Sandy: Making it Through the Storm


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LLAGNY event on June 26, 2013.

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Sandy: Making it Through the Storm

  1. 1. Image credit: beizmendi on Instagram
  2. 2. Overview • While we had procedures in place to create backups of our files, we had not anticipated the effect that a storm such as Sandy would have on business continuity when we were unable to physically access the office and the power was out. 2
  3. 3. Electronic Databases • Problem: Our servers went down during the storm due to power outage, knocking out access to all of our electronic databases for NYLI members. • Temporary Solution: We contacted all of our database providers and requested temporary logins and passwords for our members which we emailed using MailChimp – an online service. 3
  4. 4. MailChimp Mailing 4
  5. 5. Electronic Databases • Disaster Recovery Solution: Alternative Hosting for EZProxy o We realized we needed an alternative off-site server to host our EZProxy which is our authentication software that logs in all of our members into our databases. o We decided to keep our backup at IIS - our outsourced IT provider. They monitor our network every 30 minutes, and in the event that our network goes down they will switch us over to the backup version of EZProxy housed there on their server. o They have agreed to house this backup for no additional charge, the only fees we will incur will be their time needed to switch us over when/if this happens. We were told that time should be limited to .05 – 1 hour. 5
  6. 6. Outlook Email Server • Problem: Due to the power outage, we had no access to our Outlook email since it’s housed on our server. • Temporary Solution: We used our personal email accounts to communicate • Disaster Recovery Solution: We now have added email continuity as a part of our McAfee email protection service. This program provides email continuity in the event that our server at NYLI goes down. In that event, we can access our email online from within the McAfee console so that if we can’t get into our server we can still send/receive our email. 6
  7. 7. Outlook Email Server 7
  8. 8. Other Measures Since Sandy • We’ve developed and put into place a formal Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan • We’ve inventoried all of our hardware, software, and battery backups. • We’ve documented our in-house & cloud backup processes and inventoried which files are backed up where and when. • We’ve instituted new backup procedures for cloud- based services as well. 8
  9. 9. Disaster Relief Handbook June Berger Stroock and Stroock and Lavan LLP Contact Lists  Library staff contact information- home/cell/emergency contact local/emergency contact out- of- state, personal email accounts  Firm administrative contact information  Firm emergency phone numbers  Vendor contact information-online and print representatives-local/home office key account executives—obtain cell numbers when possible individual account numbers 9
  10. 10. Disaster Relief Handbook June Berger Stroock and Stroock and Lavan LLP Lists  Essential desk books/rule books—by practice and vendor name  Daily newspapers titles with customer service and account numbers  Firm client and non-billable codes  LLAGNY directory-interlibrary loan  Library budget codes 10
  11. 11. Disaster Relief Handbook June Berger Stroock and Stroock and Lavan LLP Lists  Library/firm credit card number  Lexis/Westlaw- password lists/bill group and account numbers/Quickview/Power Invoice passwords  Master List of E-Publications- user names/id’s and passwords/contacts. Include special notes: single location, enterprise, general firm login. When logging in from different location seamless authentication will not work. 11
  12. 12. Disaster Relief Handbook June Berger Stroock and Stroock and Lavan LLP Lists  Outside library resources-membership libraries include phone numbers and account numbers; type of services offered and pricing details:photocopy; fax; interlibrary loan; on demand research; normal turn –around time; rush service. Remember to include at least 2 services that are not in your state.  Renewal schedule of periodicals and newsletters  Important library document list with titles and document numbers 12
  13. 13. Sandy: Making It Through the Storm Nancy Rine June 26, 2013 13 New York | Washington DC | London | Paris | Frankfurt | Hong Kong | Shanghai
  14. 14. Designing a Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity Program  Business Continuity Team (BCT) Smaller the better Skills vs. department functions Clearly identified roles/responsibilities Communication – who’s making the decisions  DR/BCT Plan Account for all contingencies/scenarios Checklists Have a Plan B 14
  15. 15. Checklists  Staff  Keep current contact information in hard copy, off site – cell, personal email  Establish communication procedures o Broadcast messages (Preparis), website, emails o Phone tree or call-in o Regular contact – daily/weekly meetings, conference calls  Ensure other offices can support  Ensure staff is equipped and trained to work remotely  Resources  Space – other offices, vendors  Critical applications, subscriptions  Vendor contacts, accounts, passwords, etc.  Services/Action  Print subscriptions – redirect needed pubs, stop shipment of others  Alternate access to IP-authenticated databases  Outreach – don’t wait for lawyers to contact, start with alerts and email subscriptions  Rotate staff in alternate space? 15
  16. 16. Lessons Learned  Critical Elements Communication Flexibility – do whatever is needed Visibility/on-site support Know what’s important to lawyers and practice groups  Start NOW Develop/test own plan Learn as much as you can about the firm’s DR/BCT Establish reputation as a resource, not limited to research support  Implications for the Future Space design Remote support 16