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Business Quiz Nov 19,2014


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Prelims+Finals of Business Quiz of Elixir 2014 at Thapar University, Patiala

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Business Quiz Nov 19,2014

  1. 1. Prelims 10 questions
  2. 2. X was a business venture by two brothers who first started off as mail order items. The products were home made and non-lethal yet injurious sometimes. Their mother discovered the orders while cleaning their room one day. She didn't support their wild ambitions, considering that most of the products that they'd created were dangerous, and wished them to get jobs. After tragic death of one of the brothers, the other kept on continuing their business. The younger brother also joined him later on and it was made into a multi-millionaire business. Some of their products are:- Bubble Machine Bruise Removal Paste Shield Hats and Gloves Id X.
  3. 3. Id the guy who is being awarded Doctor of Science ( Honoris Cousa ) from TIET, Thapar University in 1994.
  4. 4. • X was launched on 15 March 1993 by Dr Simon King, a British researcher at the University of Minnesota with help from students and researchers at universities around the world. It initially operated as a volunteer-based collective, and started as a simple IRC bot. • Badri Seshadri was the Co-founder and Managing Director of X who after a long time with X from 1993, moved to his own regional language-publishing venture. • By late 2002, X was eventually acquired by the Paul Getty's Wisden Group and renamed Wisden X. • In 2007, the Wisden Group began to be broken up and sold to other companies. ESPN Inc. announced that it had acquired X from the Wisden Group. The acquisition was intended to help further expand X by combining the site with ESPN's other web properties, including and ESPN Soccernet. • X’s popularity was further demonstrated on 24 February 2010, when the site could not handle the heavy traffic experienced after notable Indian player Sachin Tendulkar broke the record for the highest individual score in a One Day International match with 200*. • Identify X.
  5. 5. Cricinfo
  6. 6. Connect • Tractor • Rhinoceros, elephant, tiger • Mount Harriet, Port Blair • Parliament of India • Himalaya Mountains • Dandi March • Economy of India
  7. 7. • While working on a research project at the Stanford University in the 60s , Albert Humphrey developed an analytical tool to evaluate the strategic plans and find out why corporate planning failed. • He developed this method by using data from the fortune 500 companies at that time. • What method did he develop?
  8. 8. SWOT
  9. 9. Connect
  10. 10. BRICS
  11. 11. There were a large number of bats living under the roof of the factory, it was decided that it was appropriate to also show the bats on the brand. It's worth mentioning that fruit bats are a symbol of good luck in Cuba. Which brand?
  12. 12. • The current logo of the brand X is shown below. In 1951 X sold its ten logo to Y for the equivalent of 1600 euros and two bottles of whiskey? Give X & Y
  13. 13. X = Karhu & Y = ADI Dassler
  14. 14. This flower, called 'Thistle' is the national flower of Scotland and features on many a national symbols of Scotland like coins, awards, police insignias, FC insignias etc. The most significant presence of this flower is found on the logo of a company, founded in Scotland in the 1770s. The company claims to have been successful due to contributions from more than 100 Nobel Laureates. Which company?
  15. 15. Encyclopaedia Britannica
  16. 16. 1 from our fest theme. • In the Harry Potter novels, Quidditch is seen as a highly popular sport in the European magical world with many leagues and clubs. But the sport doesn't enjoy the same popularity and fan following in the India. What reason does "Quidditch Through The Ages" attribute this to?
  17. 17. Magic Carpets are used in India as the Ministries of Magic of the South Asian countries do not quite like brooms.
  18. 18. Finale 3 rounds
  19. 19. Tech Quotient Written Round +5 for each correct
  20. 20. Ad for what? • V5Q
  21. 21. Nokia N1 tab
  22. 22. A major technology change happened in 1992 when Cyril Mitchley and Karl Liebenberg took the decision. It was communicated through a colour change. What first am I talking about?
  23. 23. SACHIN TENDULKAR’S first run out also by Third Umpire
  24. 24. X is a project to build an experimental broadband internet network infrastructure using fiber-optic communication. The location was chosen following a competitive selection process. Over 1,100 communities applied to be the first recipient of the technology. On March 30, 2011, it was announced that Kansas City, Kansas will be the first community where the new network would be deployed. The service will offer three options. These include a free broadband internet option, a 1Gbps internet option for $70 per month and a version that includes television service for $120 per month. Identify X.
  25. 25. Google Fibre
  26. 26. “Wisdom systemized in a complex net Information metropolis is set Knowledge super way spins in liberty I learn many things out of rafferty People, events, places, things; organized Exposed, refined, edited, Deleted, published; found truth, accepted Information errors intercepted And ingenuity unexpected!” What is the above acrostic poem about?
  27. 27. Wikipedia Wisdom systemized in a complex net Information metropolis is set Knowledge super way spins in liberty I learn many things out of rafferty People, events, places, things; organized Exposed, refined, edited, Deleted, published; found truth, accepted Information errors intercepted And ingenuity unexpected!
  28. 28. • While installing the Maemo operating system application installer, the installer asks the user to pick between 2 modes: • Choosing the ___ ____ mode the installer allows the user to view and configure system packages whose existence it normally does not acknowledge • Choosing the ___ ___ mode the installer displays only software installed by a user, creating the illusion that system software does not exist on the system • What are the two modes?
  29. 29. Red Pill, Blue Pill
  30. 30. What was it? • It was first created by a Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. It was designed to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. • Since then several versions have made its way to the market, they include : • Version 1, 21x21, 10-25 alphanumeric chars • Version 2, 25x25, 20-47 alphanumeric chars • Version 3, 29x29, 35-77 alphanumeric chars • Version 4, 33x33, 50-114 alphanumeric chars • Version 10, 57x57, 174-395 alphanumeric chars • Version 10, 57x57, 174-395 alphanumeric chars
  31. 31. quick response code
  32. 32. Biz Quotient Infinite Bounce
  33. 33. Asked in TCS interview today to one of our club member • Who was the producer of Mughle-E-Azam (original one)? (yes it is somehow related to the business world)
  34. 34. Shapoorji Pallonji
  35. 35. • Which brand’s slogan - "Apni Kismat Apne Haath"?
  36. 36. What present day icon did this guy become?
  37. 37. Ronald McDonald
  38. 38. Id the company. • Rashmi Sinha, the CEO and co-founder of X is responsible for partnerships and product strategy. She was named amongst the world's Top 10 Women Influencers in Web 2.0 by FastCompany. • Jonathan Boutelle is the CTO of X and came up with the initial idea behind X. He wrote the first version of the site. • Amit Ranjan, the COO heads X's development team in India and focuses on product management, content and community.
  39. 39. • Who said this: "When you have $1 million, you're a lucky person. When you have $10 million, you have trouble, when you have more than $1 billion, you have responsibility."
  40. 40. Jack Ma, founder of Ali Baba
  41. 41. • This cereal brand has a flat belly programme application for mobile phones. It recently made a new effort to remind women to check their breasts for signs of cancer. It placed a 'bra cam' in a woman's cleavage as she walked around London in a (fairly revealing) low-cut top; resulting in a video that has a bunch of Londoners - male, female and even babies - checking out her breasts throughout the day. • The film ends with the message: "Your breasts are checked out every day. So, when was the last time you checked your own." • Name the brand.
  42. 42. Nestle
  43. 43. • This “product” has been mass-produced for the longest number of years, with minimal design changes, in the same factory in the whole world (1958- 2013). No other rival made in the world has surpassed this record. • What ubiquitous product , quite appropriately used by expats in New Delhi , are we talking about?
  44. 44. • This product belongs to the past, but is still fashionable today. It is still being made, thanks to a group called “The Impossible Project”. The original company filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and was owned by Petters Group Worldwide. The creative director is Lady GaGa. • What is it?
  45. 45. • A company exhibits backward vertical integration when it controls subsidiaries that produce some of the inputs used in the production of its products. In India, X was the pioneer of backward integration. • X started by selling imported Kayla Silk, then took to producing _____ , and then went on to make his company a petrochemical giant. • X’s interest in producing _____ earned him the sobriquet, ‘The ________ Prince’; also the name of his unauthorised biography which used to be banned in India. • ID X and fill in the blank.
  46. 46. • A generally accepted version is that the name was derived from an earthen wall on the northern boundary of the New Amsterdam settlement, perhaps to protect against English colonial encroachment or incursions by native Americans. • A conflicting explanation is that X was named after French speaking Belgians. Among the first settlers that embarked on the ship "Nieu Nederlandt" in 1624 were 30 such families. • Id X.
  47. 47. Wall Street
  48. 48. Ad for what?
  49. 49. • Initially named ‘punkt’ by Arthur Korn, it was described by Alfred Dinsdale as “a mosaic of selenium cells, a great number of small parts, thousands of little squares, and a succession of little areas of varying brilliance”. • What is being talked about here?
  50. 50. Pixel
  51. 51. • Bombay- Diamond • Hyderabad- five pointed star • Noida - small or thick dot • Calcutta- ?
  52. 52. NOTHING (MINT MARKS on Indian Coins)
  53. 53. • The five letters (in blue) in its logo are followed by two triangles overlapped to form a "fast forward" sign. Since they are in orange and green, and the backdrop is white, the visual reference to the Indian flag is complete. Dedicated to India by its President in May 2014 and sharing its name with the national currency. • What is this?
  54. 54. • The German town Herzogenaurach, was called the 'Town of Bent Necks' in the 1930's and 40's because the residents of the town would carry out a peculiar custom before talking to one another. • Put funda. (What custom?)
  55. 55. This was the town where Adi and Rudolf Dassler first started their factories. So people would check the other persons shoes (if the person was wearing Adidas or Puma) before deciding to talk to him.
  56. 56. • The logo below is the modern version of The Way of St. James, known in Spanish as El Camino de Santiago. It is the name of pilgrimage routes to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. Name the company, which in 1904 adopted the traditional symbol as its logo.
  57. 57. The ‘St James’s Shell’ had been adopted by the Graham family(SHELL founders) after their ancestors made the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella in Spain.
  58. 58. • Some in rural India use them as disposable water containers, contractors mix them with concrete and tar to ensure smooth road surfaces, sheaths of this product are placed beneath cement plastering on roofs to prevent water seepage and weavers in Varanasi use them to polish gold and silver threads. Name it.
  59. 59. Condoms
  60. 60. • It was started as “Sunlight Flakes” in 1899. • Today, it is the market leader in several countries including Brazil, India, Thailand and South Africa. • Owned by Unilever, it means “light” in latin.
  61. 61. • In April 2012, as its first model, X launched the X X900 – the world’s first smartphone with an Intel processor. X was also the first Indian manufacturer to partner with AMD to launch the X Win Tablet. • In December 2013, X announced the first 4G smartphone in India – the LT900. On January 6, 2014, Liverpool FC announced X as its first regional partnership in India. • In August 2014, X launched its own proprietary user interface - Hive UI. • Id X.
  62. 62. Xolo
  63. 63. • In 1992 Russia was divided into various socialist states and one big country was converted into various socialist states and named USSR. • Aero Club the award winning export house from Delhi suffered heavy loss due to this division of Russia as its major exports was into Russia and hence not only it lost business but also was left with heavy inventory of its products which were made for exports. The inventory conisisted of leather products. • The chairman of Aero Club Mr.Avtar Singh decided to launch some of the styles lying in the inventory in the Indian market to see what kind of response is received. Name this famous brand thus created.
  64. 64. • In India, these signs occupy 40% of the available space. However, as per a new directive issued in Oct 2014 by the Indian Ministry of Health, these could now become as high as 85% in India, making India the largest implementer in terms of space used. Thailand also uses 85% and Australia being 82.5%. • What is this about?
  65. 65. Warnings on cigarette packets against cigarette smoking
  66. 66. • Air India's then commercial director Bobby Kooka and Umesh Rao, an artist with J. Walter Thompson Ltd created 'it' which was adopted in its present form in 1946. In 2014, the new Indian PM Narendra Modi reportedly asked the minister concerned to replace 'it' with something. • What change did he suggest which reminds us of a political party among others?
  67. 67. Replacing the Air India Mascot 'The Maharajah' with something that represents the 'Aam Aadmi'
  68. 68. • It was born in 1971. Bare breasted and Rubenesque, it was supposed to be as seductive as the ____ itself. But then the time came to put the logo on the delivery trucks, and that was problematic. The logo was huge. The company solved the problem by restyling the mascot's hairdo so that it draped over the trouble spots. • Fill in the blank and name the brand that is connected to this story.
  69. 69. Mermaid logo of Starbucks Coffee that was first introduced in 1971 and subsequently underwent several modifications.
  70. 70. These nibs are divided into three tines instead of the usual two and the ink flow is more when you write sideways than when you write downwards on paper. What special purpose are these nibs used for?
  71. 71. Musical nibs to write musical notes
  72. 72. Long Visual Connect Points on respective slides.
  73. 73. +30/-25
  74. 74. +25/-20
  75. 75. +20/-15
  76. 76. +15/-10
  77. 77. +10/-5
  78. 78. +5/0
  79. 79. • Stingray (Chevrolet Corvette) • Mustang (Ford) • Viper (Dodge) • Spider/Spyder (Porsche) • Jaguar • Beetle (Volkswagen)
  80. 80. +45/-40
  81. 81. +40/-35
  82. 82. +35/-30
  83. 83. +30/-25
  84. 84. +25/-20
  85. 85. +20/-15
  86. 86. +15/-10
  87. 87. +10/-5
  88. 88. +5/0
  89. 89. AXE Fragrances • Phoenix • Blast • Recovery • Score • Apollo • Click • Denim • Peace • Shock