7 advance comment_tricks_even_pros_will_not_tell_you


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how to use comments to increase targeted traffic and revenue

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7 advance comment_tricks_even_pros_will_not_tell_you

  1. 1. binarynot e.com http://binarynote.com/7-advance-comment-script-for-better-seo.html7 Advance Comment tricks Even Pros will not Tell YouBy rakesh 18 Commentsf ind us on twitterf ind us on f acebookBlog commenting is there f rom the beginning and it is one of the oldest method taught in the OLD SEOschools. Place your comment on the same niche blogs and enjoy the high level of traf f ic and backlinks.But then …Where are the advance commenting script/TricksThe Purpose of comment may dif f erent , if you have not read my previous two articles on Good Commentmeans backlink, and how best to comment on do-f ollow blogs, then it is highly recommend.Comment to become more influentialLeaving comment on other blog can enhance your social circle, your will become more visible, moreconnected with other bloggers, whether your aim is to place guest post or to acquire some new goodbacklinks f or your site.Regular commenting on any blog will be noticed by the blogger and the blogger will see that you are readingand consuming their contents well, in a long run when you will start your guest post journey to acquire
  2. 2. some authority these bloggers will help you in your endeavor.So bef ore you send a cold Guest post request on any blog, or to ask some other f avor. .. spend f ew weekson that blog try to consume the contents of that blog and leave some meaningf ul comment, so that theblogger will know that you are a genuine person and will add some value to his/her blog.It does not mean you write some garbage links on his/her blog with some random notes, You have to placesomething meaningf ul that entice the blogger to think and continue the discussionSEO and Social Aspect of CommentingHave you noticed that Facebook, Google+ and other social websites had incorporated commenting in theirnetwork. Google had been declared that they will also notice the social presence at a part to search engineranking.This is the main reason these two majors have already given the permission to create your own blogs andpages on their network … and I strongly believe that commenting on the blog must be a part of your socialpresence, you can achieve this even using Guest post, answering on Google Answer or wp-answer orstock exchange , of f course leaving comment on others blog.Where to comment? – I Mean on which blog You should commentI really mean it , where to comment is much more important than on which article you should comment. Onemethod may be to f ind out relevant blog using google query and start placing your comment on that blog orjust move f rom one blog to another blog and comment .Does that really helpf ul to gain quality backlink and quality traf f ic?Instead of that, Look f or the blog that are worthwhile to comment. If you are able to get a backlink f romthat site/blog , it will actually mean something.1. Use seaquake and do-f ollow plugin to f ind out high PR CommentLuv Enable blog to place your comment.2. Use Googles Double ClickPlanner to f ind out some Good blogs/bloggers.3. Find out the blogs where your likeminded bloggers gathers, or search f or the list of 20-50 best bloggersin your niche.Know the blogger before You commentHow many times you lef t a comment without bothering who is the blogger? If I am not wrong only f ew ofyou.
  3. 3. Many blog publish the author bio, so that you can connect yourself easily. This also help you to grow andf ollow. This way you also know the taste of blogger and which type of comment and psychology theblogger f ollow.Understand the commenting tribeBef ore posting your response on any article. Read the comments posted on that article and try tounderstand which type of comments are listed there. What they are discussing, do they also respond tonegative creative comment or just respond to only the appreciation.This will also guide you, whether this commenting community is f riendly, mean, smart or ………..Af ter reading couple of comments, you can realize very easily whether you want to participate in thisdiscussion or not. This step is very important as this will also def ine your social signal on Google search.What is your IdentityNow, the next very important aspect of this whole article, your identity. New bloggers and seasonedcommentators , don’t want to reveal themselves , they want to be anonymous… choose smiley , f unnyf aces or someone else image as mostly seen on the f acebook.Use Gravatar to render your image across the blogsphere to send a single image that will represent youroriginal identity. Do not use here f unny f ace, smiley or someone else image. This is basically your authority,bloggers love to see the man behind that comment.The need of identity must be recognized by every blogger in the beginning of his /her journey…. to make apositive impact on his online presence.All the time supply your original f irst name and last name with a real photograph. Here is some exampleRemember this will be a part of your social search planning strategy. It will also help you to retain yourauthor rank.How much is too muchHow much is suf f icient to grab the attention of the author and the commenting tribe of that blog. There isno hard and f ast rule f or the size of comment. Dif f erent author and SEO experts have dif f erent opinion.Since, nobody notice your simple “thank you message” on any blog, sometimes even most active bloggers
  4. 4. do ignore to respond. There are two suggested opinion on this issue, how much is too much.1. Write long and descriptive comment elaborating your opinion of each and every point discussed in thearticle.2. Appear more than two to three times and respond to other commentators. You ideas should either starta new conversation with the commenter.Re-invent the WheelDo you really want to re-invent the wheel? 100% your answer will be…………….Big NO. so the point is hereread all the posted comment on that article f irst, do not post the already stated or may be answeredquestion.Read all the comments f irst and then decide whether your query had been posted or not. If it is alreadyasked by someone else… try to ref rain yourself otherwise you can lose your own credibility. Would you liketo take that risk????????Instead of that…. try to raise your original opinion in a separate comment or answer someone else query ,may be your comment this way will be more visible.Number of LinksHow many links we can insert in a single comment ? When I do not pref er even a single link in my site thanhow can I suggest you to place more than one link. Now a days commentLuv is there to help you deep linkyour post on someone else blog.But this is not always true. If you are participating in a debate and to make your point more meaty, you
  5. 5. would love to make a ref erence to some one else site than.The idea to place more than one link is little bit tricky but you can do this waywww[dot]rsatechnologies[dot] in and highlight this link using HTML.If some webmaster still think if is self promotional that you can send an email about the link and ask whatwent wrong.Promote your comment:And the f inal tricks in this case is like guest author promote their Guest post on the f amous blogs, You canalso promote your comment on Facebook and Twitter.[massagebox] Submit your comment status in JustRetweet and you will f ind better marketed comment ontwitter [/massagebox]Bloggers will not mind it, since you are also promoting their own blogs this way and they will also love tosee you.Conclusion onAdvance Tips on Commenting
  6. 6. Commenting is now a days a part of bloggers to promote their contents and extend their presence on thesocial media, a well craf ted comment bring targeted traf f ic but it needs time, do not try any automatedcommenting robot to ruin your reputation. What is your commenting tip to enhance your presence. Do nothesitate to share with us.Updated on : Sunday 14th of April 2013