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Smabo – an IoT Smart Board


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This is a Idea in Incubation for a IoT Smart Board. Samsung has a similar one built into its Refrigerator in CES 2016. My idea was as incubated in 2015.

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Smabo – an IoT Smart Board

  1. 1. SMABO – An IoT Smart Board Abstract for a E-Ink Based Smart Board Integrated with Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth LE (Low Energy))
  2. 2. Origin of the Idea - SAMBO  The Idea came to me from the chaos at my home in the morning during working days and trying to remember many things, for you/others to take care of  I am sure many of us face this today and normally use a magnetic white board attached to the Refrigerator and a magnetic marker on the Fridge  Chances are the maid/family member will rub against the board and half of it will be garbage  The marker will not be locatable and it is mayhem in the morning hurry  Yes we do send messages each other but then the need for the scribbler on the Fridge is still very valuable  In today’s world of IoT and Smart Phones with IoT enabled do we really need a old Whiteboard and Marker  Why not have a Electronic Board where all family members can post messages from their smart phones/tablets – While in Shower or in the dressing Room and you suddenly remember something  That was just a beginning, then thinking about it the opportunities are many
  3. 3. Value Add - SMABO  Products exist already in market of similar nature, with E-ink to display text and picture. All these use Wi-Fi based solution like the Amazon’s Kindle. This demands a Wi-Fi SoC (System on Chip) to be integrated to the device to enable Wi-Fi reception.  Having a Wi-Fi SoC increases the Power Consumption, Foot Print, Need for a router to connect to the device  This proposal is to integrate Low Energy IoT Bluetooth Smart with E-Ink Device to enable Low power consumption and small Foot Print.  This will enable the device to be cheaper as the Bluetooth Smart is a IoT standard now being standardized across all mobile platforms.  Easiness of use – from kids to adults know how to send a message  Apple’s IoT Platform is based on Bluetooth Smart and so is Samsung IoT Platforms  App’s don’t exist now to interact with SMABO type devices – Being bound to Wi-Fi limits this  Being a IoT and integrated to Mobile device makes it convenient and easy for any one to use
  4. 4. Market for SMABO  Homes SMABO can be used as Message Boards where Family members can interact by leaving messages. 99% family members today have smart phones. So all they need to do is to have the smart phones/tablet connected to the SMABO IoT Device and type text in and post it. Identical to a plain white board with marker.  Schools/Commercial Establishments/Corporates  Dynamic Notice Boards, Smart Alert Displays on Desks, Emergency Alert Displays, Status Indicator Displays on Doors  Class Notice Boards, Bus Signage – Teachers and Bus Drivers can interface with SMABO  The Possibilities are innumerable  Being Bluetooth Smart IoT the communication is secure to the persons who’s devices are authorized to interface  Restaurants/Super Markets  Menu Display, Today’s Special Notice Boards, Price Details
  5. 5. Market for SMABO  Personalization  SMABO can be used as Message display on Smart tags on Bags and other Personal Articles to display Personalized message send from Smart Phones/Tablets  Advantage of SMABO is the Bluetooth Smart IoT which needs very Low energy and a small Lithium battery will run for months  Office  Scrum Boards where Engineers can post messages from their mobile devices  Design Rooms where people an sit at their seats and send messages for all to read and brain storm  On Scale up it could include pictures also
  6. 6. Product Specifications  Device should be as cheap as the existing one or close  Thickness has to be close to a whiteboard, no bigger than a Amazon kindle thickness  Needs to support new Smart Devices - Apple’s iPhone 6 came with platform for IoT and so is Google’s Marshmallow  Should not be Wi-Fi enabled and requires a complex set of accessories to interface  Can not be LCD/LED as these are prone to ghosting and dead pixels  Should have static texts, images and can still last for years with low or zero maintenance  No requirement to connect to a power source and Battery should last at least for a month with heavy usage  Posting should be as easy as opening the App, typing the message and press send  App will append the name of the person posting
  7. 7. Concept – SMABO MVP (Minimum Viable Product)  Develop a Smart Board (Customizable Sizes – Key fob to large display board) based on E- Ink and Low Energy IoT Bluetooth Smart Connectivity  Develop IoT App for Android which will help interact with SMABO  Integrated Battery on SMABO itself  Following is a picture of a Prototype I found on a open source community after this idea came to me. This prototype uses Wi-Fi SoC and not Bluetooth Smart SoC *Image is from a Open Source Community
  8. 8. Material and Software Sourcing  E-Ink Displays come custom built from  Messaging App needs to be Built from scratch  Mounting for Display needs to be built to custom specifications  Messaging protocol Bluetooth Smart - Unidirectional needs to be researched and integrated into the Messaging App