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We are all guided by our values and beliefs whether we consciously choose to or not. Values build our character and empower us with wisdom to make right choice. Values drive our destiny. Peace, Love, Compassion, Integrity, Respect and Responsibility are global human values and can be found on every continent, every country, every state, city, town and neighborhood. Human Values are diverse and knows no nationality, geography, culture or race.

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  • I loved your presentation. It is one of the best I've seen on the topic of values and leadership. I am a Yoga Instructor and a member of Toastmasters. I would like your permission to use this presentation as a reference for both Yoga instruction and as part of a Toastmasters presentation. Could you please send this presentation to me at Thank you for your work and insight.
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  • Global Human Values : Values Driven Leadership

    1. 1. Human Values Matter Values Driven Leadership
    2. 2. Health Happiness
    3. 3. Peace Prosperity
    4. 4. Productivity Innovation
    5. 5. Human values have inherent… ENERGY & DYNAMISM
    6. 6. CHOICE
    7. 7. Good Bad
    8. 8. CHOICE
    9. 9. Awareness Ignorance
    10. 10. Problems, Stress, Anger, Dead Ends… OR…
    11. 11. ADVENTURE
    12. 12. HAPPINESS
    13. 13. ACHIEVEMENT
    14. 14. PROGRESS
    15. 15. … are based on choices. Actions…
    16. 16. 1. MIND Three Equipments of Life
    17. 17. 2. BODY Three Equipments of Life
    18. 18. 3. INTELLECT Three Equipments of Life
    20. 20. P .E.O.P.L.E. Passion for work
    21. 21. P. E .O.P.L.E. Empathetic respect for others
    22. 22. P.E. O .P.L.E. Openness and integrity through honesty and trust
    23. 23. P.E.O. P .L.E. Persistence, resilience… and determination to succeed
    24. 24. P.E.O.P. L .E. Leadership that is innovative and visionary
    25. 25. P.E.O.P.L. E . Engagement in purposeful collaboration
    26. 26. Value Driven Organization Creates a sense of BELONGING a sense of IDENTITY a sense of PURPOSE
    27. 27. My work/life priorities are respected How do we help our staff feel a sense of BELONGING? I am part of a team I am valued I can make a contribution I am accountable I feel supported
    28. 28. My skills and experience count How do we help our staff feel a sense of IDENTITY? I have something to offer I am part of something bigger than myself I am encouraged and supported to believe in I am valued for who I am
    29. 29. We are going somewhere How do we help our staff feel a sense of PURPOSE? I have a goal There is a direction to my work I believe in the value of the purpose My effort achieves
    30. 30. What is Values Driven Leadership? Purposeful Results Oriented Leadership Based on Valuing each Person for their Uniqueness
    31. 31. Characteristics of Values Driven Leadership Communicate your values
    32. 32. Characteristics of Values Driven Leadership Make the time to value your staff and yourself
    33. 33. Characteristics of Values Driven Leadership These characteristics are actions that come out of WHAT YOU VALUE Listening, Empathy, Commitment to Growth of People, Stewardship, Building Community
    34. 34. & Sub Values Core Human Values
    35. 35. RIGHT CONDUCT Responsibility ◦ Independence ◦ Perseverance Courage ◦ Helpfulness ◦ Health Awareness ◦ Manners
    36. 36. PEACE Patience ◦ Concentration ◦ Positive ◦ Contentment Self Discipline ◦ Self Acceptance ◦ Thankfulness
    37. 37. TRUTH Truthfulness ◦ Creativity ◦ Honesty Trust ◦ Determination ◦ Fairness ◦ Reflection
    38. 38. LOVE Kindness ◦ Compassion ◦ Service ◦ Generosity Forgiveness ◦ Tolerance ◦ Compassion
    39. 39. NON VIOLENCE Wisdom ◦ Respect ◦ Loyalty ◦ Tolerance Consideration ◦ Cooperation ◦ Global Stewardship
    41. 41. Sanskrit पुरुषार्थ : “that which is sought by man; human purpose, aim, or end”) In Hinduism, puruṣārtha… … refers to a goal, end or aim of human existence. There are generally considered to be four such puruṣārtha, namely…
    42. 42. “ (religious, social and/or moral) righteousness, both spiritual and ritual” Dharma
    43. 43. Artha “ (material and/or financial) prosperity as well as pursuit of meaning”
    44. 44. Kãma “ (dharmic) pleasure”
    45. 45. Mokşa “ (spiritual) liberation; or renunciation as well as detachment”
    46. 46. Choices are made by… MIND
    47. 47. Mind is directed by what it… VALUES
    48. 48. BEHAVIOR Values are the guidelines of our…
    49. 49. If you get it right with your people... there is nothing you can’t achieve
    50. 50. TAKE ACTION Thank You!
    51. 51. Rakesh Malhotra Turnaround Strategist / Operations Leader with Cross-cultural Experience Leadership ◦ Team Building ◦ Effective Communication Global Experience ◦ Customer Centric ◦ Action Oriented <ul><li>Master of Public Administration University of Rajasthan, India </li></ul><ul><li>General Management Executive Development University of Chicago, Booth School of Business </li></ul><ul><li>Management Action Program MAP Management Systems, California </li></ul><ul><li>Export Marketing & Foreign Trade Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) </li></ul>EDUCATION
    52. 52. Global Sourcing ◦ Supply Chain ◦ Business Development Strategic Alliances ◦ Consumer Insight ◦ Sales Channels Rakesh Malhotra Turnaround Strategist / Operations Leader with Cross-cultural Experience <ul><li>COO, Universal Granite and Marble, USA Leadership for Operations, Marketing, Buying, SCM, and Human Resources </li></ul><ul><li>CEO, Moneks Trading, Russia Master Franchisee of “Mothercare&quot;  in Russia                                       Leveraged Customer Loyalty Program to Improve Sales from $18.5M to $26.0M </li></ul><ul><li>COO, Ebony Retail Holdings Limited, India Oversaw all retail operations: Buying, Merchandising, HR, Sales, and Marketing </li></ul>EXPERIENCE