Why i loved, loathed and learned from facebook


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Why i loved, loathed and learned from facebook

  1. Love, Loathe And Learn Why I Loved, Then Loathed And Finally Learned From Facebook a real story
  2. First I loved Facebook
  3. I reveled in the attention,
  4. and was engrossed in the gossips.
  5. I used to enjoy seeing what others did or posting what I did,
  6. You may call it stalking
  7. or may be the love of self.
  8. Yes, I loved my BIG ego.
  9. I could say many things that I couldn’t say on their face and yet go scot free…
  10. I was ‘connected’ without really needing to meet or waste time.
  11. I loved those surreal experiences and
  12. was thrilled with my second world
  13. I admired my own posts to no end,
  14. and cherished the persona that I created for myself
  15. Subtly but surely, Facebook became THE only reality.
  16. I was addicted, and I would not admit.
  17. My Facebook image larger than the real me and those shoes hard to fill
  18. In real world and when I met real people, a false sense of familiarity overpowered the distance
  19. Now, I started loathing myself
  20. I saw that people’s opinions about ‘me’ was not about me
  21. I imagined that they saw ‘me’ as a time waster
  22. Even though I compromised 4+ hours of sleep each day
  23. They saw ‘me’ as jobless jack, or so I assumed.
  24. They were probably calling me an egotist,
  25. And I was getting increasingly uncomfortable with such notions
  26. I was getting distant with myself, unable to accept that reality
  27. Many a time, I saw them as intruding into my private life
  28. At other times, I suspected that they were nonchalant
  29. I felt terrible when people did not ‘like’ my banal posts
  30. I felt let down just because 299 ‘friends’ wished on birthday. (I have all of 943 friends)
  31. I started disliking their views and vice versa
  32. I started reading too much into what they were posting
  33. I made foes out of friends more because
  34. I suspected that they knew me more than they should about me.
  35. I started getting confused with my innate introversion and supposed exuberant extroversion.
  36. There were conflicts with ‘me’ and me
  37. My many roles merged into one completely and a confused personality for all to see
  38. I experienced incompleteness as everybody seemed to be doing awesome while my life seemed awful
  39. Dreadful, hideous, repulsive, vile and upsetting to say the least
  40. When I have nothing to write that day, I felt melancholic
  41. No ‘like’ in 4 hours was a misery, just as the wait for the next like or next comment was excruciating
  42. Sleepless nights and sleeping pills wouldn't work
  43. I snapped, slapped myself awake
  44. And took a short Facebook Sabbath. I deactivated Facebook
  45. And deleted the app from my phone and the iPad.
  46. I started running sea ward and ran long distances, alone
  47. Meditated by the beach, Rollerbladed on sidewalks
  48. Prayed and started to discover the new ‘me’
  49. That was in sync with me
  50. And hence learned a few lessons
  51. Facebook in itself was not bad. It was my own addiction
  52. It was not how others saw me. It was how I thought they saw me.
  53. They did not ignore me. They had placed importance to themselves.
  54. Not that they didn’t ‘like’ me, they just took care of themselves.
  55. The real world, real people were intact with their pristine goodness.
  56. There still existed real meetings, real friends.
  57. Online did not erase off-line identity. They coexisted.
  58. There was a lot to learn and a lot more to unlearn.
  59. So this is what I did
  60. I slashed my friends’ list. All those not regularly adding value or making make me laugh had to go - unfollow or hidden.
  61. I set a max limits on people. Less people, less content, less gossip, more time
  62. I found a good reader app I use Flipboard to consolidate news and browse once a day for just 20 min.
  63. I time boxed my online presence. I check Facebook only during breakfast, taxis or if I am waiting for some one.
  64. I minimized the number devices Now my devices now serve specific functions
  65. I deleted my phone app Just the way we remove junk food from the fridge to stick to a diet.
  66. I turned to reliable content sources I followed useful content from professionals only on twitter, LinkedIn and tech blogs.
  67. I use apps like Klout and Buffer to schedule sharing and wolfram alpha , retweet lab tell me on the good times to post.
  68. The results are telling
  69. I’ve found myself refreshed, focused, and energetic.
  70. I re-discovered the beauty of the world beyond inbox, newsfeeds and comments.
  71. I was easy to love and loathe, it was arduous to step back, breathe in and to look at one self in the mirror.
  72. And the journey continues… #LifeIsOn #FullVolume
  73. Love, Loathe And Learn Why I Loved, Then Loathed And Finally Learned From Facebook
  74. By a President aspirant, amateur author, doting dad, experimental entrepreneur, passionate photographer, social media evangelist, tireless traveler, happenstance humanoid - Rajesh Soundararajan | @rajeshsound