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  1. 1. What should a Resume for Executive Assistant Jobs Include?Employees whose roles are to support the other members of staff, mostly management staff. Note thatunlike personal assistants, serve the whole office. They are multi-tasks involved in everything fromtyping, scheduling meetings, taking calls, handling mail, producing mailing labels, updating boardmeetings and maintaining file records for business and tax purposes. Executive assistant jobs areperfect when you want to rise up the corporate ladder since you will learn the inner workings of thecompany you are working for.Your resume goes a long way in determining if you will land a job as an executive assistant. Thecontent and how you have written your resume says a lot about you and it might be all that theinterview panel considers when deciding whether or not to give you the job. Note that different jobapplications need different resumes. So, what should the resume of an executive assistant include?The resume should include highlights about your person, including your skills and your strengths.Consider having an independent assessment done on your skills so that you can give factualinformation. You should lay emphasis on specialized skills that may be of use to the company you wantto join.A resume for executive assistant jobs should include your employment history. If you have beenworking for many years, only include the jobs that are likely to help you with the executive assistantjob such as previous jobs as an executive assistant or a personal assistant. Start with your current ormost recent job (use reverse chronological order).Your resume should include your academic qualifications. Note that a resume should be no longer than3 pages and so, again, you should only include the qualifications that are likely to help you land theexecutive assistant job. Your qualifications should be in reverse chronological order.The resume should include your contact information. Forgetting to include this means the employer hasno way of contacting you. You should include your email address and your telephone number. Makeyour resume professional by including your full names, your marital status and your physical address.You need to include referees in your resume. The referees should be people who know you or whoknow of you, people who are reachable and people who are well-established in their careers or in thebusiness world. You could have your resume for executive assistant jobs professionally written by arecruitment agency/service since recruitment agencies have personnel with the necessary training andexperience in resume writing.