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2017 Recruitment Marketing Trends & 2018 Predictions


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Hear Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse, and Lori Sylvia, Founder of Rally, unwrap the biggest recruitment marketing trends of 2017 and share their predictions for 2018.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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2017 Recruitment Marketing Trends & 2018 Predictions

  1. 1. #NewRules#NewRules 2017 Recruitment Marketing Trends & 2018 Predictions #RMin2018 @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  2. 2. About Kathryn Minshew Founder & CEO The Muse Kathryn Minshew is the CEO & Founder of, a career platform used by over 50 million millennials to navigate their careers, and by hundreds of companies looking to attract, hire and retain great talent. She’s also the author of "The New Rules of Work," a Wall Street Journal national bestseller, and an Operating Partner at XFactor Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in the next generation of female founders. Kathryn has spoken at MIT and Harvard, contributed to the WSJ and HBR, and appeared on TODAY and CNN. She has also been named to SmartCEO's Future50 Visionary CEOs and Inc.’s 35 Under 35. Kathryn worked on HPV vaccine introduction in Rwanda with the Clinton Health Access Initiative before founding The Muse, and was previously at McKinsey & Company. @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  3. 3. About The Muse Our mission is to create meaningful connections between companies and candidates to make the world of work—from the job search to career development—more personal. ● Capture your employer brand stories ● Create compelling content ● Distribute that content to reach the right candidate with the right message at the right time @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  4. 4. About Lori Sylvia Founder & CEO Rally Recruitment Marketing @lorimsylvia Lori Sylvia is the Founder and CEO of Rally Recruitment Marketing, an online community forum where the best Recruitment Marketing ideas are learned and shared to help HR, Recruiting and Marketing professionals gain new skills, advance their careers and deliver greater business impact. Lori has been in Marketing and Communications for 25 years, starting out as a technology journalist and then becoming a marketer of new technologies at five start-ups. Before founding Rally, Lori was Chief Marketing Officer of SmashFly Technologies, where she and her team educated the market about modern Recruitment Marketing practices. With Rally, Lori is working across the industry to inspire more people to become Recruitment Marketers to lead the future of talent acquisition. @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  5. 5. About Rally Recruitment Marketing Where the best ideas in Recruitment Marketing are learned and shared to help you gain new skills, advance your career and deliver greater business impact. Rally with us to lead the future of talent acquisition. ● Expert how-to content ● Community shared advice ● RallyRM Mentor Program @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  6. 6. #1 Humanize Your Brand #RMin2018 @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  7. 7. In 2017...We Focused on Employer Branding ➔ Developing your employer value proposition ➔ Optimizing career sites with personalization and dynamic content ➔ Making employer brands human through the voices of employees @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  8. 8. Great Storytellers Employees answer, “Why?” @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  9. 9. ● 73% of candidates report never having received so much as a post-apply confirmation email ● 46% of candidates who have a negative candidate experience will sever their business with a company ● “Applying and not hearing back from a company” is the most frustrating/stressful thing about the job search process In 2018...Humanize the Candidate Experience Sources: The Muse User Survey, 2016 / Talent Board’s 2016 CandE Report @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  10. 10. Johnson & Johnson Shine "Given the huge volume of candidates in our pipeline, we end up saying 'no' a lot. We wanted to find a better way to say no. We want to continue building our relationships with candidates and help them determine what they ultimately want to do with their career, whether it's with us or someplace else." - Sjoerd Gehring Global VP of Talent Acquisition & Employee Experience, Johnson & Johnson Launched October 2017 in partnership with The Muse @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  11. 11. 2018 Tip AWARENESS INTEREST CONSIDERATION Focus on 3 Critical Touch Points Have someone responsible for communicating with candidates on social media. Share content beyond job alerts; like company values and employee experiences. Offer tips and set expectations for the interview and hiring process. @PepperConstruct @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  12. 12. #2 Redefine Fit #RMin2018 @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  13. 13. 2017...New Conversation Around “Fit” ● We marketed our culture, not just our jobs, so that candidates could assess “fit” first ○ Company purpose ○ Office environment ○ Community involvement “Fit” for Job “Fit” for Company @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  14. 14. 2018...Shift from Culture Fit to Values Fit @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  15. 15. Assessing Candidates Then: “Would I want to be stuck with this person in an airport?” Now: How will this person accept and embrace my ideas and feedback? What will happen not if, but when this person and I disagree? @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  16. 16. ● How do teams work together, both within teams, and across teams? ● How are goals set, communicated and measured? ● How do people gain support for new ideas and initiatives? ● What happens when mistakes are made or a project / product fails? 2018 Tip Help Candidates Assess “Fit” First: What should candidates know about your company? @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  17. 17. #3 Advocate Authenticity #RMin2018 @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  18. 18. 2017 Trend #WorkingatTR @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  19. 19. 2018 Prediction T-Mobile T-Mobile Careers shares a range of content on Twitter from relevant articles to behind the-scenes photos. Asana Asana keeps it authentic on Instagram sharing photos of their new hires, team volunteering, and fireside chats. Taco Bell Taco Bell’s LinkedIn feed mixes company news and team wins, to engage candidates and celebrate current employees. Hewlett Packard HP Carers takes followers inside their company culture around the globe using a number of dedicated hashtags. @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  20. 20. 2018 Tip Be an advocate for authenticity. 3 actions you can take: ● Tell genuine and exciting employee stories but do a reality check. ○ Is this story / experience unique, or common to what it’s like working here? ● It will take courage to balance colleagues who may only want to showcase the positive attributes of your culture. ○ Do we want candidates who are not willing to be in this environment? What’s the repercussion if the organization makes the wrong hire? ● Keep the term “employer brand” off your career site - make it an internal term only - candidates are having a negative reaction to the term because it sounds like something that’s fabricated. @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  21. 21. #4 Champion the Way Forward #RMin2018 @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  22. 22. 2017 Trend 57% of HR tech Investment has gone to Talent Acquisition 70% is focused on driving more qualified hires Source: George Larocque #HRWins @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  23. 23. 2017 Trend @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  24. 24. Rapid Innovation, Are You Keeping Up? @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  25. 25. 2018 Prediction Finding the right employer will become harder Brand Awareness Trusted Recommendation Right Fit Right Timing Finding relevant jobs will get easier @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  26. 26. 2018 Tip Talent acquisition leaders must challenge recruitment teams on issues like: ● Where will you market your employer brand, so that you can build relationships with candidates before they’re actively searching for jobs? ● How will candidates engage with your brand and form a positive perception of you as an employer, so that you’re top of mind when the timing is right? ● What processes and systems do you have in place to test new channels and tactics, so that you can know what’s working and what’s not working as the recruitment marketing landscape changes? @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  27. 27. What This Means for You #RMin2018 @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  28. 28. Recruitment Marketers are not Recruiters… And you have a huge opportunity to define your role and the value you will bring to your organization. @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  29. 29. Own Your Future ● CEOs always say their most valuable asset is their people ● HR can now demonstrate its leadership role in growing businesses ● Recruitment Marketing will be a key pillar of talent strategy @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  30. 30. Key Takeaways ● Humanize the candidate experience ● “Fit” is transitioning from culture to values ● Authenticity is key to building a stronger employer brand ● The industry is evolving with the help of new technology ● Now is the time to be bold! @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM
  31. 31. Q&A @MuseEmployers @Rally_RM