Five ways startups can be lean and mean in social media


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As a startup, you're going to be worried about a lot of things. Your product. Your customers. Your funding. So you can be forgiven if you forget to update your social presence a few times each day. Still, your social presence matters -- a lot. And we've got some easy tips for startups and small companies to get a lot done in the social and content marketing (without spending too much time or money).

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  • Presenter: Gabe
  • Five ways startups can be lean and mean in social media

    1. 1. Five Ways Startups Can Stay Lean (And Mean) In Social Media October 2013 @rallyverse
    2. 2. If you’re starting a company, you’ve got a lot on your mind. Funding. Customers. Product.
    3. 3. Rallyverse Confidential — Do Not Distribute 3 So you can be forgiven if you maybe forget to update your Twitter account. (It happens.)
    4. 4. Still, your social and content marketing matters. A lot. Especially for a small company or startup. We’ve got 5 tips for startups to look great on social media.
    5. 5. Make It Routine
    6. 6. There are plenty of startups that post five times a week to Twitter and once a week on Facebook (essentially, whenever they have “news”). Don’t be one of those.
    7. 7. Tip: block 15 minutes on your calendar every day for social media maintenance, say, 9:30- 9:45, and make it part of your daily routine.
    8. 8. Force Multiply
    9. 9. Your page probably has fewer followers than you do. And certainly fewer followers than your team has combined across platforms.
    10. 10. Tip: cross-pollenate your personal and work accounts and enlist the rest of your team to do the same.
    11. 11. Create Your Own Content
    12. 12. You may not have time to blog every day or build infographics, but there are easy ways for you to create your own content. Start with the phone on your camera.
    13. 13. Tip: take lots of photos! Of your office, your product, what you ate for lunch, a walk around the neighborhood. It’s an easy way to show some personality and build out your content assets.
    14. 14. Don’t Be Afraid of Third- Party Content
    15. 15. We know you didn’t write it, but sharing third-party content that’s relevant to your industry or brand helps you to tell a broader story about who you are and what you believe.
    16. 16. Tip: make sure you mix in a healthy percentage (up to 75 percent) of third-party content, especially on networks like Twitter and LinkedIn.
    17. 17. Use Shortcuts Where Available
    18. 18. We get it, you’re busy. If you can find a shortcut (or shortcuts), then by all means you should take it. For a small company, that means finding the tools or processes to make you more productive.
    19. 19. Tip: research a set of curation and publishing tools that will help you get more done in less time (ideally those 15 minutes you block on your calendar each morning).
    20. 20. And, if we might humbly suggest it, Rallyverse can help .
    21. 21. Thank You @rallyverse