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Geofencing for mobile applications


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Geo-fencing for mobile applications,for tracking the employees,loved once,assets etc...In this presentation,Geo-fencing methodology,how its work how can create fence rea etc..

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Geofencing for mobile applications

  1. 1. Geofencing For Mobility Field Service
  2. 2. OverView 1. What is Geofencing 2. Geofencing Methodology and Approach 3. Fencing for Field Tracker 4. Tracking user Activities 5. Advantages
  3. 3. What is Geofencing Geofence Represents a geographical region, also known as a geofence. Geofences can be monitored by geofencer service. And when the user crosses the boundary of a geofence, an alert will be generated. ● Geofence can Create Dynamically. ● Geofence area either rectangle or Circle with any range ● Efficient and smart usage of battery
  4. 4. Geofencing Methodology and Approach Definition of Geofence area(Latitude and Longitude) Create Geofence 1.Circle Method 2.Rectangle Method C r d If d>r alter is triggered,came out from fence area. if d<r Mobile inside the defined geo-coordinate A B D C y x Mobile Mobile Fence areas
  5. 5. Fencing for Field Tracker Application will send the alert to server if the sales person reaches specific Geographic Area without user interaction on application. Fence Area Fence Area Current Area Destination Area Sales person Server Send Alert if he came out Send alert if came inside fence area
  6. 6. Creating Fence Area for Employees Upload geofence Area From the server Mark the geofence area on Map Server Admin Emp 1 Emp 3 Emp 2 Fence Area Fence Area Fleet Area Any emp came out fleet area fire the alert
  7. 7. Tracking User Activity Activity recognition tries to detect the user's current physical activity, such as walking, riding a bicycle, driving a car or standing idle. • How long he/she walked • How long he/she driven • Idle period and more
  8. 8. Advantages 1. Tell the mobile force team focus on your work we’ll notify the Admin,either we started from or reached workplace. 1. Notify the filed employe when he reached the destination incase he doesn't know the place . 1. Live monitoring,track the movement remotely using web applications. 1. And More…..
  9. 9. THANKS Rajith Rajan