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Rakuten Marketing and Google Webinar 'How to Stuff Your Q4 Stockings With RLSA Tips, Tricks & Strategies'


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The holiday shopping season is almost here and Rakuten Marketing wants to ensure your search campaigns are up to the challenge. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) is a multi-faceted search strategy that can help you reach and engage qualified consumers in various parts of the purchase cycle.

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Rakuten Marketing and Google Webinar 'How to Stuff Your Q4 Stockings With RLSA Tips, Tricks & Strategies'

  1. 1. Agenda • What Is RLSA: Campaign Basics • Customer Acquisition Strategies • Customer Retention Strategies
  2. 2. *US only of holiday shoppers said they did majority of shopping on or before cyber monday (Nov 30 this year) took advantage of post-holiday sales and promotions said they started holiday shopping before halloween (Oct 31 every year) 48% 44%25% Holiday 2014 Trends
  3. 3. In The Pursuit of Conversions, One Visit Is Typically Not Enough 96% 70% Abandon shopping carts without purchasing1 Leave a website without converting 1 49% Typically visit 2 - 4 sites before purchasing2 2 Source: Google/Compete Sporting Goods Study: (Sept 2011-Sept 2012) Clickstream BF02 (number of different brands visited)
  4. 4. Remarketing lists members convert at almost twice the rate of regular traffic 96%
  5. 5. All Search Users Are NOT Created Equal Users already familiar with your site, products or brand are more likely to convert.
  6. 6. Leverage Your Site Traffic To Lift Revenue
  7. 7. RLSA Makes A Big Difference... -56% average CPA decrease for conversions from an RLSA user list vs. entire campaign Retail Search +10% average increase in conversions for advertisers that use RLSA vs. advertisers that do not use RLSA -35% Shopping Campaigns Ads average CPA decrease for conversions from an RLSA user list vs. entire campaign
  8. 8. 1) What Is RLSA?
  9. 9. What is Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)? Keyword targeting Audience signals from your site
  10. 10. Advertise more profitably on new keywords Customize bids, search ads and keywords based on visitors’ past activity on your website. Be more competitive in auctions based on data Increase relevance for key audiences with better targeting & messaging
  11. 11. Improving Shopping Campaign Impression Share by increasing bids for returning users Returning site visitors convert 2x more!
  12. 12. Homepage Visitors Category Page visitors Product Page Visitors Cart Abandoners Converters +40% +60% +80% +120% +160% Segment Your List Based On The Conversion Funnel *
  13. 13. 2) Customer Acquisition
  14. 14. • Brand/Promotional (visited, but did not convert) • Engage consumers with lifestyle & brand messaging • 20% Off Your First Order • Non-brand Keywords • Introduce your brand early in the journey by casting a wide net • Free Gift With Purchase Customer Acquisition: Capture Qualified Customers
  15. 15. • Third Party Brand/Product Launches • Showcase the new selection of products to engage customers • Browse Our Spring 2016 Look Book; Extra 10% Off • Competitors/Resellers • Get in front of customers ready to purchase • Today Only, Save 10% Code:Today10! Customer Acquisition: Capture Qualified Customers
  16. 16. Expand Reach Via Non-Brand Bid higher when your audience searches for your existing keywords High-end retailer selling a number of brands The problem Non-brand keyword value- per-click too low to bid for top spots The solution ✓ Create an audience user list of visitors to your site. Add Audience as “Bid only” to ad groups. ✓ Examine Audiences report and compare user list to overall traffic. ✓ Set appropriate bid adjustment for audience.
  17. 17. 3) Customer Retention
  18. 18. • Brand • Create sense of exclusivity • VIPs: Shop Friends & Family First! • Promotional • Increase bids to capitalize during promotions • Gather insights on which promotions work best with existing consumer • Get free gift wrapping this holiday season w/ code: vbgift Customer Retention: Keep Customers Interested
  19. 19. • Non-Brand Keywords • Pursue generic keywords & engage consumers more likely to buy • 15% Off Your Next Order • New Product Launches • New seasonal collection for existing brand • Cross-target similar brands • Browse Our Spring 2016 Look Book Customer Retention: Keep Customers Interested
  20. 20. Re-Engage Brand Advocates Support and reinforce brand loyalty Camera company selling cameras and accessories The problem Wants to upsell and/or cross-sell recent converters The solution ✓ Create a remarketing list for people who have reached your purchase confirmation page. ✓ Use a 180-day lookback window to reach recent buyers who’ll still have you at the top of their minds.
  21. 21. RLSA Campaign Success Non-Brand Click-through-Rates: Non-Brand Conversion Rates: Compared To Search Campaigns: Retailer - Target & Bid, Previous Customers (Non-Converters) Back to School Focus 4.4% 2.6% +41% CTR +350% CVR
  22. 22. RLSA Campaign Success Click-through-Rates: Conversion Rates: Return On Investment: Retailer - Bid Only For Previous Visitors, Shopping +191% +51% +13%
  23. 23. Summary
  24. 24. Collect Your Audience/Put Out The Cookie Plate 1.Tag your entire desktop and mobile site Create Your Target Segment/Make Your List, Check It Twice 1.Based on your conversion funnel: general visitors, cart abandoners, past converters, ... Determine Targeting & Bid Adjustments/ Pick Your Recipe Ingredients 1.Choose the best targeting setting for your strategy. 2.Set bids based on segmenting your conversion funnel. 3.Identify RLSA bid adjustments based on goals. Tailor Messaging/Wrap It Up With A Bow 1.Tailor ad copy to connect with the targeted user segment. RLSA Quick Launch Guide
  25. 25. • Have a gameplan: separate campaigns for RLSA? • Break things down: segment your audience properly • Messaging is key: custom messages by segment • The price is right: know the value of your customer • Don’t “set it and forget it”: review results & optimize 5 RLSA Tips/Tricks To Stuff Your Stocking
  26. 26. Thank you! Questions?