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What Are The Types of Fiber Optic Cables?


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What Are The Types of Fiber Optic Cables?

  1. 1. Call : +971-50-8740112 What Are The Types of Fiber Optic Cables Fiber Optic Cables: We have all heard about the latest technological marvel that has had a major role to play in connecting the entire world and making the process of communication much easier and faster than ever imagined before. However, what we need to understand first is what exactly are fiber optic cables ? If you are planning for fiber optic cabling in Dubai, visit, a subsidiary of Techno Edge Systems LLC , one of the leading cabling services in Dubai. What Are They? Fiber optic cables, also known as optical fiber cables are wiring systems similar to electric cables, with the exception that they contain protective optical fibers that help transmit light, which is why the data can travel at near light speeds through the cables, theoretically. Types of Fiber Optic Cables: There are essentially 3 types of fiber optic cables and all the various types of cables marketed by various companies fall under these three options. Single Mode Optical Cable: These are the simplest among all the options and are called as single mode fiber cables also. They characteristically have very small core diameters, somewhere in the range of 5 to 9.5 um. This functional core is surrounded by a cladding of about 125 um diameter. This cladding is covered by a jacket to
  2. 2. provide it mechanical protection and prevent damage. They are capable of carrying signals over long distances with reasonably low loss of signal and are used in communications systems throughout the world. Multimode Fiber Optic Cables: The remaining two options fall under the multimode fiber optic cables segment. They typically have much larger diameters than single mode options with diameters of the range 100 um- 970 um. There are several cladding options to choose from like glass fiber which is both core and cladding made of glass, plastic- clas silica which means plastic cladding and glass core, and plastic fibers which have both the core and cladding made of plastic. Though they have higher transmission loss compared to single mode fibers, they are excellent over short to medium distances and make more sense since more signals can be transmitted. These are essentially of 2 types which are Step Index and Graded Index fibers. They are mostly used in scenarios where signals of different wavelengths need to be transmitted and multiple functions are required like data processing systems, scanning, telecommunication and imaging. Conclusion: While you now know about the various types of fiber optic cables available in the market, there are still several technicalities which can only be understood through years of experience in the field. This is why it is best to get such work done by experienced organizations like, a pioneer and leader in the field of cabling services in Dubai! Just get in touch with us and we will let you know more! Contact Address Techno Edge Systems LLC Talib, Moosa, MAHD & Khalid BLDG. 312/32 Street DM.18 SHOP 9 Bur Dubai, Dubai, U.A.E. P .O. Box- Dubai-116216 Call : +971-50-8740112/ 04 -2513636 Email : Website: