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Tips on how to get maximum gains by buying at international duty free shops


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The duty free shop located inside this international airport offers online shopping where you can conveniently browse and shop online prior to your departure.

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Tips on how to get maximum gains by buying at international duty free shops

  1. 1. Tips on How to Get Maximum Gains by Buying at International Duty Free Shops What is the difference between the regular stores and the duty free shops? Can you get benefited from shopping for duty free items? Such questions usually come around your thoughts when you are at one of the international airports around the world. However, shopping duty free does not mean that you can make substantial savings on a wide range of fabulous products. For getting the maximum returns on each dollar spent, you must know how to shop smart. There are certain tips which you must follow in order to enjoy a successful duty free shopping experience. It does not matter which destination you are travelling to. As the terms implies, duty free items are those products that are excluded from sales tax, VAT or custom duty placed on them. This makes them all the more attractive in the terms of price than those items which come along with duties and taxes. Commonly found in the airports or in flight shops, such items cater to the requirements of the international travelers. A wide array of merchandise is included in the duty free items. Some of them are high-end jewelry, liquor and perfumes of reputed brands etc. If you wish to make some substantial savings by purchasing some duty free products, there are certain points listed below that would help you do so. It would be a wise choice to look for items that carry a high duty rate such as liquor and tobacco. You can even buy big-ticket luxury items such as designer jewelry and fine watches etc. Hence, you can strike the best deals on percentageoff retail basis in this manner. When you shop duty-free, knowledge about the retail price of the item that you wish to buy would give you a fair idea of just about home much bargain you would get. Duty free shops and merchandise are available at locations that cater to the international travelers. They include international airports, ports and cruise ships and border towns. Sometimes, it is possible to buy duty-free on-board international flights. The duty free rules vary from country to country. It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the policies of the country you are travelling to or from before you end up shopping. The customs or border patrol agency or a travel agency located in that country can help you with the details of that country’s duty free laws. When shopping duty free at the international duty free shops, ensure that you procure the receipts for each and every item purchased and keep it handy. This would help you to move through customs and security checks quickly and most importantly without any incident. If you are a frequent traveler, then you must be aware of the fact that in many countries, duty free exemptions are valid only on monthly basis. Once you have
  2. 2. reached your duty free limit, you must wait for 30 days before you claim another duty free exemption. If you are travelling overseas and wish to make a duty free purchase of perfumes, cosmetics or alcohol etc. you can easily do so at the international duty free shops. Visit here: