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Wisdom book

  1. 1. Accommodation ‐ TALLINN HOTELS 6 Automotive Parts Distributors ‐ ELREG DISTRIBUTORS 8 Beauty and Skin Care ‐ KAYA SKIN CLINIC 10 B2B Lead Generation ‐ THE ALEA GROUP 12 Building and Construction ‐ A‐1 FOUNDATION CRACK REPAIR 14 Casino, Racing & Entertainment ‐ MARDI GRAS CASINO & RACETRACK 16 Cleaning Services ‐ MAID IN CALIFORNIA 18 Day Care ‐ THE STORK’S NESC CHILD ACADEMY 20 Digital Marketing ‐ WSI MARKETING DIGITAL 65 Eco‐Newsletter Publication ‐ SMART2BGREEN 22 Eco Tourism ‐ EXTREME ECO ADVENTURE 81 Education ‐ MILTON KEYNES COLLEGE 24 Electrical Services ‐ B‐SAFE ELECTRIC 26 Electronics Manufacturing Services ‐ VICTRON INC 28 Entertainment ‐ HERCULANO’s COUNTRY BAR 30 Entertainment ‐ NEXT 31 Entertainment ‐ PRATI SAMBA 32 Events & Exhibitions ‐ THE WEIGHT LOSS SHOW 34 Fashion ‐ GREGORY 33 Fencing Contractor ‐ ALL AMERICAN FENCE CORP 36 Flower Shop ‐ LE LYS D’OR 38 Food and Beverage ‐ SUNSWEET 40 Health Care ‐ Dentist ‐ DREAM SMILE DENTAL 42 Health Care ‐ Assisted Living & Memory Care ‐ SPRING ARBOR 15 Human Resources ‐ Consulting ‐ HR SOLUTIONS, LLC 44 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  2. 2. Information Technology ‐ FOCUSIT, INC 46 Life Insurance ‐ POIRIER & ASSOCIATES 48 Local Milk Dairy ‐ EGGINGTON DAIRY 50 Luxury Coach Hire Services ‐ CBT COACHES 52 Manufacturer of Clocks, Bells and Carillons ‐ GILLETT & JOHNSTON 54 Manufacturing ‐ ONE TI 5 Non‐Profit ‐ MUSTARD SEED CANADA 56 Online Retail ‐ CRUGA LTD. 58 Private School ‐ CORNERSTONE MONTESSORI PREP SCHOOL 60 Professional Services ‐ Architects ‐ OTJ ARCHITECTS 43 Professional Services ‐ Digital Marketing Consulting ‐ HARTMUT CLASSEN 62 Professional Services ‐ Digital Marketing Consulting ‐ RALF KLENKE 63 Professional Services ‐ Digital Marketing Consulting ‐ WSI NET ADVANTAGE 64 Professional Services ‐ Digital Marketing Consulting ‐ WSI ONLINE ESTONIA 66 Professional Services ‐ Event Management ‐ BAHRAIN 11 67 Professional Services ‐ Home Inspector ‐ HURLBERT HOME INSPECTION 68 Professional Services ‐ Movers ‐ MARATHON MOVING 69 Professional Services ‐ Party & Events ‐ TALK OF THE TOWN 70 Professional Services ‐ Printing ‐ BLUE HILL PRESS 71 Professional Services ‐ Systems Consultancy – DISOFT 72 Professional Services ‐ Systems Consultancy ‐ SYMM 73 Real Estate ‐ ABBERLY GREEN APARTMENT HOMES 74 Real Estate ‐ AUSTON WOODS APARTMENT HOMES 75 Real Estate ‐ SAGE REALTY 76 Retail ‐ CASA 3 78 Retail ‐ CHAO DE BARRO 79 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  3. 3. Retail - Bakery - GOLDMAN’S KOSHER BAKERY 80 Retail - Dairy Products - PANDA CHEESE 82 Retail - Fireplaces, BBQs, Hot Tubes - THE FIREPLACE CENTER & PATIO SHOP 84 Shower Door and Window Installation - ABC GLASS & MIRROR 86 Solar Energy - DIABLO SOLAR SERVICES 88 Solar Energy - POCO SOLAR ENERGY INC. 90 Solicitors / Legal Services - STREETER MARSHALL 92 Telecommunications - MOBILE MARK 94 Training & Consulting - FIRST CONSULTING GROUP (FCG) 96 Transportation - VALUE LOGISTICS 98 Travel & Hospitality - Hotel - TALLINN HOTELS 100 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  4. 4. Retail ‐ Bakery ‐ GOLDMAN’S KOSHER BAKERY 80 Retail ‐ Fireplaces, BBQs, Hot Tubes ‐ THE FIREPLACE CENTER & PATIO SHOP 82 Shower Door and Window Installation ‐ ABC GLASS & MIRROR 84 Solar Energy ‐ DIABLO SOLAR SERVICES 86 Solar Energy ‐ POCO SOLAR ENERGY INC. 88 Solicitors / Legal Services ‐ STREETER MARSHALL 90 Telecommunications ‐ MOBILE MARK 92 Training & Consulting ‐ FIRST CONSULTING GROUP (FCG) 94 Transportation ‐ VALUE LOGISTICS 96 Travel & Hospitality ‐ Hotel ‐ TALLINN HOTELS 98 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  5. 5. A c mmo ain-T L I co dt o A L NN HOT L ES 4 A tmoieP rsD sr uo s-E R G DI T I UT S uo t v a t i i tr tb L E S R B OR 6 B a t a dS i C r -K Y S I C I C e uy n kn ae A A K N L NI 8 B B L a G n rt n-T 2 e d e eai o HEA E GR LA OUP 1 0 B i iga dC n tu t n-A 1 F ul n n o sr ci d o - OUNDA I T ON C A K R P I R C E AR 1 2 H at C r -A s tdLvn & Me r C r -S R NG A B e l ae s i e iig h s mo y ae P I R OR 1 3 C s o R c g& E tran n -MA DIGR S C S NO & R C T A K ai , ai n n netime t R A A I A ER C 1 4 Ce nn S ri s-MA D I C L F NI la ig evc e I N A I OR A 1 6 D yC r -T a ae HES OR ’ NE C C L A A MY T KS S HI D C DE 1 8 E o N ws t r u l ain-S R 2 GR E c - e l t P bi t ee c o MA T B E N 2 0 E u ain-MI T d ct o L ON K Y S C L GE E NE OL E 2 2 Ee ti l evc s-B S F E E T I lcr a S ri c e -A E L C R C 2 4 Ee to i Ma ua tr gS ri s-V C R lcr nc s n fcu i n evc e I T ON I NC 2 6 E e t & E hbt n -T v ns x iio s HEW E GHTL S S i I OS HOW 2 8 F n igC nrco -A LA R C N F NC C P ec n o ta tr L ME I A E E OR 3 0 Fo r h p-L L S D’ lwe S o E Y OR 3 2 F o a dB v rg -S o d n e ea e UNS E T W E 3 4 H at C r -D ni -DR A S L DE A e l ae h ett s E M MI E NT L 3 6 Poe s n l evc s-A c i cs-OT A C T C S r fs i a S ri o e rht t e J R HI E T 3 7 H ma R s u c s-C n ut g-HR S UT ONS L C u n e o re o s ln i OL I ,L 3 8 I fr t nT c n lg -F US T I no mai e h oo y OC I , NC o 4 0 Lf I s rn e-P R E & A S I T S i n ua c e OI I R S OC A E 4 2 L c l l D i -E o a Mi ar k y GGI NGT ON DA R IY 4 4 L x r C a hHr S ri s-C TC C S u u y o c i evc e e B OA HE 4 6 Ma ua trr f lc s B l a dC rln -GI L T & J n fcu e o Co k , el n aio s s l LE T OHNS ON T 4 8 N n Poi-MUS A D S E C NA o - rf t T R E D A DA 5 0
  6. 6. O l eR ti-C UGA L D. ni n eal R T 5 2 PiaeS h o -C NE S ONEMONT S OR P E S HOOL r t c o l OR R T v ES I R P C 5 4 Poe s n l evc s-D gtl reigC n ut g-HA T r fs i a S ri o e ii Mak t a n o s ln i R MUTC A S N L S E 5 6 Poe s n l evc s-D gtl reigC n ut g-R L K E E r fs i a S ri o e ii Mak t a n o s ln i A F L NK 5 7 Poe s n l evc s-D gtl reigC n ut g-W S NE A A A r fs i a S ri o e ii Mak t a n o s ln i I T DV NT GE 5 8 Poe s n l evc s-D gtl reigC n ut g-W S ONL NEE T r fs i a S ri o e ii Mak t a n o s ln i I I S ONI A 5 9 Poe s n l evc s-E e t n g me t B HR I 1 r fs i a S ri o e v n Ma a e n - A A N 1 6 0 Poe s n l evc s-H meI s e tr HUR B R HOMEI P C I r fs i a S ri o e o n p co LE T NS E T ON 6 1 Poe s n l evc s-Mo es- MA A HON MOV NG r fs i a S ri o e vr R T I 6 2 Poe s n l evc s-P ry& E e t -T L OFT r fs i a S ri o e at v ns A K HET OW N 6 3 Poe s n l evc s-Pit g-B UEHI LP E S r fs i a S ri o e r i nn L L R S 6 4 R a E tt -A B R Y GR E A A T NTHOME e l sae B E L E N P R ME S 6 5 R a E tt -A T e l sae US ON W OODS A A T NTHOME P R ME S 6 6 R ti-B k r -GOL eal a ey DMA S K HE B K R N’ OS R A E Y 6 7 R a E tt -S GER A T e l sae A E LY 6 8 R ti-Frpa e , B s H t u e -T eal i lc s B Q , o T b s HEF R P A EC NT R & P T O S e IE L C E E A I HOP 7 0 S o r o r n Wid w I salt n-A C GL S & MI R h we D o a d n o n tl i ao B A S R OR 7 2 S lr n r y-DI B O S A S R I E oa E eg A L OL R E V C S 7 4 S lr n r y-P O S A E R oa E eg OC OL R NE GY I . NC 7 6 S l i r /L g l evc s-S R E E MA S L oi t s e a S ri co e T ETR R HA L 7 8 T lc mmu i t n -MOB L MA K ee o nc i s ao IE R 8 0 Tann & C n ut g-F R TC riig o s ln i I S ONS T NG GR UL I OUP ( C F G) 8 2 Ta s o tt n-V L L rn p rai o A UE OGI T C S IS 8 4 Ta e & H s i ly-H tl T L I rv l o pt i at oe - A L NN HOT L ES 8 6
  7. 7. S o r o r n Wid w I salt n-A C GL S & MI R h we D o a d n o n tl i ao B A S R OR 8 2 S lr n r y-DI B O S A S R I E oa E eg A L OL R E V C S 8 4 S lr n r y-P O S A E R oa E eg OC OL R NE GY I . NC 8 6 S l i r /L g l evc s-S R E E MA S L oi t s e a S ri co e T ETR R HA L 8 8 S se C n utn y-DI OF y tms o s l c a S T 9 0 S se C n utn y-S MM y tms o s l c a Y 9 1 T lc mmu i t n -MOB L MA K ee o nc i s ao IE R 9 2 Tann & C n ut g-F R TC riig o s ln i I S ONS T NG GR UL I OUP ( C F G) 9 4 Ta s o tt n-V L L rn p rai o A UE OGI T C S IS 9 6 Ta e & H s i ly-H tl T L I rv l o pt i at oe - A L NN HOT L ES 9 8
  8. 8. TALLINN HOTELS (ALDERA HOTEL LTD) Accommodation www.tallinnhotels.ee TESTIMONIAL “After few meetings with WSI, we felt that this is the right company to work with – now considering the new website we admit that the choice was right! They are helpful and respond quickly to our concerns. All questions have been answered. We already see how successful our cooperation has been. Within the first months of our website being online and after our monthly meetings with WSI, we have seen how the most important numbers have been doubled. I am very satisfied we chose WSI”. Alver Pupart Sales and Marketing Director TallinnHotels / Aldera Hotell OÜ Back to Table of Contents Page 46 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  9. 9. Goals and Challenges: Before working with WSI, the client had an outdated website design and a poor Internet marketing strategy. They were not satisfied with their website statistics: bounce rate 67%, average time on site only 1:24 and only 2 pages seen per visit. As their main source of leads and bookings comes online and their budget for this is quite high, they realized that they were wasting money and asked WSI to help them. TallinnHotels operates 4 hotels with different price range. One of the project goals was to make it easier for clients to find the best hotel for them. The objective of this project was to re-design the brand for TallinnHotels, starting from the website and end with business cards. We also wanted to create a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and integrate social media to marketing plan and get more bookings online. The Solution: WSI designed and created a new website for the company focused on Conversion Architecture and integrated it with social media. The website features: online booking functionality, contact form, phone booking, email booking and social media connections. In addition, we added an online support feature allowing the hotel staff to help their clients book the right room. To make it easier for clients to decide which hotel room to book, we integrated a 360degree view feature within this site. The site is in 4 languages: English, Estonian, Russian and Finnish. TallinnHotels’ Facebook and Twitter pages were designed following the website style. Also new email templates and email footers were designed. To make it complete, we designed new business cards as well. WSI is doing SEO and running PPC campaigns in 5 countries and helping them with email marketing. The Results: The hotel is very happy with WSI’s solution and the results we have produced. They like the new look of the website and other marketing materials as well as the social media pages.  They appear on the first page of Google for the main keyword phrases “Tallinn Hotels” and “Tallinn Hotel”  Total visits increased from 4000 to 5000  Website bounce rate dropped from 67% to 45%  Average time on site increased from 1:24 to 2:26  Pages per visit increased from 2.0 to 3.5 WSI Consultant: ARMIN TULL Hajumaa, Estonia www.wsionline.ee Page 47 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  10. 10. ELREG DISTRIBUTORS Automotive Parts Distributors www.elreg.com Back to Table of Contents Page 58 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  11. 11. Goals and Challenges: Elreg Distributors’ previous website was outdated and ineffective. They wanted to redesign their site with an engine that could allow visitors to search through a database of over 1,000 products, select the products they are interested in and add them to a dynamic quotation submission shopping cart. They also required site traffic generation via Internet marketing. WSI’s approach was to apply Conversion Architecture to their web solution and persuade visitors to submit quote requests online. We also planned to utilize Internet marketing to drive the right people to their new site. The Solution: WSI provided Elreg Distributors with a professional website design and development. We modified the eCommerce system to allow for product selection and quotation request submissions to take place. Once the site was launched, WSI initiated pay-per-click (PPC) and email marketing campaigns. Later on, WSI implemented search engine optimization (SEO) services for the client to drive even more traffic to the site. The website has become a significant revenue source with each month’s sales from website inquiries exceeding the previous months’. Since implementing their search engine optimization strategy, their visitor traffic has more than tripled and now there are thousands of unique visitors each month. TESTIMONIAL “WSI listened and responded instantaneously to recommendations that were made along the way. They continually presented innovative ideas to make the site more effective. They also presented ways to optimize and make our site more effective by ensuring potential clients were finding us. WSI continually tweaks our site, develops landing pages and looks for ways to ensure we are increasing our sales. It’s like having another sales agent working for you – actually better". Joe Zundl President Elreg Distributors The Results: As a result of WSI’s services, Elreg Distributers went from an almost non-existent web presence to receiving an average of 8-10 new leads or sales opportunities each day. Traditionally, the company only distributed throughout North America, but now gains clients from all over the world as a result of WSI’s search engine marketing. WSI Consultants: JASON & DENISE GERVAIS Ontario, Canada www.yourwsiadvantage.com Page 59 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  12. 12. KAYA SKIN CLINIC Beauty and Skin Care www.lp.kayaskinclinic.me/lps TESTIMONIAL “WSI has spearheaded Kaya Skin Clinic’s entry to the online platform. They have a good understanding of consumer online behavior and are up-to-date with the latest trends and incorporate those well into the strategy for our brand. Our online awareness scores according to a brand tracker have doubled since WSI has come onboard”. Samir Srivastav Business Head MENA Kaya Skin Clinic Back to Table of Contents Page 1 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  13. 13. Goals and Challenges: Kaya Skin Clinic wanted to reach a targeted audience through their web presence. They wanted to promote their clinic online, generate more leads and achieve a better return on investment (ROI). WSI’s objective for the client was to achieve the following goals:  Launch a professionally designed and executed online marketing strategy  Generate leads from targeted search advertising and banner campaigns  Increase customer engagement with a strong social media strategy The Solution: The solution that WSI implemented included the following Internet marketing services:  Conversion Architecture  Search engine marketing (SEO and PPC in English and Arabic)  Social media (policy development, optimizing and tracking social profiles)  Online directory submissions  Content marketing (blog writing, publishing, reviews and posting)  Online banner advertising  Monitoring and tracking effectiveness The Results: Since launching this campaign, Kaya Skin Clinic has achieved the following results: • BEFORE: Through campaigns that ran prior to WSI’s involvement, the client generated approximately 2,400 leads within one year • AFTER: Within the first 3 months, WSI generated nearly 2,000 leads When matching the media budget for comparative purposes, the results for the equivalent activities for the sample campaign are as below:  WSI’s campaign generated 2 times more impressions and most importantly, 2.5 times more leads  Independent research by a global market research company (TNS) has shown that even after the first month of the online campaign launched by WSI, online medium as a source of brand awareness (recognition) by the target audience has increased by 2 times The client was unhappy with their former Internet marketing partner because they paid a lot of money and didn’t get their expected results. However, with WSI they are very satisfied with their current campaigns and happy with the cost-effective services that WSI offers them. WSI Consultant: HUSAM JANDAL Dubai, UAE www.ezwsinet.com • Generated nearly the same amount of leads in the first 3 months as what their previous agencies achieved within a year! Page 33 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  14. 14. THE ALEA GROUP B2B Lead Generation www.thealeagroup.com Back to Table of Contents Page 12 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  15. 15. Goals and Challenges: The ALEA Group had no Internet marketing strategy before working with WSI. The company was only found online for keywords related specifically to their company name. WSI’s objectives were to improve the company’s visibility on the search engines for industry-related keywords, showcase their president as a thought leader as well as generate leads online. The Solution: WSI created a content marketing blueprint for the company. In addition, we conducted initial keyword research, compiled a competitor report, optimized some pages on the company’s existing website and began a monthly search engine optimization (SEO) campaign focused on article marketing and link building. We also re-designed the company’s blog, optimized the WordPress plug-ins and published content for the blog, which the company provides, on a regular basis. As a result, traffic to their site has increased drastically as well. Between September and December 2010, website traffic increased 89% over the traffic received between May and August 2010. TESTIMONIAL “We engaged with WSI 3 months ago to help with ALEA's SEO ranking on Google. WSI presented a plan and delivered on the plan. We are now on page 1 of Google when you type ‘lead generation’. WSI made the process painless and seamless. It is like watching someone who is in complete control of their craft at work. I have no hesitation recommending WSI for any web-related project”. Louis Foong President The ALEA Group The Results: The ALEA Group’s website is now being found on the search engines for industry-related keywords in a very competitive area. The keywords that the site has been optimized for include: “B2B lead generation”, “lead generation” and “appointment setting service”. This is a highly competitive industry and the company is very happy that they are now visible in the search engines for keywords related to their industry. WSI Consultant: LIANA LING Ontario, Canada www.wsiwebconnects.com Page 13 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  16. 16. mo i st bl i e e
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  18. 18. MARDI GRAS CASINO & RACETRACK Casino, Racing and Entertainment www.playmardigras.com www.mardigrascasinowv.com TESTIMONIAL “We knew we had to launch an aggressive Internet marketing program to be competitive in our market, but we could never get any real traction until WSI arrived. WSI brings tremendous value to Mardi Gras Gaming because they worked hard to understand the essence of our positioning and focused on our most important revenue streams. WSI has integrated our core business and offline efforts into an effective online campaign. Their SEO program in particular has had a dramatic impact on our business". Cathy Reside C.O.O. Mardi Gras Gaming Back to Table of Contents Page 18 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  19. 19. Goals and Challenges: Before working with WSI, Mardi Gras Casino and Racetrack in Florida, USA was not ranking on the first page of Google in the very competitive gaming and entertainment market of South Florida. At the time, they had modest traffic to their 40-page site that was built without Conversion Architecture and inadequate search engine optimization (SEO). They were not running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, conducted very little social media marketing and did not have a blog. Mardi Gras Casino and Racetrack in West Virginia, USA opened a brand new hotel in the summer of 2010. WSI was assigned the task of generating reservation requests as well as raising overall awareness of the property. The Solution: For Mardi Gras Florida, WSI created an entirely brand new 100+ page site as part of a comprehensive online marketing program. We developed a creative concept that provided powerful Conversion Architecture to the site focusing on their key profit centers. We wrote 100 pages of original keyword-rich content and continue to make daily content updates to the site. Since the launch of the site, WSI began managing all of their social media marketing including: creating new Facebook and Twitter pages, posting to them on a daily basis, developing exclusive Facebook and Twitter promotions and running Facebook ads. We also manage an ongoing PPC campaign, a link building program as well as write, optimize and distribute content on their blog weekly. For Mardi Gras West Virginia, we launched a pilot PPC campaign to generate phone call reservations for their new hotel The Results: In less than 6 months, Mardi Gras Casino in Florida has gone from barely appearing on the first pages of search results to appearing on page 1 for over 50 search terms. In many cases, they dominant the first page appearing multiple times with results from the site, blog and video channels. The volume of site traffic during this initial 6-month period has increased over 300%. At the Mardi Gras West Virginia hotel, our PPC campaign was just as successful. Our conversion goal is to generate phone call requests for reservations. In the first 4 months of the PPC campaign, we have generated an average of 122 calls per week at a cost of $2.38 per call. These results have provided an outstanding ROI for the hotel. They expanded the budget for PPC for 2011. We will also be launching a comprehensive integrated online marketing program for the West Virginia property including a new 100+ page site. WSI Consultant: PETER V. DECRESCENZO Florida, USA www.wsi-onlinesolutions.com Page 19 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  20. 20. MAID IN CALIFORNIA Cleaning Services www.maidincalifornia.com Back to Table of Contents Page 60 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  21. 21. Goals and Challenges: The client tried running pay-per-click (PPC) programs on their own and with the help of other companies but never achieved a return on investment. They had virtually no traffic and no business from their website. The Solution: WSI developed a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy that drove targeted traffic to www.MaidInCalifornia.com. We quickly found the highest performing keywords were actually a combination of a few generic “heavy hitters” that drew a lot of traffic, and a high volume of individual geo-targeted keywords that only drew one or two visitors each month. These two strategies were combined to produce as much qualified traffic as the client can handle. The Results: As a result of the campaign, the client increased their business so quickly they had to hire 2 additional people! WSI is delivering many leads at half the price they were paying when they did it themselves. The following statistics are purely a result of the campaigns WSI is running (does not include any incidental contact points). Between February 17, 2008 – January 10, 2011, we achieved the following:  Impressions: 1,065,147  Visits: 8,475  Phone calls (recorded): 1,923  Emails: 142  Web events: 5,176  Average visits per week: 61.1  Average spend per week: $190.03  Average cost per visit: $3.11 The vast majority of these contact points resulted in a sale. Since housekeeping is a recurring service, there is a lifetime value to most of these sales. TESTIMONIAL “I am so sorry we didn’t start working with WSI years ago. We can’t believe what a difference it made once WSI took over our website and search engine marketing. You have completely changed our business for the better. Our main house keeping campaign is really cleaning up (pardon the pun). Not only that, we are spending half what we used to spend! These numbers are staggering for us. I can’t express how much WSI helped my business". Deborah A. Kerr Maid in California WSI Consultant: CHUCK BANKOFF California, USA www.wsieworks.com Page 61 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  22. 22. THE STORK’S NEST CHILD ACADEMY Day Care www.storksnestchild.com Back to Table of Contents Page 4 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  23. 23. Goals and Challenges: Stork’s Nest was advertising through traditional methods of Yellow Pages, radio and local newspaper ads. Their original website was 100% Flash and not recognized by the search engines. Due to the downturn in the market, enrollments were dipping. They needed a measurable way to attract new visitors to the school for enrollment. The Solution: WSI’s solution for The Stork’s Nest Child Academy was to build a new website using the WSI eFusion platform. WSI also optimized the website for local place search in the spring of 2009. Afterwards, WSI initiated a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign using the callto-action of “free initial registration worth $75”. For existing families, they were able to access easily downloadable calendars. The Results: WSI’s solution for Stork’s Nest provided the day care with a steady stream of leads coming from the website with workflows and requests for tours sent to specified locations. They immediately experienced a dramatic increase in leads and new enrollments to the school. WSI also used email marketing to follow up with prospective families that did not enroll but showed interest. This way, those leads were not forgotten but were nurtured for potential future enrollments. Rhode Island”, “Daycare East Greenwich, Daycare Warwick”, “Daycare Smithfield”. Since starting the project, there have been over 150 leads with approximately 50 new enrollments both full-time and part-time. TESTIMONIAL “In a tough economy, we were hesitant to take on another expense for advertising, but WSI helped us to see that website marketing was a necessity in today's market. They were right! Our business has really blossomed and it is through the referrals that came through our website! We are truly grateful to work with such talented people and a company as fantastic as WSI. The return on investment (ROI) was astounding to me and it is all through WSI's commitment to our site that this was possible!” Michele Stevenin Vice President The Stork’s Nest Child Academy WSI Consultant: SCOTT WASSERMAN Rhode Island, USA www.wsiwikipro.com From a search engine perspective, the website ranked page one for the following keywords: “Daycare Rhode Island”, “Day Care Page 5 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  24. 24. WSI MARKETING DIGITAL INDUSTRY: Digital Marketing LOCATION: São Paulo, BRAZIL Fb.com/wsimarketingdigital OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED: SMO – Facebook Fan Page Online Objectives:  Improve the Visibility and number of  usesr on the Facebook Page, improve  the impact of the actions. WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz Copyright ©2011 by RAM Back to Table of Contents 
  25. 25. WSI MARKETING DIGITAL INDUSTRY: Digital Marketing LOCATION: São Paulo, BRAZIL Fb.com/wsimarketingdigital OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED: SMO – Facebook Fan Page Online Objectives:  Improve the Visibility and number of  usesr on the Facebook Page, improve  the impact of the actions. WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz Copyright ©2011 by RAM Back to Table of Contents 
  26. 26. WSI MARKETING DIGITAL INDUSTRY: Digital Marketing LOCATION: São Paulo, BRAZIL Fb.com/wsimarketingdigital OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED: SMO – Facebook Fan Page Online Objectives:  Improve the Visibility and number of  usesr on the Facebook Page, improve  the impact of the actions. WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz Copyright ©2011 by RAM Back to Table of Contents 
  27. 27. WSI MARKETING DIGITAL INDUSTRY: Digital Marketing LOCATION: São Paulo, BRAZIL Fb.com/wsimarketingdigital OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED: SMO – Facebook Fan Page Online Objectives:  Improve the Visibility and number of  usesr on the Facebook Page, improve  the impact of the actions. WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz Copyright ©2011 by RAM Back to Table of Contents 
  28. 28. SMART2BEGREEN Eco-Newsletter Publication www.smart2begreen.com Back to Table of Contents Page 64 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  29. 29. Goals and Challenges: Smart2BeGreen needed exposure, qualified visitors to their website and new subscribers to ensure success for their Internet business. Also, Smart2BeGreen.com did not rank in search engine results for their top target keywords.  Over 1200 keyword phrases are converted to website visits  More than 450 different sources deliver traffic to the website  Over 4000 followers/friends/connections on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo  Videos are viewed by several thousand visitors on YouTube The Solution: WSI implemented a comprehensive, multiphase Internet marketing campaign for Smart2BeGreen that included using Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition, we also:  Added keyword-rich content to every page of their website  Implemented social bookmarking and link building strategies  Built a social networking presence on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn  Automated updates for new content distribution  Conducted a link building campaign for inbound links from other websites TESTIMONIAL “WSI’s keyword research, competitive analysis, search engine optimization and social media marketing helped our website rocket in the ranks of the search engines. Our business has grown as a direct result of WSI’s solutions". Bill Gueringer President and CEO Smart2BeGreen.com The Results: The impact of WSI’s Internet marketing solution after the first 6 months is staggering:  Increased visitors to Smart2BeGreen website by 900%  Listed on the first 3 pages of search engine results for more than 780 targeted keywords  1st page listing in Google search results for top 10 keywords WSI Consultant: GREGG TOWSLEY California, USA www.wsiqualitysolutions.com Page 65 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  30. 30. MILTON KEYNES COLLEGE Education www.mkcollege.ac.uk TESTIMONIAL “Facebook advertising was a new venture for the college, so it was great to have the expertise of WSI on hand to guide us through it. The campaign was well-managed and produced excellent results, doubling the amount of fans in the first week alone. WSI integrated all of our social media, which ensured that we delivered a consistent and cohesive message across all marketing platforms”. Back to Table of Contents Page 56 Copyright ©2011 by RAM Emma Thompson Digital & Online Marketing Executive Milton Keynes College
  31. 31. Goals and Challenges: Milton Keynes College is a well-known college within the UK providing school leavers with 317 part-time and full-time courses and diplomas. The marketing department is very experienced and the website receives over 25,000 visitors on average per month. However, they had only recently started experimenting with social media and were looking for a consultant to assist. WSI’s goal was to help the college raise brand awareness amongst 16-19 year olds within a 20-mile radius of the city of Milton Keynes. In addition, we wanted to generate increased course bookings through a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, which was solely targeting competitor college search phrases. The Solution: WSI launched a social media brand awareness campaign, including a secondary pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. WSI was responsible for developing the project, creating the content, setting up the platforms and managing the daily updates. The project was set as a 3month brand awareness campaign using the following mediums:  PPC advertising and landing page design  Facebook advertising and landing page  Facebook Fan Page  WordPress blog  YouTube videos We created a landing page that would target users searching for competitor colleges and universities and drive the traffic to that landing page with a focus on signing up for courses with Milton Keynes College. We would also link them to the Facebook campaign. The Facebook campaign involved driving traffic to a Fan Page offering weekly contests and prizes while providing daily updates and interesting content. A WordPress blog was launched and used to feed interesting and relevant content to the Facebook page. In addition, YouTube videos featuring current students were fed into the Fan Page. The Results: Over 8 weeks of targeting a 20-mile radius around Milton Keynes:  500 fans joined the Fan Page  30 video views per day  4-8 interactions per post  464 Facebook page views per day  Competitor PPC campaign generates 3090 website visits  202 phone call enquiries and 21 booked courses to date WSI Consultant: BRIAN AND DALE HOLROYD Bedfordshire, UK www.wsimarketing.com/bholroyd WSI targeted competitor universities and colleges within a 20-mile radius of Milton Keynes College. Page 57 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  32. 32. PRATI SAMBA INDUSTRY: Entertainment LOCATION: São Bernardo, BRAZIL fb.com/Grupopratisamba OTHER SERVICESPROVIDED: SMO-Fan Page Online Objectives: Improve the Visibility and number of users on the Facebook Page, improve the impact of the actions. WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  33. 33. HERCULANO’s COUNTRY BAR INDUSTRY: Entertainment LOCATION: São Bernardo, BRAZIL facebook.com/Herculanos OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED: SMO-Fan Page Online Objectives: Improve the Visibility and number of users on the Facebook Page, improve the impact of the actions. WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  34. 34. NEXT INDUSTRY: Entertainment LOCATION: Sao Paulo, BRAZIL Fbook.com/nextpromocoes OTHER SERVICESPROVIDED: SMO Online Objectives: Improve the Visibility and number of users on the Facebook Page, improve the impact of the actions. WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  35. 35. B-SAFE ELECTRIC Electrical Services www.b-safeelectric.ca Back to Table of Contents Page 40 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  36. 36. Goals and Challenges: Before working with WSI, B-Safe used to have a basic website for several years, which did not produce results for them. When B-Safe started working with WSI, our goals for the new site were to:  Create a professional looking site that reflected the company’s brand and image  Achieve higher Google rankings for relevant keywords  Generate more leads and a better conversion rate The Solution: WSI’s solution was to start with a small website (10 pages) for B-Safe. We optimized that site for local search focusing on Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Our overall campaign included: search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, Google local listings and copywriting. The Results: As a result of working with WSI, B-Safe now has a professional looking website that is constantly being updated. The site is visited by hundreds of visitors that find the website using dozens of relevant keywords related to the company and its industry. B-Safe is now generating around $50,000 from new businesses every month. To evaluate and continually enhance our results, WSI measures the following:  Basic metrics: number of visitors, time each visitor spends on the site, number of pages visited, bounce rates, etc.  Other metrics: geographic area of visitors, sources of traffic, keywords that generate traffic, names of the companies who are finding the B-Safe Electric website TESTIMONIAL "We have had a website for many years and the site was not doing much for my business. In February 2009, WSI started managing my website. They meet with us on a regular basis and contunously adjust it. My website is now updated and keeps growing. But the neat thing is that now B-Safe is at the top of Google for relevant searches, which have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in business with customers that I otherwise would have never met". Brian Scheele Master Electrician B-Safe Electric WSI Consultant: VICTOR CASTELLANOS Ontario, Canada www.wsileadgenerator.com Page 41 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  37. 37. GREGORY INDUSTRY: Fashion LOCATION: Sao Paulo, BRAZIL URL: facebook.com/mundogregory Online Objectives: Increase brand awareness and qualified website traffic by promoting the brand and its products on Facebook (FB Ads and content strategy). Increase fan interaction by developing online promotions. WSI Consultant: Waldemar Antonaccio Jr & Rubens Kim Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  38. 38. GREGORY INDUSTRY: Fashion LOCATION: Sao Paulo, BRAZIL URL:  facebook.com/mundogregory Online Objectives:  Increase brand awareness and  qualified website traffic by  promoting  the brand and its products on  Facebook (FB Ads and content  strategy). Increase fan interaction by  developing online promotions. WSI Consultant: Waldemar  Antonaccio Jr & Rubens Kim Back to Table of Contents  Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  39. 39. VICTRON INC. Electronics Manufacturing Services www.victron.com Back to Table of Contents Page 50 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  40. 40. Goals and Challenges: Victron’s old site was not representative of their status and reputation. It was built years ago, rarely maintained and looked very old and simple. The company was embarrassed to show it to their clients. Also, they were not showing up on any searches even when their name was entered. Instead, other companies with the same name showed up. Victron wanted to have a more modern and professional looking site that they would be proud to show to their clients. They also wanted to be found when people search for their industry in the major search engines. The Solution: This is an ongoing project. WSI designed a new professional looking website for Victron. Shortly after, WSI started a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for 20+ key phrases related to the company’s industry. In addition, a content marketing strategy was implemented to keep the company blog updated with fresh, relevant content on a regular basis. The Results: The new site is professional looking and reflects the company’s image very well. WSI updates it regularly with new information that employees are proud to show. The website was built using the WSI Business Edge platform, which makes site maintenance very easy. The website is constantly being updated with new press releases and content keeping the site interesting and fresh. The site is now ranking at the top of major search engines for many of the targeted key phrases, contributing significantly to traffic and exposure. Most importantly, the company has reached global prospects due to WSI’s Internet marketing strategy applied to their business. TESTIMONIAL “I would like to provide a very positive recommendation regarding WSI. WSI’s efforts, consultations and advice has produced results that were quite surprising to us. WSI’s efforts have translated to increased business opportunities for our company. Personally, I’ve valued WSI’s collaborative/consultative style as well as their firm understanding of the channels across the Internet and commitment to offering practical, effective ideas for us to pursue. Thank you WSI!” Craig Miller Director, Business Development Victron Inc. WSI Consultant: JASON YI California, USA www.ezwsiweb.com Page 51 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  41. 41. THE WEIGHT LOSS SHOW Events & Exhibitions www.weightlossshow.ae TESTIMONIAL "There would have not been any other way to expand awareness on the Weight Loss Show to so many people as we managed to do through WSI’s Internet marketing services. We at Linkviva Events appreciate WSI’s team for their expertise, advice and professionalism in customizing an Internet marketing campaign that was absolutely suited to our business and generated not only huge interest for our business online but also visitors walking to our event!” Back to Table of Contents Page 6 Copyright ©2011 by RAM Niousha Ehsan Business Development Manager, Linkviva Events
  42. 42. Goals and Challenges: The Results: Prior to working with WSI, the client had challenges reaching anEnglish and Arabicspeaking target group interested in the topic of weight loss. They were running campaigns within a short period of time and seeing very little results. WSI’s objectives were to: By targeting the campaigns, WSI helped the client achieve 560 registrants for the event within 3 weeks specifically through WSI’s efforts. In addition, 12,352 visitors came to the site in only one month and more than 1,500 local leads registered online.  Gain exposure  Leverage call-to-actions  Increase conversions  Capture information  Target specific segments The Solution: The client is extremely happy with the campaign and how targeted and effective it was. The campaign has achieved enormous results and value for money that traditional promotional activities could not deliver before. This in turn has resulted in impressive footfall at the event, which pleased both the organizers and exhibitors. WSI’s advanced digital marketing strategy for the Weight Loss Show included:  Web presence (Conversion Architecture)  Brand building (online banners)  Database building (registration form)  Lead nurturing (email marketing)  Ongoing review (testing and enhancing) The solution that WSI implemented for the client included a great deal of creative design for the website and several banners that the company used to advertise its events. A professional website was built for informational purposes and acted as the uniting tool for all other marketing activities. A separate landing page was built in Arabic for those who clicked on the banner ads, which had Conversion Architecture elements. WSI used a top-notch email marketing and database system for the client and provided regular reports on the results of each campaign. WSI Consultant: HUSAM JANDAL Dubai, UAE www.ezwsinet.com Page 7 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  43. 43. ALL AMERICAN FENCE CORP Fencing Contractor www.allamericanfencecorp.com Back to Table of Contents Page 8 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  44. 44. Goals and Challenges: It became very clear to All American Fence that customers are more and more relying on the Internet to find contractors and not as much on the Yellow Pages. They began to realize they needed to focus more on the Internet for their marketing, so they decided to sign up for WSI’s digital marketing system. WSI’s objectives were to:  Increase the company’s web presence and generate leads  Start PPC to generate immediate leads  Start SEO for a long-term Internet presence and to be found on major search engines above their competition The Solution: WSI’s solution involved: website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). We replaced their old website with a new design and a new content management system (CMS). The website is now ranking at the top of Google’s page one listing for all of their originally targeted keywords. WSI plans to add additional keywords to expand geographic coverage.  Website traffic has more than doubled because of WSI’s Internet marketing  Monthly visitors have increased from 1,600 in Sept 2009 to 4,000 in Aug 2010  Almost all of the client’s targeted keywords are now ranking in the top 5 positions on Google, Yahoo! and Bing  Back in Sept 2009, most of the keywords were not even in the top 100 across all 3 search engines TESTIMONIAL “Through WSI’s customized SEO and PPC marketing system, we have been able to jump to the front page of major search engines. WSI has always been very knowledgeable, thorough, prompt and dependable. The WSI team is always accessible and able to answer any questions we may have right away. We would recommend WSI to any business that is looking to expand and develop their marketing online”. Kim Myers Owner All American Fence Corporation The Results: As a result of working with WSI, All American Fence Corp is now being found on the first page of the major search engines. Traffic to the site has increased significantly in the past 12 month. WSI measured the results using ranking reports, web analytics reports and pay-per-click reports. WSI Consultant: JASON YI California, USA www.ezwsiweb.com Page 9 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  45. 45. LE LYS D’OR Flower Shop www.lysdorfleuriste.be TESTIMONIAL “Since you convinced us to have our own website, we regained confidence in the viability of our business. Thanks to WSI, we understood how to overcome our geographical obstacle. Now we are eager to launch our new ecommerce website. For sure, not only our existing customers will benefit from this easy way of ordering, but we will be able to serve more new customers. We can’t finish this testimonial without talking about your constant availability, your easy listening attitude and your search for new ideas for our business. You are constantly thinking of our business like it was yours. As a consequence we really feel today you are part of Le Lys d’Or”. Back to Table of Contents Page 66 Copyright ©2011 by RAM Marc & Jacqueline Delens Le Lys d’Or
  46. 46. Goals and Challenges: Several new flower shops had emerged and one in particular opened up in a big mall at a strategic location. Le Lys d’Or’s income figures were showing a 10 to 15% decrease over the last 12 months and the flower shop was bound to close down if nothing was done quickly. The Solution: Through a WSI Internet Business Analysis (IBA), we uncovered all aspects of the problem at hand. We then discussed in detail the target groups within which to implement a persuasion-driven solution. It was obvious for budget reasons that pay-per-click (PPC) could not to be proposed at this stage and we focused on search engine optimization (SEO):  Online: We worked on the title and description metatags, alt tags, H1 and content as well as designed a Google Maps page  Offline: We subscribed to Google Maps, worked on a strategy of carefully selected back links, always keeping in mind the importance of using key phrases in the anchor text  We also provided guidance on the newsletter and the news/promo feature in order to optimize the use of key phrases The Results: In a very short period of time after working with WSI, the flower shop could see listings for Lys d’Or in top positions on Google search for local phrases like “Fleuriste local areas”. In less than 3 months, the same phrase would also feature the Le Lys d’Or website in first place on Google. Relevant keywords like “Conseil fleuriste”, “fleuriste creative”, Arrivages de fleurs” were all in first page rankings. Lys d’Or was in second place via affiliated page for marriage events. Lys d’Or was in first place on Google Belgium pages. The number of marriages and funerals they had to work on was up by 20%. The number of direct orders through the website was reaching +/- 5 per week although the order form was not on secured pages. The overall TO is probably going to reach a 20% increase for the fiscal year which, if the previous trend is taken into account, could be assumed to be about 30% higher than what would occurred without WSI’s efforts. WSI Consultant: DOMINIQUE DECOSTER Brabant Wallon, Belgium www.wsibusinessbooster.be Page 67 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  47. 47. SUNSWEET Food and Beverage www.sunsweet.it www.facebook.com/sunsweetones Back to Table of Contents Page 42 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  48. 48. Goals and Challenges: The Results: Prior to working with WSI, Sunsweet’s primary marketing focus in Europe was traditional advertising channels, primarily TV. Our challenge was to devise an Internet marketing initiative that integrated well with Sunsweet’s traditional TV advertising campaign. Below is a summary of the results: The Solution: Collaborating with our WSI colleagues in Italy, we launched a new website dedicated to the Italian market and ran successful search engine marketing campaigns. Some of the elements included search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search campaigns with a focus on building targeted traffic and ultimately a customer loyalty program enabling the client to engage in an email marketing initiative with existing and prospective customers. In collaboration with Sunsweet’s marketing team, WSI also ran an online video contest over a 6-week period. The online campaign ran in conjunction with an offline TV ad campaign and was heavily promoted on product packaging that hit the stores prior to the launch of the online campaign.  16,770 visits and 9,976 unique visits  59.17% new visits  80,662 page views (total)  33,651 video views  3,745 email subscriptions  Conversion rate of 37.5% TESTIMONIAL “WSI has consistently proven to be a highly professional and reliable supplier. Their work is always of a high calibre and executed in a timely manner. WSI wants to go the extra mile, wants to find the best way to do things. They are creative and are endlessly resourceful both in terms of design and ideas for online activities. They have a genuine concern to deliver value for money, and have a relentless attention to detail”. Amanda Bishop Marketing Director Sunsweet Europe Below are the elements that we developed and executed for the Sunsweet campaign:  Development: website, landing page, Facebook Fan page and YouTube channel  Marketing: PPC, social media strategy, SEO strategy  Consulting: split testing different ad groups, defining target audience for campaigns listed above WSI Consultant: CORMAC FARRELLY Dublin, Ireland www.wsionlinemarketing.ie Page 43 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  49. 49. mo i st bl i e e
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  51. 51. HR SOLUTIONS, LLC Human Resources / Consulting www.hrsolutionsllc.com TESTIMONIAL “Since the WSI team took over my web marketing, I have seen a significant increase in website inquiries and new business generated from the website. We track where all of our business comes from, and in the past year, web marketing has surpassed all other forms of marketing for new business”. Renee McNally Owner HR Solutions, LLC Back to Table of Contents Page 48 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  52. 52. Goals and Challenges: Prior to WSI, HR Solutions was using multiple companies/consultants for web design, copy writing, email marketing and site updates. Company owner Renee McNally was managing pay-per-click (PPC) ads on her own. WSI was brought in to handle search engine optimization (SEO), and frequent disagreements arose between all parties as to the best courses of action – a classic case of "too many cooks in the kitchen". The company owner was constantly forced to make decisions with conflicting input from several consultants. Overall, web marketing became stagnated. The objectives of the project were to provide a more cohesive and comprehensive web marketing plan, and to provide the company owner with a single point of contact, with consulting input that was based upon verified best practices. It was also evident that a website solution that included a blog, ecommerce and email marketing could benefit the company. The Solution: WSI recommended modifications to the existing website design to make it more userfriendly, based upon current Conversion Architecture practices. The website was converted into a WSI eFusion site, with training for the company to make their own website updates and send newsletters. Features of WSI eFusion used include: ecommerce, email marketing, ad rotators, categorized literature lists and the blog. WSI continues to provide complete SEO services, as well as assistance with blog updates and suggestions for making better use of the website in general. Most recently, HR Solutions started using separate secure zones on the website for their individual client companies. The Results: In the initial 3 months after WSI began working with HR Solutions, website traffic increased by more than 41%. Search engine traffic went from 54% of all website traffic to 71% of all traffic. As of December 2010, website traffic is up 56% overall, with more than 86% of all visits coming through search engines. The website enjoys number 1 rankings for valid, competitive key phrases in all the major search engines:  The client reports that between 50% and 60% of all new business comes through the website  Website inquiries are up 78% overall WSI Consultant: JEFF HARRISON Maryland, USA www.wsiwebspecialist.com Page 49 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  53. 53. FOCUSIT, INC. Information Technology www.focusitinc.com Back to Table of Contents Page 62 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  54. 54. Goals and Challenges: Prior to working with WSI, focusIT was struggling to generate leads. They were using an outside sales person who would contact mortgage companies and try to set up a demo. focusIT was missing valuable opportunities due to low exposure online. Also, their GoToMeeting demos would take about 2 hours – valuable time was lost because their sales person was wrongly targeting a client who was not a good fit for their product line. focusIT was missing opportunities and spending too much time chasing bad leads. The Solution: WSI started with a 20-keyword SEO package. We wrote and published quality content with a complete metatag revamp of the existing site. We also noticed the clickthrough rate on their pay-per-click (PPC) campaign was below 1%. Their positioning was good, but their PPC cost was high and they weren’t generating quality leads. Therefore, we took over management of the PPC campaign. We started by removing their campaigns. We removed the low performing keywords and implemented a goal conversion metric to determine which keywords brought the best traffic. By eliminating the low performing keywords, we were able to increase the budget on the higher performing keywords. After optimizing the PPC campaign, we then built a landing page specifically for the PPC leads. The page was designed with conversion in mind. Lastly, we developed an entirely new website on the WSI eFusion platform. The website was much cleaner, easy-to-navigate and communicated much more information. We implemented a 301 redirect strategy and careful page naming in the migration. To date we have seen no drop off from prior rankings. The Results: From these efforts, focusIT gained a 100% increase in the amount of traffic generated from the website. In addition, they were receiving an average of 3.8 leads a week from the website, while prior to this they were generating about 2-3 per month through all their efforts. In fact, because of their exposure on the search engines for keywords related to Calyx Point, the Calyx Software Company decided to offer an exclusive agreement with focusIT for hosting of their Calyx Point Data Server, now called PointCentral. To measure the results, WSI used many metrics such as percentage of traffic from search, keyword popularity, clickthrough rate, and goal conversions. WSI Consultant: SCOTT ROBBINS Arizona, USA www.wsilogix.com Page 63 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  55. 55. POIRIER & ASSOCIATES Life Insurance www.ineedemployeebenefits.ca Back to Table of Contents Page 52 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  56. 56. Goals and Challenges: Prior to WSI, Poirier & Associates had a website with no idea if they were getting any traffic. Even the odd time when a prospect called them from the site, they did not know how that person found the firm. The client’s website was not found on Google. WSI’s objectives were to help Poirier & Associates gain a strong web presence, generate a stream of leads online and see a return on their investment. The Solution: WSI implemented an online marketing strategy that included the following:  Started a PPC campaign to drive traffic to the original website (the original webmaster was managing)  Continued to provide analytics about the visits and their conversion rate  Suggested changes to the site that would help with the conversion rate (again, the original webmaster was managing this site)  Since conversion rates for the original website were still below average, WSI suggested a landing page with the focus on conversion by a phone call to the office or an email submission form  Continued with a PPC campaign to the new landing page that WSI designed The Results: WSI’s strategy has provided Piorier & Associates with a professional web presence, a stream of online leads and a great ROI in a very challenging and competitive vertical. As of July 2010, the firm has completed 5 deals as a result of the PPC campaign that WSI was conducting. The total income to the firm is in excess with $16,000. They also have 4 more prospects that could turn into deals very soon, and they continue to receive leads online every week. TESTIMONIAL “WSI started a PPC campaign with me to give my business a regular web presence. With their method of explaining the process in a language I could understand, I have learned the importance of having a website and landing page that actually encourages prospects to call or email me. Prior to engaging with WSI, I had a website up for years but did not get any business from it. I’m very satisfied with the consulting advice WSI has provided. I will continue to refer my business associates to them". Ron Poirier President Poirier & Associates WSI Consultant: DAVID MOTKOSKI Alberta, Canada www.smartwsimarketing.com Page 53 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  57. 57. ONE TI INDUSTRY: Manufacturing LOCATION: São Paulo, BRAZIL URL: www.oneti.com.br SERVICES PROVIDED: SEO, PPC Campaign Online Objectives: Lead Generation. HOME PAGE SCREENSHOT Their Word Press website was not WSI branded but was manageable for SEO and PPC purposes . They manufacture and sell access control equipment and solutions. Contract started on April/2011. Visits Conversions Ranking Evolution WSI Consultant: wsiconsultoria.com, Ana Luiza Cunha Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  58. 58. EGGINGTON DAIRY Local Milk Dairy www.eggingtondairymilkdelivery.co.uk Back to Table of Contents Page 34 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  59. 59. Goals and Challenges:  Eggington Dairy wished to increase awareness of their dairy milk home delivery service  Eggington Dairy needed milk delivery orders within a local area The Solution:  A landing page was created that was fully optimized for local search using only organic techniques  The landing page included a contact form with a thank-you page  The landing page was manually submitted to the search engines  We added search engine verification files, created XML sitemaps and submitted those  We also created robots.txt and geo tags and added those too The Results: Within 1 week of launching the landing page, it was appearing on the first page of Google for over 20 different search terms. Most of these terms appeared not only on the first page, but also in position 1 of Google. Other results included:  An increase in visitors to her website from a standing start to over 1000 visits in a few months – we measured this using Google Analytics  63% of the traffic to her website coming in on a purely organic search - as seen through Google Analytics  Orders placed – 5 new clients in two weeks, and continuing to grow – this was verified by the client TESTIMONIAL "Eggington Dairy, a part of Pecks Farm, has worked with WSI on a number of projects, namely creating landing pages to help promote our home milk delivery service and our hand-made, fresh produce hampers. WSI and their team have been helpful and professional throughout, always guiding us down the right path, and nothing is too much trouble. Both landing pages have been a tremendous success in hitting their targeted audiences, resulting in increased sales almost from day one, which was a great boost! We would and indeed have recommended WSI's services to other businesses wanting to increase their online presence". Fiona Peck Managing Director Eggington Dairy WSI Consultant: TRACY SPENCE Northamptonshire, UK www.totalwsinetsolutions.com Page 35 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  60. 60. CBT COACHES Luxury Coach Hire Services www.cbtcoaches.co.za TESTIMONIAL “As an existing client of WSI, I had full faith that they would deliver as they did with my other business. They exceeded our expectations and we have created a profitable business using WSI as our online marketing partner". Jacques Erasmus Owner CBT Coaches Back to Table of Contents Page 36 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  61. 61. Goals and Challenges: The Solution: This is an existing client of WSI who started a new venture in anticipation of the coach services that would be needed during the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Before CBT Coaches became a client, they had no web presence at all because the business was brand new. The challenges that lay ahead included: WSI created a professionally designed marketing website for the client and conducted a series of Internet marketing services such as: develop a PPC campaign that drove targeted traffic to the website, optimize the entire website, provide 4 content pages per month, measure analytics and offer ongoing consulting.  Setting up a web presence from scratch  Generating qualified leads online  Competing with other South African tour operators that were already established WSI’s objectives were to:  Create a professionally designed website that would convert well  Create a content blueprint for the website  Apply an ongoing SEO strategy to improve the website’s search visibility  Design a long-term organic search strategy that will keep CBT Coaches at the top of search engines for “corporate events and large event passenger transport logistics”  Develop keyword-specific landing pages for targeted PPC campaigns, designed to convert search visitors into clients  Drive targeted traffic to the website  Develop a content marketing plan to increase online brand awareness  Track performance using Google Analytics  Provide the client with monthly performance reviews that will drive marketing campaign adjustments and provide data to determine marketing effectiveness The Results: The project started from scratch since this was a start-up business and the results exceeded all the business goals for the year. Through this experience, WSI demonstrated that we could generate leads quickly through Internet marketing. Some of the results include:  4 out of every 10 leads came from the site  Generated $8,000/mon recurring revenue  During the 2010 Soccer World Cup month, CBT generated $300,000 in revenue through their website o 4 sales per month o Annual revenue $396,000 WSI Consultant: FRANCOIS MUSCAT South Africa www.wsioms.co.za Page 37 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  62. 62. GILLETT & JOHNSTON (CROYDON) LTD. Manufacturer of Clocks, Bells and Carillons www.gillettjohnston.co.uk Back to Table of Contents Page 28 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  63. 63. Goals and Challenges: The company has a world-class reputation for manufacturing clock, bells and carillons for landmark buildings and churches throughout the world. Most of the company’s business was generated by repeat business from existing clients or word of mouth. Little to no business was being generated from the Internet. Whilst the company is proud of its long tradition, it was keen not to appear out-ofdate and out-of-touch with the modern world. Their old website looked old fashioned and did little for their public image. The Solution: WSI developed a search engine friendly website that conveys the image of a company proud of its history whilst appearing modern and progressive. All pages were optimized for one primary and a couple of secondary keywords / key phrases and each page has the primary keyword in the URL. Considerable business has been generated by the website and they are delighted with the results and even more delighted with the quality and quantity of business now being generated by their new website. TESTIMONIAL “Further to our telephone conversation last week, this is to confirm that we would be delighted for you to use our website for your [showcase]. I would like to take this opportunity to say how delighted we were with the way you managed our project. You listened to our requirements and understood what we wanted to convey through our website. The follow-up service has been superb and we would have no hesitation in recommending your services". Jenny Coombes Director Gillett & Johnston (Croydon) Ltd The Results: The new website produces around 200 enquiries from all over the world each month. It is an excellent showcase of their work and achieves the company’s objectives of giving a modern fresh appearance to an old established business. Recent commissions gained via the website include new work from a variety of sources, including installations as far afield and varied as the Falkland Islands, Singapore, Spain and Haiti. WSI Consultants: CHRIS GRIFFIN & LESLEY BLACK Surrey, UK www.wsiims.co.uk Page 29 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  64. 64. DISOFT INDUSTRY: Systems Consultancy LOCATION: São Paulo, BRAZIL www.disoft.com.br OTHER SERVICESPROVIDED: Site, PPC Online Objectives: Improve the Visibility and number of accesses. WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  65. 65. SYMM INDUSTRY: Systems Consultancy LOCATION: S.CaetanoSul, BRAZIL www.symm.com.br OTHER SERVICESPROVIDED: Site Online Objectives: Improve the Visibility and number of access WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  66. 66. MUSTARD SEED CANADA Non-Profit www.mustardseedcanada.org Back to Table of Contents Page 44 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  67. 67. Goals and Challenges: Before working with WSI, the non-profit organization, Mustard Seed Canada, had no Internet marketing strategy, was using a template website and was very concerned that their current donorbase was aging with no strategy to get new, younger donors. WSI’s objectives were to re-design the website, improve its visibility in the search engines for industry keywords, generate support online and create a social media strategy for them. The Solution: WSI re-designed the organization’s website using the WSI eFusion platform and set up a method for staff and volunteers to make changes to the website as necessary. In addition, we created a content marketing blueprint, conducted initial keyword research, completed a competitor report and began a monthly search engine optimization (SEO) campaign focused on article marketing and link building. We also ran a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for 3 months to generate immediate traffic to the website. We also created a custom Facebook page for them and did a 3month social media campaign to start generating interest. The Results: As a result of WSI’s services, Mustard Seed Canada began to appear on page 1 of Google for 4 of the 5 keywords we were targeting. Their fanbase on Facebook went from 0 to almost 800 people. In addition, they have received increased traffic to their new site. WSI has completed Phase 1 of the project, which is to increase brand awareness for the organization and start building relationships with a younger donorbase. Since then, they have received a few inquiries from other organizations that found them online and want to be involved in a project. TESTIMONIAL “We knew mass mailing was proving to be less and less rewarding. Now with WSI, we’re learning new ways to share how Mustard Seed is providing better opportunities for children in Southeast Asia. As we learn how to engage people online, we’re finding more people keeping in touch. And yes, we’ve found that there are young people out there who care enough to make a contribution”. Lucie Howell Administrator Mustard Seed Canada WSI Consultant: LIANA LING Ontario, Canada www.wsiwebconnects.com Page 45 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  68. 68. CRUGA LTD. Online Retail www.cruga.com Back to Table of Contents Page 68 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  69. 69. WSI MARKETING DIGITAL INDUSTRY: Digital Marketing LOCATION: São Paulo, BRAZIL Fb.com/wsimarketingdigital OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED: SMO – Facebook Fan Page Online Objectives: Improve the Visibility and number of users on the Facebook Page, improve the impact of the actions. Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM WSI Consultant: Gustavo Ferraz
  70. 70. Goals and Challenges: Cruga Ltd is a very experienced manufacturer providing products to retailers throughout the UK. The company felt that the direct online market could also present a good opportunity, but they had no experience of e-commerce or online marketing. They already launched an ecommerce site with their branding company, but were not getting good results and were losing online buyers in the process. WSI’s objectives were to:  Rebuild the website with well-designed architecture designed and client journey funnels  Perform market and competitor research  Formulate an online marketing strategy that would provide a good ROI The Solution: WSI launched a new website for Cruga. A month later, we launched a marketing campaign that included:  Targeted Google AdWords PPC campaign  Facebook campaign  Email marketing campaign  Searching engine optimization (SEO) strategy  Blogging and content marketing strategy  Banner adverts on affiliates sites The Results: WSI has been able to exceed all expectations set by Cruga. In 12 months (between December 2009 to November 2010), they experienced the following results:  Increased organic search traffic by 22%  Increased referring site traffic by 112%  Increased the existing web traffic by 25%  Increased Google rankings with 14 new page 1 rankings for Google.co.uk  Email campaigns have an open rate of 35%  Facebook has provided 279 new referrals  The average number of orders per month has increased by 167%  The average turnover per month has gone up by 232% TESTIMONIAL “WSI has provided us with excellent support and have really taken the time to understand our business. They have turned our pessimistic view of the Internet around and have made us profitable”. David Lowe Financial Director Cruga Ltd. WSI Consultant: BRIAN AND DALE HOLROYD Bedfordshire, UK www.wsimarketing.com/bholroyd Page 69 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  71. 71. CORNERSTONE MONTESSORI PREP SCHOOL Private School www.cornerstoneprep.ca TESTIMONIAL “Almost immediately after working with WSI, we received inquiries several times per day as well as a number of walk-ins every week. Through the website, our enquiries have increased tenfold and has enabled us to increase our marketing profile by a substantial margin. I have been and continue to be impressed with the effectiveness of WSI as well as their level of professionalism, personal attention and commitment to their clients' success. I would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to enhance their marketing profile". Dr. Stephanie Ling Principal Cornerstone Montessori Prep School Back to Table of Contents Page 24 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  72. 72. Goals and Challenges: The Results: Prior to working with WSI, Cornerstone Montessori Prep School had no digital marketing strategy and was only seen online for keywords related to the company name. Their lead generation consisted of advertising in Yellow Pages, educational directories, educational magazines, referrals and the sign outside their school. They needed to increase enrollment to keep the school going. Particularly due to the changes Google has made to local search recently, the school is on page 1 of Google for terms related to “Toronto Montessori School”. When the new website went live and we started generating traffic from Google PPC ads and Facebook ads, they were receiving 3 calls a day as well as people dropping in to ask for a tour of the school and several online inquiries. The Solution: In addition, over the last year: Using the WSI eFusion platform, WSI redesigned the school’s website and conducted a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for 3 months to generate immediate traffic to the website. We also helped them streamline their processes by creating specific forms on the website for job employment inquiries, to book a tour of the school and a more detailed Admissions Application. The site is even used for parents to RSVP for special events and raise funds for special charitable projects. In addition to the above, WSI also created a content marketing blueprint, conducted keyword research, compiled a competitor report, optimized the website pages and began a monthly search engine optimization (SEO) campaign focused on article marketing and link building. Recently, WSI also created a custom Facebook page for the school and are in the works of designing a blog for the principal.  32 people signed up for their newsletter  27 people completed the Admissions Application Request  Almost 100 inquiries for more information came in via the contact form  Inquiries from other organizations interested in working with the school came through As a result of WSI’s outstanding results for the school, they did not renew advertising with Yellow Pages or any of the other subscription except for the one online directory that is sending them more traffic. WSI Consultant: LIANA LING Ontario, Canada www.wsiwebconnects.com Page 25 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
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  77. 77. CHAO DE BARRO INDUSTRY: RETAIL LOCATION: Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL URL: www.chaodebarro.com.br OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED: - Website Development - Content Management - E-mail Marketing Online Objectives: Keep customers updated about their products. WSI Consultant: Rodrigo Darzi Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  78. 78. CASA 3 INDUSTRY: RETAIL LOCATION: Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL URL: www.casa3.com.br OTHER SERVICES PROVIDED: - Website Development - Facebook Page Customization - Mobile Website Online Objectives: Keep customers updated about their services. WSI Consultant: Rodrigo Darzi Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM
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  80. 80. mo i st bl i e e
  81. 81. PANDA CHEESE Dairy Products www.arabdairy.com Back to Table of Contents Page 1 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  82. 82. Goals and Challenges: Panda Cheese has a very high awareness in The Egyptian market; however post their “Never Say NO to Panda” campaign, and Based on the results of their marketing research company: • Company did not even witness 1% market share • The campaign affected negatively the image of the brand • Even for kids, it affected negatively the likeability of the brand. What were the objectives of this project? • Position the brand as one of the most friendly brands in Egypt • Increase consideration and preference The Results: • The campaign recorded 761 conversions • The conversions rate is at 20.4% • The FaceBook page reached 16,267 fans, with a record of 14,968 people talking about the page. Highest ‘talking about this’ figure, by far, versus the biggest and most active players in the Egyptian market. TESTIMONIAL Building on the digital success of the ps3 campaign, causing an 20% sales increase in greater Cairo and Alexandria, where the The Solution: • Due to Client’s frustration with the poor figures of their 2010 campaign, they decided to go Online with minimal activities communicating their promotion which was about a draw to win a PS3. • Another terrible experience with a small digital Agency located in Cairo, they banned Client from Facebook page and decided not to deal with them again. • Brand team approached several agencies with their Issue and frustration with no success until Panda Cheese Egypt approached our entity. promotion was held, and putting them on the top of the digital game in Egypt, Arab Dairy decided to go big with their next digital campaign.. WSI Consultant: Mai Salama Cairo, Egypt www. wsiegypt.com • WSI Egypt highlighted to Client the importance of internet, especially after Egypt’s revolution. Page 2 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
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  88. 88. mo i st bl i e e
  89. 89. SAGE REALTY Real Estate www.findahomeinpa.com Back to Table of Contents Page 30 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  90. 90. Goals and Challenges: In a competitive marketplace where home buying was at a near standstill, Sage Realty needed to reach these Internet savvy home buyers. Additionally, they wanted to be sure to integrate their brand, marketing messages and search marketing efforts into a cohesive Internet marketing strategy. WSI’s objectives were to continue to move the website rankings up in the organic search listings as well as distribute marketing messages out on the Internet via digital marketing methods. The Solution: WSI trained Sage Realty personnel on how to set up and optimize their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog entries. From February 2010 to July 2010, Sage Realty began a submission program with WSI that included optimizing and distributing articles, press releases and videos to increase SEO exposure. WSI not only guided the company through these new technology frontiers, but also helped them grow their business especially in an industry where many businesses were closing their doors The Results: Sage had the following results for 2010 in the 2nd year of the new website:  5 potential home buyers found them searching online  3 signed up to buy and 2 bought in 2010  The rest are potential clients for 2011  Purchased homes had values totaling over $2,500,000  They expect the third client to buy in the next 2 months with an anticipated commission of roughly $11,000  Commissions on the clients who have bought are over $64,000 this year TESTIMONIAL “WSI’s services are a vital part of Sage’s overall marketing strategy, which includes a variety of strategies. The purpose is to integrate all as one ‘brand’, with Sage being seen as the expert or leader in that niche. WSI has encouraged us to move beyond a well-designed website with stateof-the-art home search features to submission of videos, whitepapers, press releases, social media postings and other peripheral strategies to boost our rankings". Linda Walters Owner and Exclusive Buyer Agent Sage Realty, LLC WSI Consultant: NANCY VINKLER Pennsylvania, USA www.wsisimplyroi.com Page 31 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  91. 91. THE FIREPLACE CENTER & PATIO SHOP Retail (Fireplaces, BBQs, Hot Tubs) www.fireplacecenter.com TESTIMONIAL “On behalf of our entire team, a big thank you to WSI for your excellent job in creating our new website and conducting continued developments and ongoing improvements to the site. We appreciate your quick understanding to our industry, your patient and gentle manner in implementing the latest technology and our ongoing marketing meetings to help keep us focused and on track. I always feel that WSI has our best interests at heart and appreciate your fierce loyalty”. Andy Cotnam General Manager / President The Fireplace Center and Patio Shop Back to Table of Contents Page 26 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  92. 92. Goals and Challenges: A WSI Competitive Analysis revealed that The Fireplace Center’s online presence was not as strong as it could be in the following areas:  The look and feel of the website was not consistent with the offline advertising and branding of The Fireplace Center & Patio Shop and the sale of luxury items  Search engine optimization was strong, but only in the primary products and brand  Conversion Architecture was non-existent and analytics revealed that visitors had difficulty navigating the 500-page website  A customer retention strategy was yet to be established (no email database) The Solution: WSI’s digital marketing solution for The Fireplace Center included:  A detailed competitive, market and product analysis  Strong Conversion Architecture website consistent with the sale of luxury goods and offline advertising  100% content creation and creating a simplified product hierarchy  Implementation of an online catalogue  500-page site was condensed to 100 pages while at the same time increasing search engine presence and without diminishing the value visitors derive from the site  PPC campaign design and management  YouTube channel creation and embedding of videos (TV appearances and ads)  Monthly-specific sales promotions matched to offline marketing mix  Monthly presentation to the executive and sales team to ensure the online strategy is aligned to sales strategy  Developed a social media optimization (SMO) strategy consistent with a mature / conservative brand and created branded Facebook page and Facebook profile and trained staff on social media etiquette  Consulted on aspects of sales and marketing best practices The Results: As a result of WSI’s services, the company experienced the following:  14% increase in year-over-year sales  28% increase in year-over-year website visitors (10,500 more visitors)  188% increase in conversions compared to same period last year  More business in one day of the spring sale than achieved in a quiet month of prior year  Since launch to date, 76% of the website visitors are new to the website WSI Consultant: ROGER HARLEY Ontario, Canada www.wsiknowweb.com Page 27 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  93. 93. ABC GLASS & MIRROR Shower Door and Window Installation www.abcglassandmirror.com Back to Table of Contents Page 16 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  94. 94. Goals and Challenges: ABC Glass & Mirror wanted to switch from traditional advertising to digital marketing. He had just built a brand new website with absolutely no organic web presence at all. He contacted WSI, along with several firms in his area, but decided to go with WSI because we explained exactly what we would do, how we do it and what he could expect - in nontechnical terms. WSI’s objectives were to lessen the company’s dependence on traditional advertising over time and rebalance it to primarily online media. The Solution: Before working with WSI, they had zero PR and did not show up on the search engines for any search terms at all. WSI initiated a campaign that involved: marketing consulting, a website makeover and ongoing maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO), social media training and ongoing consulting as well as implementation assistance. The Results: ABC Glass and Mirror has seen a dramatic increase in their online leads and has been able to rebalance their marketing budget to the more flexible and measurable (and effective) online media. We now have a total of 321 first page rankings, including several #1 rankings across all of the major search engines. We also have a tremendous amount of #2 and #3 rankings. In addition, the company is now interacting with clients in their local area via social media. The company estimates that about 80% of all new calls come via search on the web. In a tough economy, they have experienced growth over the last two years. They have brought on two new members this year and feel they may need to look for additional members if business keeps up. TESTIMONIAL “I just wanted to take a minute to thank WSI and your team. What an awesome job you are doing! In less than two months, I'm finding us on the 1st page of Google and in some cases we’re in the 1st position. Business is steadily picking up and with this economy it could not have come at a better time. I'm letting my friends and colleagues know how much WSI has helped us out. Thanks again for all your hard work!” Micah Howell Owner ABC Glass and Mirror Inc. WSI Consultant: CHUCK BANKOFF California, USA www.wsieworks.com Page 17 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  95. 95. DIABLO SOLAR SERVICES Solar Energy www.diablosolar.com TESTIMONIAL “I am approached everyday by web marketing companies but the solution offered by WSI made the most sense to me. The different levels of service packages allowed us to ‘test the water’ before increasing our participation. Your ongoing result monitoring and review methodology works very well as we can make changes to improve effectiveness and track our return on investment. Thank you team WSI!“ Phil Deatsch Owner Diablo Solar Services, Inc. Back to Table of Contents Page 38 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  96. 96. Goals and Challenges: The Results: Prior to working with WSI, Diablo Solar Services was not being found on the major search engines. In fact, when searched for their company name “Diablo Solar” on Google, another company would come up above them, which annoyed the owner great deal. As a result of WSI’s services, Diablo Solar is now being found on the first pages of all major search engines for their keywords. Traffic to the site has increased drastically. They have relied on traditional marketing methods and referrals for all of their business for over 25 years. They were very successful. But the owner was beginning to realize that he needs to have a better presence on the Internet. They have not done any Internet marketing prior to meeting with WSI. This company is serious about marketing as they allocated a significant amount of their budget for marketing every year, and they were ready to shift some of that money to the Internet. WSI’s objectives were to help the company be found organically for local searches for solarrelated keywords within their territory and to generate traffic to their website immediately. The Solution: WSI provided Diablo Solar search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), blog writing, content writing, email marketing and video optimization services. This is an ongoing campaign. They are ranking in the top 5 for all of their originally targeted keywords – top of the first page of Google. WSI has since added additional keywords to expand geographic coverage and they are beginning to show up on the first page for these terms as well. We have also added articles and videos to the campaign, which are also showing up on the first page.  Number of visitors has increased more than 3 times since September: o September 2009: 463 o October 2010: 1466  PPC - 500 clicks per month on both Yahoo! and Google  SEO - Most of their keywords are ranking at the top of the first page The most remarkable result is this Google search result - they get 10 links at the top of the first page:  1 for PPC  1 for a local listing  1 for articles/blogs  3 for SEO  4 for videos WSI measured these results using ranking reports, Google Analytics and PPC reports. WSI Consultant: JASON YI California, USA www.ezwsiweb.com Page 39 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  97. 97. POCO SOLAR ENERGY INC. Solar Energy www.pocosolar.com Back to Table of Contents Page 20 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  98. 98. Goals and Challenges: POCO Solar was not visible on any search engines. They were relying mainly on traditional marketing methods such as Yellow Pages, direct mailers, etc. But they knew that marketing is shifting from these traditional methods to the Internet. They knew they needed to focus more on the Internet because they realized the power of the Internet and did not want to fall behind as their competition was making the transition. The Solution: WSI’s services included search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing and reputation management. WSI initially targeted 20 keywords for SEO, all of which started to rank at the top of the first page in less than a year. We have added 50 keywords to the campaign, 20+ of which are already on the first page. The Results: Here are the results of WSI’s solution:  Traffic increased more than 50% in less than 12 months  Remarkable improvement in visibility (40+ keywords ranking on the first page of major search engines)  PPC is working well and consistently providing 300 to 400 clicks and a steady stream of leads  During Q1 and Q2 of 2010, the client generated $175,000 worth of business from Internet leads in about 3 month  This produced more than enough profit to cover the online marketing cost for the year WSI began providing reputation management services to POCO Solar to monitor reviews and encourage positive reviews. We will continue to monitor, research, and provide value added services for POCO Solar. TESTIMONIAL “I take this opportunity to commend the WSI team on the excellent Internet marketing results you produced for POCO Solar Energy Inc. We know we made the right decision by working with a global company like WSI that’s available to us locally! The project management skills and hands-on approach of your team is impressive and has delivered very good results for us. We plan to expand our Internet marketing efforts and increase reliance on the Internet to generate leads for us. I would not hesitate to recommend WSI to other business owners”. Greg Cordero President POCO Solar Energy, Inc. WSI Consultant: JASON YI California, USA www.ezwsiweb.com Page 21 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  99. 99. STREETER MARSHALL Solicitors / Legal Services www.streetermarshall.com Back to Table of Contents Page 54 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  100. 100. Goals and Challenges: The Results: Streeter Marshall is an old established firm of solicitors and notaries with 3 offices in the South East of England. The old website was built by WSI back in 2005, but had become outdated and did not convey the modern image needed by this progressive firm. Web analytics show that the ongoing PPC campaign, which has continued at the same advertising spend level as previously, is now only accountable for 10% of the website traffic. Meanwhile, organic search is now sending around 70% of visitors each month (over 1,200 visitors each month). Whilst the old site had been successful in bringing new client business to Streeter Marshall, most Internet business came via the pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that WSI conducted with very little business coming from organic search. The Solution: The initial site WSI created for them used dynamically generated URLs and the new site that WSI developed recently is far more search engine friendly. The website was created with each web page being optimized for one primary, and a couple of secondary keywords / key phrases. Also, the page URLs contained the primary keyword on each page. The new website also reflects their new corporate branding and whilst the client was keen in having a graphic intensive home page, we have managed to overcome the SEO issues caused by this with the creative use of javascript and ALT text for the service images. WSI will continue to work with the company to review its ongoing Internet marketing strategy and expect more of their marketing budget to move from traditional advertising to organic search / social media optimization. TESTIMONIAL “We are delighted particularly at the speed the website moves from screen to screen compared with the old site. In addition, the color and clarity is much better with a more modern image. Many thanks to WSI for all your help over a long period of time. We are pleased with the input that you have made into the development of the site, a much better product than what we had originally". David Moore Senior Partner Streeter Marshall WSI Consultants: CHRIS GRIFFIN & LESLEY BLACK Surrey, UK www.wsiims.co.uk Streeter Marshall is overall very pleased with the results that WSI generated for them. Page 55 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  101. 101. MOBILE MARK Telecommunications www.mobilemark.com TESTIMONIAL "We have heard nothing but positive comments about the new website. Visitors are drawn in from the first page and find it easy to move around the website. We are grateful for the advice and assistance we received from WSI. WSI guided us through web design, page creation, database maintenance and search engine optimization. It is one thing to have a website and another to have an effective website. It was an eye opener to realize all the factors that go into building an effective website”. Eleanor Sylvan Vice President Marketing Mobile Mark, Inc. Back to Table of Contents Page 14 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  102. 102. EXTREME ECO ADVENTURE INDUSTRY: Eco Tourism LOCATION: Bahia, BRAZIL URL: www.extremeecoadventure.com.br SERVICES PROVIDED: Conversion Architecture, SEO Online Objectives: Be found in Search Engine sites. Testimony: HOME PAGE SCREENSHOT “I found WSI online searching for SEO. I was very well received by an attentive staff. In addition to SEO, I now have a new site that was delivered quickly and gives me good results. They were committed to meet deadlines and promptly understood my needs. ” Marcelo Cardoso SEO Keywords Position Aug/11 Initial Position (May/11) chapada diamantina 12 >100 chapada diamantina bahia 49 >100 pacote chapada diamantina 8 61 trekking 9 >100 >100 >100 lençois chapada diamantina Back to Table of Contents Copyright ©2011 by RAM WSI Consultant: wsiconsultoria.com , Ana Luiza Cunha
  103. 103. Goals and Challenges:  Press releases were distributed online with links back to the website  The sales team was able to direct prospects to the product information on the website and they were able to send out electronic links to the brochure Mobile Mark wanted to generate interest among existing customers and prospects in their database for the SMW Series, a modular antenna design that allows 2, 3, or 4 different antennas to be combined in 1 antenna housing. They also wanted to generate entirely new leads. The Results: The Solution: The website was launched in May 2009 and below are some of the results achieved: A printed application brochure was developed to explain the features and benefits of the product, explain model numbers and the many combinations possible, and give application examples so that their customers can envision the antenna in their setting. It was the electronic use of the brochure in conjunction with other electronic material that helped Mobile Mark truly increase the number of people who became familiar with this product. Here are the details of the solution:  Product descriptions were added to the website as models were developed  An electronic version of the brochure was added to the tech library on the site  A link to the electronic version of the brochure was added on the front page  A Featured Products section was added to the Product Database section of the site  Links were added from the Featured Product section to the brochure and product listings  An electronic Mobile Mark e-newsletter was sent out with links to both the products and the brochure  SEO pages were developed to reinforce links to the Mobile Mark website  Total SMW & MGW units sold increased 64% year-over-year based on Jan-May sales  For just the SMW antennas, the units increased 74% in the same period  Using the combined SMW & MGW sales dollars for the Jan-May period, the sales dollars increased 62%, which is in line with the increase seen in the units  For only the SMW antennas, the sales dollars increased 73%  The number of distinct models sold increased 22% from 2009 to 2010  For the number of series (i.e. without considering the cable and connector combinations) the number of series increased 27% WSI Consultant: NANCY VINKLER Pennsylvania, USA www.wsisimplyroi.com Page 15 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  104. 104. FIRST CONSULTING GROUP (FCG) Training and Consulting www.firstconsultinggroup.com.mx Back to Table of Contents Page 22 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
  105. 105. Goals and Challenges: The Results: Before working with WSI, the client had a lot of people providing basic information, such as dates and training programs by phone, face-toface and email rather than through an online presence. This professionally designed website ranks very high in the search results for a lot of the keywords related to FCG’s services. The site is also very functional meeting all the needs that the client had initially. From July 2009 to July 2010, the client experienced a 305% increase in direct sales as a result of WSI’s services. They also only had local coverage and wanted to expand their reach. WSI’s goal was to develop regional and national coverage by helping the client be found in Google, while reducing costs by having all their information online. The Solution: To meet the needs of First Consulting Group, WSI built a robust website with a very functional calendar of events where clients can register for FCG’s training programs. We also did some search engine optimization (SEO), so they could target their services in different cities. TESTIMONIAL “Great work, great design, I don’t even want my competition to know about what I’m doing. Thanks a lot to WSI!” Juan Manuel Flores Cervantes Socio Consultor First Consulting Group We have submitted their seminars to related directories and we have built many landing pages per topic, which has helped in the SEO strategy. This way, the client can be in the top results not only with one listing but two and sometimes even more listings. WSI Consultant: JORGE CONTRERAS Coahuila, Mexico www.wsifirstsolutions.com Page 23 Copyright ©2011 by RAM
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