Negotitation skills


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Negotitation skills

  1. 1. A Project By: Deepti, Harshala, Manisha & RajeshNegotiation Skills
  2. 2. Negotiation SkillsThe word "negotiation" originated from the Latinexpression, "negotiatus", which means "to carry onbusiness".Negotiation is a basic means of getting what you want fromothers by interactive communication designed to reach anagreement .
  3. 3. There must be at least two or more parties involvedThere should be a common interest between partiesShould have definite goals and objectivesAllow adequate time for the process1.2.3.4.Negotiation Skills
  4. 4. Negotiation SkillsThe Four Phases of NegotiationPLANDEBATEPROPOSEBARGAIN
  5. 5. Positive AttitudeKnowledge of Negotiation ProcessAn understanding of peopleA grasp of your subjectCreativity : Settle on a solution before you negotiateCommunication Skills1. Skills
  6. 6. Relate : Building a RelationshipExplore : Interest on both SidePropose : One concrete proposal addresses allunderlying interestsAgree : Compromising and create alternativeNegotiation Skills
  7. 7. Negotiation SkillsDistributive Negotiation Integrative NegotiationParties compete over the distributionof a fixed sum of value.The key question in a distributednegotiation is, “Who will claim themost value?”The Seller’s goal is to negotiate as higha price as possible; the Buyer’s goal isto negotiate as low a price as possible.There are many items and issues to benegotiated, and the goal of each side isto “create” as much value as possiblefor itself and the other side.The key questions is: “How can theresource best be utilized?”Parties cooperate to achieve maximizebenefits by integrating their interestsinto an agreement. This is also knownas a win-win negotiation.Types of Negotiation Skills in an Organization
  8. 8. Negotiation SkillsDistributive NegotiationHappy Man wants a CarI want by to buythis CarYes, sir! Howcan I help u?I want to buy thiscar $2000 to high,can I get this in$1500Sir, Fixed$2000, this carbla… bla ..FacilitiesBoth negotiated a lot andfinally the Happy Mangets the car at 1500$
  9. 9. Negotiation SkillsIntegrative NegotiationHamari Mangepuri karo!!2.5% ofWagesBonus onEvery DiwaliOk, Fine, I will Increase wages by 1.5%but on every two year & bonus will begiven if workers will work for 2 hoursextra every day
  10. 10. Negotiation SkillsCharacteristic Distributive IntegrativeOutcome Win-lose Win-winMotivation Individual gainJoint and individualgainInterests OpposedDifferent but notalways OppositeRelationship Short-termLonger or Short-termIssues involved Single MultipleAbility to maketrade-offsNot Flexible FlexibleSolution Not creative CreativeDISTRIBUTIVE VERSUS INTEGRATIVENEGOTIATION
  11. 11. Self Confidence, patient and sympathyKnow your Best Alternative to a negotiatedsettlement “BATNA”sKnow when to start, stop & your bottom lineIf other party respect you they will try harderto agree with youAware of non-verbal communicationNegotiation Skills
  12. 12. Learn to FlinchRecognize that people often ask more than they expect to getThe person with the most information usually does betterPractice at every opportunityMaintain your walk away powerA.B.C.D.E.Negotiation SkillsBATNAF.
  13. 13. Negotiation SkillsThe term BATNA was coined by Roger Fisher and William Ury in their book Getting toYes: Negotiating Without Giving In. Negotiators who have a strong, well-defined BATNAhave an advantage because they have a clear benchmark to which they can compare anynegotiated settlement
  14. 14. Negotiation SkillsClick hereNegotiation Skills
  15. 15. Negotiation Skills