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2 imc planning process


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2 imc planning process

  1. 1. IMC - Prof. Rajesh Satpathy
  2. 2. IMC Planning ProcessBefore a manager (You!) can begin to think of specific marketingcommunications issue, it is very important to carefully analyzewhat is known about the market...This means that the first step in the IMC strategic planningprocess is to outline the relevant market issues that are likely toeffect a brand’s communications. The best source of informationeffect a brand’s communications. The best source of informationwill be the marketing plan, since all marketing communicationefforts should be in support of the marketing plan.
  3. 3. IMC Planning ProcessAfter a review of the marketing plan, it is time to begin the fivestep strategic planning process. First, target audience actionobjectives will need to be carefully considered. Most marketshave multiple target groups, and as a result, there may be anumber of communication objectives required to reach them.In fact, it is for this very reason that a brand generally needs moreIn fact, it is for this very reason that a brand generally needs morethan one level of communication, occasioning the necessity ofIMC.
  4. 4. IMC Planning ProcessAfter identifying the appropriate target audience, it will be time tothink about overall marketing communication strategy. This beginsat the second step in the strategic planning process byconsidering how purchase decisions are made in the category.Then the manager must optimize message development tofacilitate that process, which involves steps three and four,facilitate that process, which involves steps three and four,establishing the positioning and setting communicationobjectives. Finally, in step five, the manager must decide how tobest deliver the message.
  5. 5. IMC Plan…Premium Segment
  6. 6. IMC Plan…Premium Segment
  7. 7. IMC Plan… Economy Segment
  8. 8. IMC Plan…Mass Market Segment
  9. 9. IMC Planning ProcessThe first step in strategic planning for IMC is to review themarketing plan in order to understand the market in general andwhere a brand fits relative to its competition. What is it about thebrand, company, or service that might bear upon what is said tothe target audience?There are at least six broad questions that a manager/you shouldThere are at least six broad questions that a manager/you shouldanswer before beginning to think specifically about the IMC plan.
  10. 10. IMC Plan…Marketing Background Questions
  11. 11. IMC Planning ProcessWhat is being marketed ?You should write out a description of the brand so that anyonewill immediately understand what it is and what specific need itsatisfies. Taking time to focus one’s attention like this on thedetails of a brand often enables the you to see it in a clearer light.This is also very important, because it is just this information thatwill serve as a background for the people who will be creating andexecuting the brands ’ marketing communication.
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  13. 13. IMC Planning ProcessWhat is known about the market and where the brand willcompete ?What we are looking for here is the knowledge about the marketthat is going to influence how successful the brand is likely to be.Is the market growing, are there new entries, have there beenrecent innovations or even bad publicity? While enoughrecent innovations or even bad publicity? While enoughinformation must be provided for a good understanding of themarket, the description should be simple and highlight only themost relevant points.
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  15. 15. IMC Planning ProcessWhat is known about major competitors ? What are the keyclaims made in the category?What are the creative strategies being used, what types ofexecutional approaches and themes? Something else to considerhere is an evaluation of the media tactics being used bycompetitors.competitors.What seems to be their mix of marketing communication options,and how do they use them? All of this provides a picture of thecommunications environment within which the IMC program willoperate.
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  17. 17. IMC Planning ProcessWhere will sales and usage come from?You need to look at this question both in terms of competitivebrands and the consumer. To what extent is the brand looking tomake inroads against key competitors? Will the brand competeoutside the category? Where specifically will customers or usersof the brand come from? What, if anything, will they be giving up?of the brand come from? What, if anything, will they be giving up?Will they be changing their behavior patterns?This is really the first step toward defining a target audience, andbegins to hint at how a better understanding of the target willlead to the most suitable IMC options to reach the targetaudience.
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  19. 19. IMC Planning ProcessWhat are the brand ’ s marketing objectives?This should include not only a general overview of the marketingobjective, but specific share or financial goals as well. Whenavailable, the marketing plan should provide these figures.Otherwise, it is important to estimate the financial expectationsfor the brand. If the IMC program is successful, what will happen?This is critical because it will provide a realistic idea of how muchmoney can reasonably be made available for the marketingcommunication program.
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  21. 21. IMC Planning ProcessHow is marketing communication expected to contribute to themarketing objective?It is likely that marketing communication will be expected to makea number of contributions toward meeting the marketingobjectives. This is where the you as a manager begin to get anidea of just how much will be expected from the IMC program,idea of just how much will be expected from the IMC program,and the extent to which multiple messages and different types ofmarketing communication might be required.
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  23. 23. Selecting a target audience…In developing an effective integrated communications and pro-motion program. Marketers / you must do the following:Identify the target audience… determine the communicationobjectives… design a message… choose the media through whichto send the message… select the message source… and collectfeedback…Target Audience Selection
  24. 24. Selecting a target audience…A marketing communicator starts with a clear target audience inmind. The audience may be current users or potential buyers,those who make the buying decision or those who influence it.The audience may be individuals, groups, special publics, or thegeneral public. The target audience will heavily affect thecommunicator’s decisions on what will be said, how it will be said,communicator’s decisions on what will be said, how it will be said,when it will be said, where it will be said, and who will say it.
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  26. 26. Selecting a target audience…Determining the Communication Objectives…Once the target audience has been defined, marketers mustdetermine the desired response. In many cases, they will seek apurchase response. But purchase may result only after a lengthyconsumer decision-making process.The marketing communicator needs to know where the targetaudience now stands and to what stage it needs to be moved.
  27. 27. Selecting a target audience…The target audience may be in any of six buyer-readiness stages,the stages consumers normally pass through on their way tomaking a purchase. These stages include awareness, knowledge,liking, preference, conviction, and purchase.The marketing communicator’s target market may be totallyunaware of the product, know only its name, or know only a fewunaware of the product, know only its name, or know only a fewthings about it. Thus, the communicator must first buildawareness and knowledge.
  28. 28. Buyer-Readiness StagesIt means the stages consumers normally pass through on theirway to a purchase, including awareness, knowledge, liking,preference, conviction, and, finally, the actual purchase.Buyer-Readiness Stages
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