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  1. 1. SUMMARY 4th Infosec Week From 6th until 10th October 2014 Lisbon - Portugal
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION The 4th Edition of Infosec Week was held from 06th until 10th October 2014 at theNational Security Cabinet Office, Lisbon. The ShadowSEC in Cooperation with CNCSeg (National Centre of Cibersecurity in Portugal), UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) and the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) , in European Cyber ​​Security Month (ECSM) promoted through free Lectures, Round tables and Workshops, aimed to discuss the main national and international trends about Cyber Security. “The growing number of incidents and malicious attacks that target the infrastructure of government information, public and private institutions, businesses and citizens, has demonstrated the need for the country to raise a national cyber security structure, able to ensure effective management crises, coordinate operational response to cyber attacks, develop synergies national and enhance international cooperation in this field”. “Our society is increasingly dependent on information systems and networks, particularly the Internet, so that attacks on these systems can have serious human and economic consequences”. It is in this way that an event of this nature is indispensable, as it offers various discussions and exchanges of views on issues of cyber security, as well as awareness of the delegates to a range of emerging issues in the area.
  3. 3. ENISA TRAINING ENISA and DG CONNECT jointly organised a Network and Information Security training seminar, which took place on the 30th of September 2014 in Brussels. The training covered topics such as handling incidents on mobile devices, analysing and sharing various feeds in the fight against cyber threats, targeted attacks and countermeasures, and a presentation on cyber exercises. In addition, a session on NIS education was held. The ENISA trainers coordinated the workshop using ENISA's training material for CERT teams. The participants included European Cyber Security Month coordinators from public and private organisations involved in the deployment of the advocacy campaign for digital citizens. This training was attended by the Director of ShadowSEC UK Ralf Braga Sermatheu - ECSM Coordinator of awareness activities in Portugal. Cyber Security Month resources may be consulted here: Note that, Universities map was launched today, you are invited to ADD programmes: available
  4. 4. By supporting the implementation of the European Cyber Security Month, at a local level, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) aims to both raise awareness and share experiences on key cyber security issues and to encourage cross-sector dialogue and cooperation in this field. Within this framework, UNICRI supported the organization of a closed door meeting, chaired by the National Cyber Security Centre. The meeting marked the official launch of the Cyber Security Centre and provided the ideal platform to learn about the Centre’s mission and overall objectives, to stimulate discussion between public authorities and the private sector and to create an engaging environment for future cooperation. The week-long event also served to showcase UNICRI strategy and activities in securing cyberspace, in particular the Institute’s current project on information sharing and public-private partnerships.
  5. 5. UKTI Portugal organised a trade mission to Lisbon for a cybersecurity event held at the Portuguese Security Cabinet, where the National Cybersecurity Centre has just been established. The Cabinet hosted the whole of InfoSec Week from 6 to 10 October organised by ShadowSEC and the UKTI team decided to partner with them looking at this session on 8 October to promote the UK as an ideal partner and supplier of excellence among Portuguese stakeholders. Following the opening speech by HM Ambassador Kirsty Hayes, Clive Jones, UKTI DSO, addressed UK's Cyber Security Strategy and then moderated presentations by BAE Systems, Torchlight Group, Infogov and Reuse and Recycle IT, who joined the delegation travelling to Lisbon to explore potential partnerships and business opportunities in the Portuguese market. After attending presentations that took place in the morning, Portuguese guests had bilateral meetings with all the British speakers, with the objective of enhancing both trade and investment links in this area.
  6. 6. By 4th consecutive year the National Security Office is cooperator from Infosec Week event that is part of the activities of ECSM. The National Security Bureau called GNS, is a core service of the state administration, endowed with administrative autonomy, authority of the Prime Minister or the Cabinet member in whom one delegate. The National Security Authority, hereinafter called the ANS, directs the GNS and is the entity that performs, exclusively, the protection and safeguarding of classified information. The GNS is to make sure the security of classified information in national and international organizations of which Portugal is part and perform the function of accrediting people and businesses to access and handling of classified information authority and the licensing authority and supervision of entities acting under the State Electronic Certification System - Infrastructure Public Key (SCEE).
  7. 7. EVENT NUMBERS 47Delegates on 10th - Lectures 80Companies present at the Event 247Delegates in the 5 days of the event 63Delegates on 6th October 65Delegates on 7th October 20Delegates on 8th October 52Delegates on 9th October
  8. 8. ADVISORY BOARD The Advisory Board is a board to discuss and decide on issues regarding to the themes of the event, which will aim to identify and choose the best lectures and themes for ECSM in Portugal. The Advisory Board members is composed by professionals: Eng Daniel Caçador - Montepio Bank Col. Fernando Freire - Advisor at IDN Portugal (Institute of National Defence at Portugal) Eng João Ribeiro - CNPD (National Commission for Data Protection) PhD Eduardo Vera Cruz - University of Lisbon Law Eng Carlos Serrão - OWASP PT and ISCTE Nesan Thirunesan - Information Regulated Limited Eng João Barreto - Sysvalue Dr João Ferreira Pinto - Sociedade Advogados, R.L.
  9. 9. COMPANIES PRESENT AT THE EVENT Over the five days, the event received the participation of 137 delegates from approximately 44 companies, including : •Agap2 •Anubisnetworks (NSEC SA) •AT - Tax authority and customs •Atlantica University •Aveiro University •AXA Portugal •BAE Systems •Baker Tilly •Banif Bank •BIC Bank •CEGER •Cheaptrade •Cloud Security Alliance •Compta •Defense •DigitalSign •DNS.PT •Dognaedis •DRC - Data Recover Center •EdEA - Grupo Rumos •EDISOFT •EDP - Energy of Portugal •EMGFA - Cyber ​​defense center •EMIS, SA •ENISA - European Union Agency for Network and Information Security •ESTGF •Exictos •FCUL •Fortconsult A/S •Galp Energy •GNR •GNS - National Security Cabinet Office •Hypergrid Technologies •IBM •IDN/MDN •IEEE and FEUP •IGeoE •Infante Luso •Information Security Forum •Inok Consulting •INOV INESC INOVAÇÃO •Inovflow Business Solutions •Institute of Informatics •Institute of Telecommunications •IPVC •ISCTE-IUL •Jeronimo Martins •Judicial Police •Kaspersky •Link Consulting •Lisbon University •MGP •Military Academy •Ministry of Education •Ministry of Petroleum •Montepio Bank •Multicert-Serviços de Certificação Electrónica SA •National Defence •NOS •Novo Banco •NOZOMI Lda •OSIS / IBM •PAULUS •PCM •PDM&FC •Portugal Bank •Portuguese Air Force •Portuguese Navy
  10. 10. COMPANIES PRESENT AT THE EVENT Over the five days, the event received the participation of 137 delegates from approximately 44 companies, including : •Produban •Reuse Recycle •School of Technology and Management - Polytechnic Institute of Porto •SekureKode, Lda. •Self-Employed •SIBS Forward Payment Solutions •SysValue, SA •Torchlight Group •UKTI •Unisys Portugal •United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute - UNICRI •Work Time Lda
  11. 11. SPEAKERS Allan Costley - Director and Co-founders - Torchlight Group Alain Pannetrat - Senior Researcher - Cloud Security Alliance Carlos Friaças - Senior Network Engineer - FCT-FCCN, I.P Clive Jones - Cyber Security Director - UKTI DSO Daniel Caçador - IT Security Manager – Montepio Bank
  12. 12. SPEAKERS Daria Catalui - Network and Information Security in Education - ENISA Darrel Arjoon - Managing Director - Reuse Recycle IT Eduardo Vera-Cruz - University - Lisbon Law Fernando Simões - Corporate Sales Manager | Kaspersky Lab Portugal Fernando Cardoso - Chief Technical Officer - Layer8
  13. 13. SPEAKERS Francesca Bosco - Project Officer, Emerging Crimes Unit - UNICRI Francisco Fonseca CEO - AnubisNetworks LTCol João Maia – Head Information Assurance – GNS João Barreto, Partner - SysValue Dr. João Ferreira Pinto - Senior Partner - João Ferreira Pinto & Associates, Lawyers Corporation, RL (Lisbon, Portugal)
  14. 14. SPEAKERS John Clelland - Founder - Information Governance Limited Kjell Kalmelid - Senior Expert at the Office of Information Assurance and Cybersecurity - Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) Matt Willsher - Responsible for setting and managing the sales strategy for CyberReveal - BAE Systems Nuno Periquito Head of Marketing - AnubisNetworks Sara Monteiro - DNS.PT Simon Rycroft - Director - Information Security Forum (ISF)
  15. 15. SPEAKERS Sérgio Gonçalves - Kaspersky Lab
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  19. 19. PRESS In addition to the information provided by the enquiry Event, given earlier, we tried to even know that media highlighted the 3rd Edition of Infosec Week follows on the next page, some links that you can refer to access publications concerning the same, and realize the importance given by the media to the event in question.
  20. 20. PRESS You can view the event in the following news links:  d=%7bBA174431-DC3D-4E0E-96D8-BB209DD52A28%7d  ciberseguranca-focado-nos-cidadaos/  nacional/  europa/  ciberseguranca/  ciberseguranca/  al_1413562.html  c%C3%B3digo-dos-direitos-online.html    internationalisation-/E0-001-075342922-7  attending-infosec-week-lisbon/  parcerias-na-ciberseguranca/  atraida-pelo-brasil/
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  25. 25. SHADOWSEC CONTACT Further details, If you have any questions, contact us. UK - The Salisbury 5th Floor Salisbury House London Wall, London, EC2M 5QQ + 44 203 286 1538 PT – Edifício U – Piso 1, Campo Grande, 388, 1749-024 Lisbon + 351 927 569 443 Get involved! Don´t miss the next edition. Further details through contact