3 installing wordpress_blunders_that_can_ruin_your_wordpress_blog_seo


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wordpress installation mistakes that can ruin your whole website/blog. Know them to protect them.

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3 installing wordpress_blunders_that_can_ruin_your_wordpress_blog_seo

  1. 1. binarynot e.comhttp://binarynote.com/3-installing-wordpress-blunders-that-can-ruin-your-wordpress-blog-seo-2.html3 Installing wordpress blunders that can ruin your wordpressblog SEOBy rakesh 12 Commentsf ind us on twitterf ind us on f acebookIgnorance of Law is no excuse, especially when you are in highly competitive online business of blogging.If you want to maximize your ranking and ensure that you are not penalized by Google Panda or Penguin,You must take control of your own business ( ie your blog or site ) You must claim your ownership of eachand every element f rom SEO – link optimization, duplicate contents to its speed.That may seem unf air f or all the beginner , how they can understand what is right and what is wrong, so thesimple answer in this case is – Learn1. Canonicalization for WordPressCanonicalization means – the most relevant page with highly ef f ective inf ormation. But it may seemssomething weird to my new f riends.
  2. 2. Suppose you are accessing your website using these two methods like http://binarynote.com andwww.binarynote.com now google has two version of your home page. How, it will decide which is the mostrelevant pages between these two sets of URLs.You can say both of them are working, so where is the dif f erence, but there is a huge dif f erence, everytime Google crawler think………one of them is original and second is duplicate – thus decrease your rankwithout being duplicate content anywhere???. Yes this is True!!!!!So to tell Google that both URLs are directing on a single page – Canonicalization is used.Bef ore we start lets see what happened to my own blog when I checked it in Google webmaster Tool.There are a huge list of duplicate meta description and title tags are lying in my webmaster toolOne such problem was this – ?replytocom=xxxxx.Another issue that I noticed in my blog – was it still contains some of the articles having post IDs andcategory ID in the database.As you already aware that Google takes duplicate contents very seriously, so my f irst priority was how tohandle this problemWhat is ReplytoCom URLsReplytocom URLs are auto generated by wordpress system with enabled to comment reply f eature. This isbasically a query string that gets attached with every original URLs , this replytoCom gets appended withevery article/post URL which has some comments.So your very own url will look like this http://7-easy-ways-to-make-your-wordpress-blog-more-popular.html?replytocom=12545
  3. 3. Basically these URL’s get generated f rom the posts comments you gets f orm the site visitors, so as muchas comments you have on your posts as much replytocom URL’s get generated.Some f amous bloggers like amit aggarwal had disabled comment on his labnol.org. But that does not meanthat you have to disable commenting f eature f rom your Blog.This is one problem of Canonicalization f or wordpress.General Canonicalization solution in wordpressGeneral settingThis is f irst and the f oremost overlooked settings in all the wordpress blogs. Newcomers does not payattention on these two settings specially.These two seems equally easy but make a big dif f erence when you are in the process of installingwordpress f or the f irst time. The f irst one “Wordpress Address url” tell how you want your URL to beappear on the search engine and the second one is where you actually want to store your all wordpressf ile.The second option automatically create a 301 redirection internally and mainly used when you want toinstall your wordpress in a subf older.Suppose you have installed your wordpress f iles in a subf older like /blog. Then the site address will lookslike this.http://localhost/blogin our case we want the URLs like http://binarynote.com so this must be my wordpress address and siteaddress will be than http://binarynote.com/blog.Google Webmaster SettingsThe second most important is how your search engine Google crawl your website. Most of the timenewcomers leave this setting, but using this your can also direct how your search engine will see two similarURL.
  4. 4. All in One SEO PackThis is one of the simplest task, Though I am a big f an of Yoast SEO but this setting is unique in All in oneseo pack. Install All in one seo pack and open its setting.Check whether canonicalization option is checked on not. Canonicalization option automatically cancanonical keyword with all the URL attached with your link……. And that you need not to def ine in your eachand every post/page.Replytocom Problem SolutionUp to this level we have discussed how we can f ight against the basic ignorance , but how to deal withreplytocom that is not dealt up to this lavel. This simple but most notorious problem can be handled usingthese three methodsGoogle webmaster URL settingsThe f irst and the f oremost solution again comes f rom the search engine leader- Google. Using the sameGoogle webmaster tool, you can def ine how this smart idiot should see your wonderf ul work.Under the conf iguration tab -> select URL Parameter ->reytocom hyperlink ->edit
  5. 5. Note in the above f igure we have change not to crawl this type of URLsRobots.txt fileRobots.txt f ile is not automatically generated by your def ault wordpress installation. All the time you haveto generate it. A wonderf ul robots.txt f ile is written by …………………………….If you are not comf ortable with robots.txt f ile than you can also take help of this wonderf ul tool togenerate your very own robots.txt f ile.Now you have to add this simple code in this robots.txt f ileDisallow : *?replytocomand upload in your web server’s root directoryReplycom redirector PluginI am not a big f an of plugin, plugins was basically developed to enhance the core of wordpress plugin, theyare wonderf ul tools to enrich the wordpress ecology, but at the same time they also increase the pageloading time of your site.If the previous two solution does not attract you and you do not f ind yourself comf ortable with managingyour Google webmaster tool or robots.txt, only then try this wordpress plugin to combat ?replytocomproblem using replytocom redirector wordpress plugin.Though the plugin had not been updated f or more than 2 Years, but still usef ul.2. Yoast SEOMay be your website had been hit by Google Panda due to Yoast SEO settings ?As I have written on the previous page, I am a big f an of Yoast SEO, besides that a little research can saveyour whole website to be penalized by GOOGLE Panda.Does it sound weird…..I am 100% firm, if you were not conscious about yoast SEO setting .But bef ore that allow me to explain what is Panda update in a nutshell in my words
  6. 6. This is a domain level penalty – so any thin content or duplicate content can lead a domain levelpenalty f or your whole websiteThin contents means here – short articles, Duplicate values, Duplicate meta description, Duplicatetitle tags, duplicate paragraph etc. etc.I am not going to discuss here –“ how to combat Google panda”. Harsh aggarwal of shoutmelod , hadalready written a wonderf ul article on that.Check out this simple query in Google search bef ore you read the next paragraphSite:www.yourdomainname.com .Did you notice any thing special on the result page ? No …….wait a minute. Click on the last page of theresult.Is it ok f or you? Did you see anything weird ?Google crawled all that pagination pages, tages, /wp-admin and /wp-content f olders also.Since wordpress power more than 10 million web pages and all of them are having the same wp-admin andwp-content pages . Does that not also mean you are publishing duplicate contents on your website?So the Penalty was inevitable, Am I right ?Solution for Thin contents and Duplicate Title Tag and Meta DescriptionSolution is more simple than you are expecting. Here , I am going to list out the solution f or each type oferror(s) – not exactly error…a proper word must be redundancy.Duplicate Title Tag– This is not basically a problem of Yoast SEO plugin, but it is a problem of poorly designed wordpresstheme or f ree theme. This always advised – always use premium themes like genesis or thesis f rameworkor use premium f ree themes .Force rewrite title tag. This setting will automatically erase any title tag generated by your wordpress theme.Thus will produce only a single title f or your whole article.Yoast Sitemap
  7. 7. : If you are generating your website’s sitemap through Yoast- SEO then , do not include tags,post,categories.Tags were basically used to categorize the post inf ormation according to their usef ulness, and used byblack hat seo to increase the CTR, now useless, and increase redundancy.Since post are normally the static inf ormation like privacy policy, comment policy or Term of uses, contactf orm etc etc , does not f urnish any new or unique value, Thus must not be crawled.3. w3Total CacheThe time taken by your site to load is inversely related to the time spend by the user on your website.This plugins is better known f or its perf ormance enhancement f eatures. As per the claims on the of f icialwebsite, it can reduce webpage loading time upto 10 times.Do you know? It can also ruin your whole wordpress website…. If you are on a shared hosting andunf ortunately selected one such f eature……….designed to enhance the speed!!!!!!!!!!!! Sound weird but it istrue.Solution of misconfigured w3Total Cache Plugin:Af ter three weeks long research and experiment, I was able to pinpoint the exact problem… The problemwas not the web server or plugin.It was minify setting ? So the solution of the whole problem was under the minif y setting .Never ever try to save your cached inf ormation on the shared hosting server as it leads latency and overallwebsite loading time, since f or every query your web server try to update the disk cache and then try toreload the same data f rom the disk….Thus increase overall http requests and increase the page load timeexponent.[ YOututbe Video f or w3total cache plugin tutorial ]In my case the time taken bef ore was 4 sec and af ter this simple ( Now I can say ) conf iguration error, wasapproximately 12 second( more than 300%).ConclusionPagination of your wordpress website can also give you a complete headache. It is one page rank reducing
  8. 8. f actor of your website.Every paginated page contains only the excerpt of the posts thus – Short paragraphs – means – thincontents- Google Panda Penalty. So choose your wordpress theme very caref ully.[ You tube Video on Google Pagination Problem ]While generating sitemap, category should be included or not is a long debated term. What is right or orwrong? I have lef t f or you. How do you f ound this article usef ul, do not hesitate to share with us.Updated on : Sunday 14th of April 2013