • Start simple to learn … • 5000 people and a SharePoint List  Trigger is automated (approval flow)  Connector used is Premium (Call to Graph API) • How many Power Automate licenses do we need? • Just 1 premium license!
  58. 58. Look at another one to learn from • Individual Citizen Developer makes two Flows • Office 365 E3 • 20 users have permissions to use the form • SharePoint form triggers Flow 1 • Flow 1 calls Flow 2 (talks again to GRAPH API REST e.g. HTTP) • How many licenses do we need? • Again Just 1 premiumfull license • Can also be a “Service Account” for the license.
  59. 59. Maybe a super basic one • Individual Citizen Developer Has a Power App License (the $10 one) • They want the flow to talk to SQL Server DB (in the cloud) • They have a license for that SQL Server access • Do they still need to get a license for Power Automate? ($15) • No, they do not, it is included! (The case of the Power Apps Seeded License!)
  60. 60. Let’s apply what we know so far … another case • Office 365 Freebie • Last year dozens of people out of a 10k sized org made flows and apps to their hearts content (power users) • 100’s of Flows • Few of them ever ran so never hit the 750 Runs max capacity • None of the apps where promoted to others in any formal fashion and it is mostly just personal productivity at the time • Let’s discuss …
  61. 61. How about yet another … • The Flow Runner – critical business application • Last year had only 3 flows but they ran heavily requiring them to have Plan 2 for capacity • Would sometimes hit the daily or monthly limit requiring purchase of additional capacity (but only on peak periods) • Connected to A SQL Database for updates etc. • Hundreds of users all over the globe using it daily • Let’s discuss
  62. 62. OK, one more and then … • The One App Shop • Status Reporting App talked to a Database because the creator who is also a former developer understood SQL better than SharePoint • Inconsistent use of between 20 and 40 Project managers at any time, once a week • 1000 people in the tenant who are mostly unaware that Power Apps or Power Automate even exist • Developers use actual Azure AI for bots (PVA just out) in Teams built during quiet times or special initiatives • Too close to home but let’s discuss anyway …
  63. 63. Got One to Share? There is an article you can contribute to! 365/community/powerplatformlicensingforcitizendeveloper Or just go to the source in GitHub … community/blob/master/Community/
  64. 64. MICROSOFT 365 Virtual MARATHON May 27 & 28, 2020 36 hours / 2 days Slides will be made available at Slide share and other sources! Watch the recording if you need to see contact info again …
  65. 65. MICROSOFT 365 Virtual MARATHON May 27 & 28, 2020 36 hours / 2 days THANK YOU FOR JOINING US! DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Speaker feedback Event feedback