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Bob knowlton case analysis


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Bob knowlton case analysis

  1. 1. BOB KNOWLTON CASE ANALYSIS By :- Raktim Dutta
  2. 2. ROLES OF THOSE INVOLVED Bob Knowlton Simon Fester Dr.Alan Jerrold
  3. 3. BOB KNOWLTON Collaborative team leader Hard working man Confidence easily wavered by insecurities Does not voice out
  4. 4. DR.JERROLD The Director of research & supervisor of Bob Knowlton team Has very high expectations of those working under him Not Attentive
  5. 5. SIMON FESTER A new comer to the company Brilliant Confident Aggressive Better prepared Opportunist Non-Participative
  7. 7. THE BRINGING IN THE NEW COMER  Bob Knowlton-  Was threatened by the new comer  Not properly introduced to him  Fester showed up without informing and started looking into things  Dr.Jerold  Did not introduce Fester and didn’t communicate to Knowlton for possibly having someone new join his team
  8. 8. SIMON FESTER  Lacked affection  Was too confident and arrogant to accept the way people do things and embrace it
  10. 10. BOB KNOWLTON Did not voice his queries or insecurities Simply assumed that Fester was there to replace him Did not consider speaking to his supervisor regarding his problem
  11. 11. DR.JERROLD Did not indicate that Fester's place in Knowlton's team was temporary  Did not give early information regarding Fester's transfer to another project Did not make any intentions of caring for Knowlton's well being
  13. 13. SIMON FESTER Too much of an opportunist to work in a team with others Did not heed the advice of whom was rightfully his team leader Remained individualistic and closed off to the team until he left to work for another project
  14. 14. WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN DONE BETTER??  Dr.Jerrold could have utilized a better interpersonal communication skill.  Dr. Jerrold could have also been more involved with the meetings, and taken an initiative to ensure that all employees were happy and satisfied.  Bob Knowlton should have focused on his own strengths as a leader  Bob Knowlton could have identified his areas where he was clearly better than Fester, he would have never felt the need to retire
  15. 15. Bob Knowlton could have communicated his concerns regarding Fester with his boss and teammates Fester should have taken permission or discuss with others about his new approach