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How to register a premium Domain Name for your online busines or blog.

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How to register_a_premium_domain_name

  1. 1. binarynot How to register a premium Domain name By rakesh 14 Commentsf ind us on twitterf ind us on f acebook Premium Domain name registration has become a simple process in today’s technology uplif ted world. The process of creating premium domain name is easy and f ree f rom hassle. It only require proper recognition of essential components that helps domain name to attain its popularity. The need of a good domain name and domain name searching tools in not new, though we have already discussed in my previous article on the same, still i strongly believe that the concept of a premium domain name is a must f or any business. It takes too much of thought and time to choose a proper name f or your online business blog. Selected name should be relevant, easily memorable and catchy. It also should have the ability of self promotion. The ultimate challenge is f inding the ideal name. There are certain tips to get a suitable domain name. Some are listed below. 1. Premium Domain name should be relevant:
  2. 2. What if your website deals with Education niche and your domain name relates to f ruits or vegetables, Do you think , your domain name will add value to your online business? The selected name should match with the concept of the website. The keyword included in the domain name will be more pref erred, if possible. Through this, people who are in need can search it easily. Thus a relevant name can bring more traf f ic f or your product. 2. Short buyer keywords are too profitable: As short names can be easily memorized by the clients, it helps to achieve more money by creating too much of traf f ic online. Short names are cool, catchy and easily memorable too. Concentrate on short and simple name in order to achieve progress in the business. If you are trying to monetize a niche market, buyer keywords in your domain name , a must in your premium domain name.
  3. 3. 3. Search Engine Optimization is needed: Optimization of domain name is necessary. It will help to improve the exposure of your website. Search engine requires queried keywords which helps the users to get relevant inf ormation with simple surf on the internet. It also helps your website to rank on top. f inding relevant blogs and f orums giving your domain name a positive backlinks, is a great boost f or your domain, acquiring thousand of positive backlinks in a f ew months is now possible with these methods. Easiest method to f ind out high Page rank blogs and f orum 5 Easiest Method to get high quality backlinks 4. Branding of your product is essential: Domain name should be a branded one. It will give an extra power to your product on the web. It gives more benef it. Besides name it should match the name of your product, idea or niche. 5. Rules regarding .Com: It is the of ten used word by the clients while searching f or a website they needed. If global marketing is your aim use this extension and not use in case of local market. 6. Registration should be done for two years: Your domain name will get f avors over other websites f rom major search engines if it is registered f or two years. It is because of the combat scam Act. 7. Check for competitors: There may be similar domain name in the website. It will create conf usions to the users. So check out whether there is any similar domain name and try to avoid it. use these 7 tools to monitor your competitors traf f ic bef ore your register any premium domain name. 8. Search on Google: Proper searching should be done on Google because some of the words have secondary meaning which conveys negative aspect like tuts , nuts in dif f erent languages. So adhere with the proper meaning-f ull words all the time. Things to watch out for: Don’t use symbols in your domain name.If once the name is registered it cannot be changed. So be caref ul while registering a domain name. Having premium domain names with all these benef its, promotion of your website has become an easier task. Number of cheapest registrars those who of f er low rates f or getting a domain name are available now. If once registered it cannot be altered. So f ind domain name registrars according to your need. Godday and namecheap are the best domain name registrars, they helps to attain gain credibility and also create a f eeling of security among the people. In order to make a prof itable business turn over domain name plays a good role. While preparing to get a domain name proper planning and care should be taken. Domain name is unique and it cannot be duplicated by anyone. Updated on : Thursday 27th of June 2013