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12 a online social marketing


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12 a online social marketing

  1. 1. IMC - Prof. Rajesh Satpathy
  2. 2. Online Marketing & AdvertisingThe connections you and your business make are of paramountimportance today. Developing strategic relationships vianetworking events has been the traditional means of making newbusiness contacts.There are two main types of online networking, Online socialnetworking and Online business networking. Online socialnetworking and Online business networking. Online socialnetworking is a service focusing on building relationships amongconsumers and online business networking is a service focusingon building relationships between businesses.
  3. 3. Online Marketing & AdvertisingOnline advertisingOnline advertising also known as internet marketing, onlinemarketing or e-marketing, is the marketing and promotion ofproducts or services over the Internet.Examples of online advertising include contextual ads on searchengine results pages, banner ads, blogs, rich media ads, socialnetwork advertising, online classified advertising, advertisingnetworks, dynamic banner ads, cross-platform ads and e-mailmarketing, including e-mail spam. Many of these types of ads aredelivered by an ad server.
  4. 4. Online Marketing & AdvertisingHistory of online advertisingOnline advertising began in 1994 when HotWired sold the firstbanner ads to several advertisers. Revenue in the United Statesgrew to an estimated $7.1 billion in 2001 or about 3.1 percent ofoverall advertising spending.The dot-com bust destroyed or weakened many of the earlyonline advertising industry players and reduced the demand foronline advertising and related services.
  5. 5. Online Marketing & AdvertisingBusinesses began to move their advertising efforts into areas bymaking wide use of social media from 2009.The social media includes social networking tools such asFacebook, Twitter, Hi-5, social news tools such as Reddit, Digg,Propeller, social photo & video sharing tools such as Photobucket,Flickr, YouTube and social bookmarking tools such as Del.icio.usFlickr, YouTube and social bookmarking tools such as Del.icio.usand Simpy.One of the advantages of social media advertising is propertargeting of market through the use of the users’ demographicinformation provided.
  6. 6. Digital Influence on Consumer @ 2013
  7. 7. Online Marketing & AdvertisingCompetitive advantage over traditional advertising:One major benefit of online advertising is the immediatepublishing of information and content that is not limited bygeography or time.The emerging area of interactive advertising presents freshchallenges for advertisers who have until now adopted aninterruptive strategy.
  8. 8. Online Marketing & AdvertisingAnother benefit is the efficiency of the advertisers investment.Online advertising allows for the customization of advertisements,including content and posted websites.For example, AdWord, Yahoo! Search Marketing and GoogleAdSense enable ads to be shown on relevant web pages oralongside search results.alongside search results.
  9. 9. Digital Influence on Consumer @ 2013
  10. 10. Online Marketing & AdvertisingOnline advertisement:The internet has become an ongoing emerging source that tendsto expand more and more. The growth of this particular mediumattracts the attention of advertisers as a more productive sourceto bring in consumers.A clear advantage consumers have with online advertisement isthe control they have over the product, choosing whether tocheck it out or not.
  11. 11. Online Marketing & AdvertisingOnline advertisements may also offer various forms of animation.In its most common use, the term "online advertising" comprisesall sorts of banner, e-mail, in-game, and keyword advertising,including on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.Web-related advertising has a variety of ways to publicize andreach a niche audience to focus its attention to a specific group.reach a niche audience to focus its attention to a specific group.Research has proven that online advertising has given results andis a growing business revenue. Jupiter Research predicted $34.5billion in US online advertising spending.
  12. 12. Online Marketing & AdvertisingTypes of Internet marketing/ Online Advertising:Internet marketing is broadly divided into the following types:Display advertising: the use of web banners or banner ads placedon a third-party website or blog to drive traffic to a companysown website and increase product awareness.Search engine marketing (SEM): a form of marketing that seeks topromote websites by increasing their visibility in search engineresult pages (SERPs) through the use of either paid placement,contextual advertising, and paid inclusion, or through the use offree search engine optimization techniques also known as organicresult.
  13. 13. Display Advertising
  14. 14. Search Engine Optimization Technique SEO in search engineresult pages (SERPs)
  15. 15. Online Marketing & AdvertisingSearch engine optimization (SEO): the process of improving thevisibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the"natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.Social media marketing: the process of gaining traffic or attentionthrough social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn.LinkedIn.Email marketing: directly marketing a commercial message to agroup of people using electronic mail.
  16. 16. Social Media Marketing @ FB
  17. 17. Social Media Marketing @ FB
  18. 18. E Mail Marketing @ Inbox
  19. 19. Online Marketing & AdvertisingReferral marketing: a method of promoting products or servicesto new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth.Affiliate marketing: a marketing practice in which a businessrewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customerbrought about by the affiliates own marketing efforts.Content marketing: the process of creating specialized contentsuch as info-graphics, blog articles and e-books to attract morecustomers.Inbound marketing: involves creating and freely sharinginformative content as a means of converting prospects intocustomers and customers into repeat buyers.
  20. 20. Digital Influence on Consumer @ 2013
  21. 21. Online Marketing & AdvertisingVideo marketing: This type of marketing specializes in creatingvideos that engage the viewer into a buying state by presentinginformation in video form and guiding them to a product orservice.Online video is increasingly becoming more popular amonginternet users and companies are seeing it as a viable method ofinternet users and companies are seeing it as a viable method ofattracting customers.
  22. 22. Digital Influence on Consumer @ 2013
  23. 23. Online Marketing & AdvertisingBusiness Models:Internet marketing is associated with several business models:E-commerce: a model whereby goods and services are sold directly to aconsumer or business.Lead-based websites: a strategy whereby an organization generatesvalue by acquiring sales leads from its website. Similar to walk-incustomers in retail world. Lead-based marketing, or commissionadvertising, means you only pay for the results. Lead-based marketingworks because it requires a commitment from both parties in order tosucceed. Lead-based marketing takes the guesswork out of thecost/booking equation. If you know the percentage of people who bookafter requesting a brochure, then you know the monetary value of alead.
  24. 24. E Commerce @ B2C
  25. 25. Lead Based Websites
  26. 26. Lead Based Website of Mahindra XUV 500
  27. 27. Online Marketing & AdvertisingAffiliate Marketing: a process wherein a product or servicedeveloped by one entity is sold by other active sellers for a shareof profits.Affiliate marketing is one of the most versatile methods of onlineadvertising in which advertisers / clients (online merchants thatsell products or services) pay publishers / affiliates (independentsell products or services) pay publishers / affiliates (independentparties that promote the products or services of an advertiser /Client on their Web site) only for results / performance, like avisitor making a purchase or filling out a form, rather than payingsimply to reach a particular audience.
  28. 28. Affiliate Marketing
  29. 29. Affiliate Marketing
  30. 30. Online Marketing & AdvertisingRevenue Models:The three most common ways in which online advertising ispurchased are CPM, CPC, and CPA.>> CPM (Cost Per Mille) or CPT (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)This is when advertisers pay for exposure of their message to aspecific audience. "Per mille" means per thousand impressions, orloads of an advertisement. However, some impressions may notbe counted, such as a reload or internal user action.>> CPV (Cost Per Visitor) This is when advertisers pay for thedelivery of a Targeted Visitor to the advertisers website.
  31. 31. Online Marketing & Advertising>> CPV (Cost Per View) This is when advertisers pay for eachunique user view of an advertisement or website.>> CPC (Cost Per Click) or PPC (Pay per click) This is whenadvertisers pay each time a user clicks on their listing and isredirected to their website.CPC differs from CPV in that each click is paid for regardless ofwhether the user makes it to the target site.
  32. 32. Online Marketing & Advertising>> CPA (Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition) or PPF (Pay PerPerformance) advertising is performance based and is common inthe affiliate marketing sector of the business. In this paymentscheme, the publisher takes all the risk of running the ad, and theadvertiser pays only for the number of users who complete atransaction, such as a purchase or sign-up.The following are common variants of CPA:CPL (Cost Per Lead) advertising is identical to CPA advertisingand is based on the user completing a form, registering for anewsletter or some other action that the merchant feels willlead to a sale.CPS (Cost Per Sale), PPS (Pay Per Sale), or CPO (Cost PerOrder) advertising is based on each time a sale is made.
  33. 33. Online Marketing & AdvertisingeCPM: Effective CPM or eCPM calculated through otherconversion events such as Cost per Clicks, Cost per Downloads,Cost per Leads etc.For example when an advertiser getting Rs. 2 per download andfor 100,000 impressions you received 10 downloads worth Rs. 20,in this case your effective CPM or eCPM will bein this case your effective CPM or eCPM will be2*20*1000/100,000= Rs. 0.4Fixed Cost: Advertiser paying fixed cost for delivery frame bycampaign flight dates without any relevance to performance
  34. 34. Online Marketing & AdvertisingCost per conversion: Describes the cost of acquiring a customer,typically calculated by dividing the total cost of an ad campaign bythe number of conversions. The definition of "Conversion" variesdepending on the situation: it is sometimes considered to be alead, a sale, or a purchase.
  35. 35. Online Marketing & AdvertisingApproaches…One-to-one approachesIn a one-to-one approach, marketers target a user browsing theInternet alone and so that the marketers messages reach the userpersonally.This approach is used in search marketing, for which theadvertisements are based on search engine keywords entered bythe users. This approach usually works under the pay per click(PPC) method.
  36. 36. Online Marketing & AdvertisingAppeal to specific interestsWhen appealing to specific interests, marketers place anemphasis on appealing to a specific behavior or interest, ratherthan reaching out to a broadly defined demographic. Thesemarketers typically segment their markets according to age group,gender, geography, and other general factors.gender, geography, and other general factors.For example if the user is searching for coffee, the search enginepublishes ads related to coffee.
  37. 37. Online Marketing & AdvertisingNiche MarketingIn conventional niche marketing, clusters of consumers (the niche)are identified in order to more economically and efficiently targetthem. Similarly, niche internet marketing attempts to create amore direct advertising message for those who are seen as mostlikely to buy the product being advertised.Niche internet marketing focuses on marketing products andservices which are, or can appear, tailor-made for a specific subsetof consumers who are expected to buy the product or servicewith a specific motivation, the niche internet marketer canattempt to increase the likelihood that their productsadvertisement will be seen by customers in the relevant niche.
  38. 38. Online Marketing & AdvertisingGeo-TargetingIn Internet marketing, geo-targeting is the methods ofdetermining the geo-location of a website visitor with geo-location software, and delivering different content to that visitorbased on his or her location, such as latitude and longitude,country, region or state, city, metro code or zip code, organization,Internet Protocol (IP) address, ISP, and other criteria.Internet Protocol (IP) address, ISP, and other criteria.
  39. 39. Online Marketing & AdvertisingTypesThough, as seen above, the large majority of online advertisinghas a cost that is brought about by usage or interaction of an ad,there are a few other methods of advertising online that onlyrequire a one time payment.Floating ad: An ad which moves across the users screen or floatsFloating ad: An ad which moves across the users screen or floatsabove the content.Expanding ad: An ad which changes size and which may alter thecontents of the webpage.Polite ad: A method by which a large ad will be downloaded insmaller pieces to minimize the disruption of the content beingviewedWallpaper ad: An ad which changes the background of the pagebeing viewed.
  40. 40. Online Marketing & AdvertisingPop-up: A new window which opens in front of the current one,displaying an advertisement, or entire webpage.Pop-under: Similar to a Pop-Up except that the window is loadedor sent behind the current window so that the user does not seeit until they close one or more active windows.Video ad: similar to a banner ad, except that instead of a static oranimated image, actual moving video clips are displayed. This isanimated image, actual moving video clips are displayed. This isthe kind of advertising most prominent in television, and manyadvertisers will use the same clips for both television and onlineadvertising.Map ad: text or graphics linked from, and appearing in or over, alocation on an electronic map such as on Google Maps.
  41. 41. Online Marketing & AdvertisingMobile ad: an SMS text or multi-media message sent to a cellphone.Superstitial: An animated ad on a Web page from EnlivenMarketing Technologies. It uses video, 3D content or Flash toprovide a TV-like advertisement.Interstitial ad: a full-page ad that appears before a user reachestheir original destination.Frame ad: an ad that appeared usually at the top with the sitelogo. As the user browsed the site, the frame would not change.
  42. 42. Online Marketing & AdvertisingAdvantages Social Media MarketingMost of the social sites are free to join and use. Just join and postyour message and if done right it can be read by thousands ofpeople.Other advantage of social media is search engines is that searchengines love social site and its content. If a post is done with a bitengines love social site and its content. If a post is done with a bitof research with long tail keywords then you never know it willshow up on top of search engines the way yahoo answers showsup.At this point Advantages and disadvantages of social mediamarketing look to me only advantageous, not disadvantageous.
  43. 43. Challenges: Online Marketing & AdvertisingAdvantages Social Media MarketingMost of the social sites are free to join and use. Just join and postyour message and if done right it can be read by thousands ofpeople.Other advantage of social media is search engines is that searchengines love social site and its content. If a post is done with a bitof research with long tail keywords then you never know it willshow up on top of search engines the way yahoo answers showsup.At this point Advantages and disadvantages of social mediamarketing look to me only advantageous, not disadvantageous.
  44. 44. Challenges: Online Marketing & AdvertisingDisadvantages Of Social Media MarketingDisadvantages of social media marketing are quite low ascompare to advantages but still there are some. Many marketernever realize that time is money. The way we get paid in real lifeon an hour basis the same way we lost money by spending hourson updating social media sites or setting up a campaign. Settingon updating social media sites or setting up a campaign. Settingup a marketing campaign on social media sites is an expert jobotherwise you will end up on a loosing side.So, Advantages And Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing alsodepends on outsourcing if you not doing it on your own.
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