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Matc power wagon webpage project


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Published in: Automotive
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Matc power wagon webpage project

  1. 1. COMMERCIAL RAM 2500RAM 1500 RAM 3500 POWER WAGON The All-New 2011 Dodge RAM pick-up
  3. 3. HISTORYIn 1934, Dodge built four-wheel-drive trucks and modifiedthem to suit the Armys whims with one-ton, half-ton, andthree-quarter-ton capacities, in many variety applicationsof wheelbases. It has open and closed body styles wellbefore and end of the war. So all of those soldiers, sailorsand airmen, who were farmers, construction workers, miners,or sportsmen, sought out Dodge for its rugged, honestgoodness, and nearly unbreakable build quality.Dodge found itself swamped with requests for the ruggedwartime "carryalls" or trucks after the war. They had builtnearly 226,776 of them. The trucks where built though, the6x6 WC62/63s, the T214s, and the T234s, were never inquestion. With four-wheel-drive capability, they were seenas a high-tech bonus, and to boot, they had a 2,000-poundpayload capacity off-road.It was responding well to customers demand. The Dodgeengineers got to work on a new civilian truck. The resultingDodge Power Wagon. Even though it was not new or nororiginal; it has evolved through “parts room engineering.”
  4. 4. The All-New 2011Power WagonThe Dodge Ram Power Wagon hasreturned with new- generation 5.7liter V8, electric-locking front andrear differentials, electronicdisconnecting sway bar, Bilsteinshocks, 32-inch BF Goodrich off-road tires, underbody skid plateprotection, 4.56 axle ratio for hillclimbing and a custom-built Warn12,000-lb. winch was accessiblethrough the front bumper.
  6. 6. Awards The Off-Road Adventures magazine named RAM Trucks its MANUFACTURER OF THE YEAR, calling our 2011 lineup "one of the most innovative lineups of full-size trucks on the market... With their great looks, refined interiors and durable engines."
  7. 7. Leather Interior Handstiched Dashboard Heated and cooled cupholders Leather stechedOptional Brake steering wheelController