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Meet Rallyverse


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Content marketing is everyone's job now.

Rallyverse helps enterprises to discover, create and share content to all the places that their brand needs to be.

Meet Rallyverse to learn more about our approach, our platform and how our clients are succeeding with us.

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Meet Rallyverse

  1. 1. Discover, create and share great content. Everywhere. November, 2014 1201 Broadway, New York, NY /
  2. 2. Content Marketing is everyone’s job now.
  3. 3. And more marketing means more opportunities.
  4. 4. Withoutdoublingyourteam? But how do you tell your story in so many different places?
  5. 5. understands the best content for everywhere your brand needs to be.
  6. 6. Brand  assets.     Social  media     accounts.   What  else?     We start with what you have.  
  7. 7. Ponies!   Puppies!   Infographics!     We start with what you have and ask what you like.  
  8. 8.   We start with what you have and ask what you like. And connect it to what your audience cares about.   Trending content shared on LinkedIn. Most popular topics on Twitter. Your most popular past posts.
  9. 9.   We deliver a content platform that tailors content for all of your networks and channels.  
  10. 10. Dashboard to create and distribute content to social media. Dashboard to create and distribute content to social media.
  11. 11. Content Hubs, widgets, and blog posts. Content Hubs, widgets, and blog posts.
  12. 12. Social selling content programs optimized for mobile.
  13. 13. Content Calendar Detailed Analytics Workflow and Approvals Email Alerts Content Authoring Tools Searchable Content Library Optimized Scheduling Multiple Scoring Options Hashtag Recommendations Publish To Multiple Networks Custom Link-Shorteners Conversion Tracking and Integration Content Hubs Twitter Certified Product Post Targeting LinkedIn Developer Integration with Paid Media Full Suite of APIs RSS Widget Outputs Unique Access to LinkedIn Pulse Twitter Firehose Access Franchise Content Seeding Oh yeah. You get all these things too:  
  14. 14. Our clients
  15. 15. Goal: Power an organic and paid campaign on LinkedIn with relevant content.   Results: 160% of organic goal. 140% of paid goal.   Case study
  16. 16. Thank You. We are Rallyverse. Made in NYC. Founded 2012. Follow us @rallyverse 1201 Broadway, Suite 301, New York, NY