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The Startup Marketer's Conundrum - Making the Most of Your Content


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Marketing is primarily measured by lead generation. But, the budgets available to marketing are rarely enough to meet targets. Worse, lead targets grow faster than budgets, which means the gap between the two will only increase. To bridge this gap, Marketers need to focus on organic inbound lead flow, which is a function of the overall awareness about the company and its products and services.

But, awareness generation is time-consuming, resource-intensive and is not easy to measure objectively. Which means that marketers are now hard-pressed to justify investing in activities that they know will pay off in the long term, but cannot show an ROI in the short-term.

The answer lies in leveraging the content that marketers are already creating to create new assets and publish them on different channels. This requires a holistic view of the marketing function as a whole, and a relentless focus on making the most of your content. View these slides to see some tips on what you can be doing.

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The Startup Marketer's Conundrum - Making the Most of Your Content

  1. 1. The Startup Marketer’s Conundrum 8 Tips to Make Your Marketing $ Go The Extra Mile Rajendran Nair Vice President, Marketing Rootstock Software
  2. 2. Hello! Rajendran is the Vice President, Marketing at Rootstock Software, the most comprehensive ERP solution for manufacturing, distribution and supply chain. Rajendran has more than two decades in enterprise software in roles ranging from development to product management to marketing. He was most recently at Intalio, one of the pioneers in enterprise class Business Process Management (BPM), where he was part of the team that turned the company around leading to a successful acquisition in Q4 of 2015. Prior to that, he had successful stints at SugarCRM, where he setup an enterprise-focused marketing team, and at CallidusCloud, where he was part of the team that transformed the company into the leading provider of cloud-based Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions. He has also served at Primavera, the leader in Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Qualcomm, and Siemens. Rajendran holds an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Santa Clara University, and a Masters in Software Systems from the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, India. You can look him up at
  3. 3. Who Is Rootstock ERP Software System Experts focused on Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution and Projects businesses What Rootstock Does Design, Develop, Sell, and Implement 100% Native ERP Software for companies that manufacture, distribute, service and/or repair goods Rootstock’s Target Market 1. Companies replacing legacy ERP with the cloud 2. Companies that are first time ERP buyers (growing) 3. Companies on the force platform needing to expand
  4. 4. Some Testimonials Pretty much every aspect of our business is covered by Rootstock, from purchasing to work order management, to field service and maintenance, bill of materials… everything. “ ” Steve Simons CIO Direct Energy Solar Rootstock has taken advantage of the Salesforce platform to deliver significantly larger value than your legacy ERP tool. “ ” Achyut Jajoo Global Lead, Manufacturing Industries Salesforce I think Rootstock is a gorgeous product that will make everyone forget about the early days of MRP, MRP2 and ABAP. “ ” Bruce Richardson Chief Enterprise Strategist Salesforce
  5. 5. What is the Startup Marketer’s Conundrum? Leads Budget Marketing is measured primarily by leads But you never have enough budget You need to generate organic inbound leads to meet this shortfall by creating awareness about your product/company Creating awareness - requires effort - takes time, and - is not easy to measure So, how do you justify spending on activities that - require time and resources - don’t have an immediate ROI - but are crucial to long-term success?
  6. 6. 1. Cover your bases 2. Repurpose your content 3. Leverage your customers 4. Reach out to the analysts 5. Stop being (press-) shy 6. Make your claim to fame 7. Salesforce 8. Find your force multipliers Leverage What You Are Already Doing
  7. 7. WebsiteWebsite Website Assets SEOSocial Media Blog 1: Cover Your Bases
  8. 8. 2. Repurpose Your Content Webinar Recording Blog Social Media Follow up Videos
  9. 9. 3. Leverage Your Customers You are already working with customers – Success stories – References (sales) Create new content – Press releases – Blogs Sign them up for campaigns – Webinars – Tradeshows – Meetups Create marketing artifacts – Quotes – Reviews – Awards – References (marketing)
  10. 10. 4. Reach Out to Analysts Brief analysts 2-3 times a year… its free – But don’t make it all about yourself – Give them something that will be useful… to them Broaden your outreach – Don’t limit yourself to the Gartners and Forresters of the world – Adopt a multi-channel strategy in your outreach Remember, this is a really long game – Don’t measure yourself by immediate results – There is no “free lunch”… but you can decide what you want to pay for
  11. 11. 5. Stop Being (Press-) Shy Put out a constant drumbeat of “press releases” – Its anything you want to announce • Product updates, quarterly/annual business updates, new customer wins, customer go-lives, success stories, webinars… – Use free wire services Start building up relationships – Engage with journalists and contributors that you want to target – Engage with anyone that has a strong interest in your domain – Give them a voice on as many of your channels as appropriate
  12. 12. 6. Make Your Claim to Fame • Lots of options – Stevie Awards, International Business Awards, CODIEs are the most popular multi-category awards – Domain-specific awards • Relatively inexpensive ($250 - $500/application) • Each entry is like your company’s resume – But only the current job • Some tips – Study the criteria very closely, make your case succinctly – Highlight results, but always provide context and benchmarks – Customer anecdotes add credibility to your claims – Don’t limit yourself to your achievements • Customer successes are legitimate too • …plus nominating them will get you brownie points
  13. 13. 7. Salesforce
  14. 14. 8. Find Your Force Multipliers Find – partners that you can have a mutually beneficial relationship with • typically means a huge overlap in the target customer segments – find things you can do together • Joint webinars, joint participation at tradeshows, dedicated events
  15. 15. A Quick Recap 1. Cover your bases 2. Repurpose your content 3. Leverage your customers 4. Reach out to the analysts 5. Stop being (press-) shy 6. Make your claim to fame 7. Salesforce 8. Find your force multipliers
  16. 16. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take “ ” - Wayne Gretzky Hockey Hall of Famer
  17. 17. Q&A Rajendran Nair 888.524.0123