Controlling area issue in sap fico


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SAP Controlling area Common issue. This issue you face while posting the F-02 transaction for the first time in your company code in the higher EHP versions.

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Controlling area issue in sap fico

  1. 1. Controlling area issue in SAP FICO By: Rajeev Kumar
  2. 2. Today we will discuss some of the most common problem a new learner faces in the beginning of SAP FICO training. Look at the error below: while posting a GL entry through F-02, this error comes up. And this error comes up only in higher EHP versions, in 4.7 versions it does not come up. The below screen shots are taken from SAP ECC 6.0 EHP5
  3. 3. No controlling area has been assigned to company code R000.
  4. 4. Solution: Open a new session, Go to SPRO screen. Follow the below menu path as per the screen shot. Click on Maintain controlling area.
  5. 5. Double Click on Maintain controlling area.
  6. 6. Above screen will open up Click on new entry, and fill the details: Company code, click beside COArea=CCode, press enter, select the option in Assignment control as given below, Give some name in Ctr Std. Hierachy Look in the next slide.
  7. 7. Press save, It will ask the below question,
  8. 8. Click yes. Press enter And it will save it.
  9. 9. Now if you try posting F-02, it will give you another error. Below is the screen shot of same.
  10. 10. Go to the same Controlling area screen: Select your Controlling area,
  11. 11. Double click on the Assignment of Company code(s) on the left hand side, a new window will open up as shown below:
  12. 12. Click on new entry: type your Company code:
  13. 13. Press Enter and SAVE:
  14. 14. After this another issue will come up as shown below: The below screen shot is taken from FB50 transaction code while posting the document.
  15. 15. Follow the below menu path:
  16. 16. Click on Maintain Controlling area:
  17. 17. Double Click on Maintain Controlling area: Select controlling your area and on the left side Double click on Activate components/control indicators:
  18. 18. A new screen will open up: as shown below:
  19. 19. And save it.
  20. 20. Now if you try posting F-02, it will let you post the document as shown below.
  21. 21. I just hope that you like this document.