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Taking classes in economics, accounting, business management, business planning is one thing but starting a business from scratch then making it run and grow is something else.

All the classes in these subject areas and some others do help but none of them tell you how to light a fire in your belly and keep it burning. That takes putting together all that is taught and then blending it with hard core experience out there in the pits. It is a magical moment when all of it comes together and one knows that one has it in him and he can make something out of nothing.

This book will get you off that wooden bench of indecisiveness and make you take the plunge. If you have already take the leap and you are in business then the stories in this book stoke your fires and enrage them till eternity and more.

It will make you ignite your passions such that others from far and wide will come watch you burn!

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  • Just finished reading your book. It is phenomenal. Rarely have I come across books which I just could not put down once I read the first page. It has every aspect of simple yet profound message. The end is best where you have given a comprehensive view w.r.t Quantum science..It beautifully sums up a very intelligently written account spiced with humour . The story format just kept me hooked. Congratulations for your wonderous contribution to us. And am filled with gratitude for having received it from you personally. Thanks so much, Warmest Regards, Monika Kaushik www.Monikakaushik.co.in kaushik.monika@gmail.com
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  • Identity: the distinguishing but consistent character or personality of an individual in constantly changing circumstances.Identity is a mental model of one’s self. It relates to an individual’s self image, self esteem, and uniqueness. It contributes to how that individual views one’s self as a person and how he or she stands in relation to others around him. The more assured and accepting a person is of one’s own self image, the more peaceful and stable one’s behavior and performance are in all aspects of life.
  • Pit Bulls & Entrepreneurs for the Truly Rich Club 032214

    1. 1. www.mandhyan.com Raju Mandhyan www.mandhyan.com
    2. 2. www.mandhyan.com
    3. 3. www.mandhyan.com a comparison… “As it is for the pit bulls, it is innate in human beings to want to work, to create, to be responsible, and to love and nurture the communities we
    4. 4. www.mandhyan.com
    5. 5. www.mandhyan.com Identity Authenticates Intentions… “Mike Asrani & Clint Eastwood.” “The value of knowing your Identity is that, often, tied in with it is your Purpose.”
    6. 6. www.mandhyan.com Identity Authenticates Intentions… • KnowYourself and refrain from being influenced by heady self talk. • Clarify yourValues, they are your anchor, your rudder in changing circumstances. • Practice being at Ease with yourself and refrain from being influenced by condemning talk by others.
    7. 7. www.mandhyan.com Introspections on Identity… 1. What exactly are my strengths and aspirations? 2. What differentiates me from the rest of the world? 3. How do I discipline myself to face long-term sacrifices and struggles?
    8. 8. www.mandhyan.com
    9. 9. www.mandhyan.com Intelligence Appreciates Systems… “Intelligence is not to make no mistakes, but quickly to see how to make them good.” “Anil Nathan & Korina Lopez / Network Marketing to Logistics.”
    10. 10. www.mandhyan.com Intelligence Appreciates Systems… • Acquire academic foundations and learn acumen from experience • Appreciate interconnections and relationships between economics, societal growth and ecology. • Empowers others and promote continuous learning and adaptation.
    11. 11. www.mandhyan.com Introspections on Intelligence… 1. What systems/plans will I follow to manage changing conditions? 2. How good will my feedback system be, how will make improvements quickly? 3. How will we maintain a tight and lean budget system?
    12. 12. www.mandhyan.com
    13. 13. www.mandhyan.com Imagination Creates Visions… “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Albert Einstein “ Horacio Barcelona & Camilla / Furniture, Coffee, Spa and Salon from P1M to USD 33M in 7Years”
    14. 14. www.mandhyan.com Imagination Creates Visions… • Acquire the ability to synergize and morph contrasting concepts. • Love to live with ambiguity. It is in the land of the unknown and unsafe • Listen respectfully to your inner voice for business. It represents the sum-total of all your senses and sensibilities.
    15. 15. www.mandhyan.com Introspections on Imagination… 1. Can I see a clear vision in my mind’s eye and describe it? 2. How do I score 1-10 when it comes to taking risks? How do I improve? 3. Score 1-10 when it comes to modelling others and learning continuously?What steps will I take to improve?
    16. 16. www.mandhyan.com
    17. 17. www.mandhyan.com Integrity Builds the Back-bone… “It's not what we; • gain but what we save makes us rich; • read but what we remember makes us learned; • profess but what we practice gives “ Mario and his Bike. Alfonso and his Partners.”
    18. 18. www.mandhyan.com Integrity Builds the Back-bone… • build your brand and image.Think of this not just as some kind of cosmic and karmic log, but more of an element of today‘s technology-driven interconnectedness. • come to terms with the fact that our priorities lie in nurturing people, caring for the planet, and then, lastly, focusing on profits.
    19. 19. www.mandhyan.com Introspections on Integrity… 1. Will my products and processes truly beneficial to society? 2. Will my business make a long-term difference to the world?
    20. 20. www.mandhyan.com
    21. 21. www.mandhyan.com Intention Actualizes Identity… “Emmanuel Dapidran, the Pan de salVendor from Bukidnon.” “Ignite ourselves towards our dreams such that people from far and wide will come
    22. 22. www.mandhyan.com Intention Actualizes Identity… • Be enthused. Make sure that the thing you want excites you to the bone again and again. • Let the want of success and excellence rage positively inside you. • Recognize that success and failure are two sides of an endeavor called “event.”
    23. 23. www.mandhyan.com Introspections on Intention 1. Do I feel this burning, raging desire, this true intention in my entire body? Describe it. 2. How will I feel after failure, how am I set to recover from it?
    24. 24. www.mandhyan.com
    25. 25. www.mandhyan.com a contrast… The difference between pit bulls & entrepreneurs? Sometimes, pit bulls can give up!
    26. 26. www.mandhyan.com
    27. 27. 3/22/2014www.mandhyan.com A World of Clear, Creative and Conscientious Thinkers! 28 Adios! From where you are, to where you want to go, The path is not too long but the way is deep. You cannot just walk there, you have to take a leap!