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HCA Healthcare Diversity Presentation


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HCA Healthcare Diversity Presentation

  1. 1. Diversity in Healthcare Enhancing the Patient Experience in a Multi-Cultural Society
  2. 2. “Serving humanity to honor God”  To promote and support the health status of the our community  To offer and continually improve the delivery of innovative quality healthcare services in a cost-effective manner Methodist Healthcare Mission
  3. 3. Diversity Healthcare Institute Goals and objectives  Increase U.S. hospitals’ awareness of the unique needs of diverse patient populations  Eliminate language and cultural barriers in order to enhance patient outcomes  Promote diversity and cultural sensitivity  Establish criteria, assess, and measure  Commitment to continuous improvement
  4. 4.  Quirón Consultants  SOMECASA Mexican Society for Quality Health Care Services  ANECASA Asociación Neolonesa de Calidad de Atención a la Salud, A.C. Diversity Healthcare Institute Consortium Members  Health care consulting firm focused on quality and continuous improvement initiatives, including evaluation, implementation  An organization of health industry leaders whose focus is promoting a culture of quality in all aspects of health care delivery  State agency responsible for assessing quality of health care institutions in the State of Nuevo León, México
  5. 5. Diversity Healthcare Institute Why Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio, Texas  Demographics of San Antonio and South Texas  DHI aware of International Services programs created to meet unique needs of patients from Mexico  Trends in healthcare
  6. 6. Ethnicity of MHS Patients January-March 2007 American Indian 15 (0.0002%) N/A 1,708 (3%) Asian 415 (1%) Black 3,713 (6%) Other 3,295 (5%) White 25,463 (38%) Hispanic 31,574 (47%)
  7. 7. Methodist Healthcare International Services (Programs and Initiatives)  Bilingual and culturally sensitive staff  Concierge Services available 24/7  One point of contact for access to MHS health resources and for customer service  Free physician referral service International Physicians Panel  Viva…Intl health and wellness program  Spanish language health information on-line and
  8. 8.  Coordinate admitting/financial arrangements including filing international claims  Assist physicians, clinical staff and case managers, with patients related issues  Availability of translated patient material  Brochures, patient education guides  Patient Rights, Conditions of Admission, Consent Forms, Discharge Instructions, etc. Methodist International Services International Services (Programs and Initiatives)
  9. 9. Legal/Regulatory Environment  Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 establishes that any entity receiving Federal funds must offer equal access to everyone regardless of race, color or national origin.  Executive Order 13166 which established “national origin” as applying to Limited English Proficiency  Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards were established primarily with health care providers in mind (National Stds by OMH)  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 ensures that individuals with disabilities are provided fair and equal access to health care services
  10. 10.  Standard 4. HCO must offer and provide language assistance services including bilingual staff and interpreter services at no cost to each LEP patient at all points of contact, in a timely manner during all hours of operation.  Standard 5. HCO’s must provide to patient in their preferred language both verbal and written notices informing them of their right to receive language assistance services OMH CLAS Standards Requirements for all recipients of Federal funds
  11. 11.  Standard 6. HCOs must assure the competence of language assistance provided to LEPs by interpreters and bilingual staff. Family and friends should not be used to provide interpretation services (except on request by patient).  Standard 7. HCOs must make available easily understood patient related materials and post signage in the languages of commonly encountered groups and/or groups represented in the services area. OMH CLAS Standards Requirements for all recipients of Federal funds
  12. 12.  Auto-evaluation (January 2007)  On-site Survey (March 2007)  Certification (April 2007)  Work Plan (April 2007 to Present)  Re-certification (October 2008)  JC (January 2009) Diversity Healthcare Certification Process
  13. 13. Auto-Evalution of Methodist Hospitals Primary Criteria  HCO philosophy and commitment to Diversity  Awareness and cultural sensitivity of staff  Administration to manage program  Patient access to interpreter/translation services  Translated documents/forms  Patient Rights Handbook, Critical Choices, All Consent forms  Patient education materials (Drug interactions, D/C inst)  Hospital services, prevention and wellness info/programs  Economic and financial considerations  Epidemiological data/studies  Religious Provisions  Signage
  14. 14. Surveys of Methodist Hospitals Units and Departments Surveyed  Emergency Department  Nursing Units  Admitting/Financial Office  Radiology/Imaging  Laboratory  Waiting Areas (L&D, O.R.)  Food & Nutrition/Cafeteria  Diabetes Education
  15. 15.  Methodist Hospitals Level 1 Certified  Certification valid for 18 months  Work Plan 2007-08 (Recert October 2008) Certification and Work plan April 2007 to present • Diversity Task Force • Increase Awareness and empower employees • Language and cultural diversity courses • Interpreter Competency • Employee language skill database • Signage • Epidemiological and demographic research Area of Focus • Bio-Ethics, Intl Svcs • Bio-Ethics, PR, Intl Svcs • Bio-Ethics/Education • JC Officer/Bio-Ethics • HR, CNOs, Int. Svcs. • Facilities Management • IS and Strategic Planning Departmental Contact
  16. 16. Diversity Certification What it has meant for MHS  Enhanced system-wide awareness and cultural sensitivity in serving our diverse patient population  Better prepared to meet the healthcare needs of the local, regional, international Hispanic population  On-going effort to eliminate language and cultural barriers in order to improve outcomes/health status  Goal is that proactive approach will position us to better address more stringent JC reqs in 2009+  Methodist Healthcare is recognized as the first U.S. hospital system to be accredited by the DHI
  17. 17. It is the right thing to do for our diverse patient population!