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Rallyon tutorial homeward 012113


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Rallyon tutorial homeward 012113

  1. 1. RallyOn Challenge Tutorial
  2. 2. Signing up for thechallenge only takes a minute!
  3. 3. See yourself on theLeaderboard and write on the Challenge Wall!
  4. 4. Look for notifications here To navigate, click on the buttons in the hedge! Track your challenge activities Invite your co-workers Need Help? Return to Check here! Track previousLeaderboard Create or days and set view Join a team! reminders
  5. 5. On the track page, you can track your daily activities, select apersonal milestone, and set up email or text reminders!
  6. 6. It’s easy to invite yourco-workers to join the challenge!
  7. 7. Create or edit your profile, add animage, update message settings!
  8. 8. It’s easy to Check your track on-the-go! Post on the rank on the challenge wallleaderboard. or just to your teammates! Access the challenge on nearly every smart phone and tablet!
  9. 9. Game on! Have fun. Account Services