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Finals version 2


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Infinite Bounce

Published in: Sports, Education
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Finals version 2

  1. 1. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ26:) Connect(Exhaustive List)
  2. 2. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  3. 3. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Wilfred Rhodes Syd Gregory Vinoo MankadThe only 3 batsmen, who came in all 11 positions in test cricket
  4. 4. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ27:) Official website of which famous person??
  5. 5. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  6. 6. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  7. 7. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECAudience Q:) 2006 Times of India Headline came into limelight in 2011 in terms of a Bollywood movie. What movie am I talking about?
  8. 8. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  9. 9. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  10. 10. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q28:) 2012 will see many tourist operators (particularly in Britain) offering special tours and cruises centered around places like Belfast and Southampton. This is expected to peak around April 2012.Belfast will also see the unveiling of a building (seen in accompanying image) built under a "Signature Project" floated a few years ago. It is slated to open on 31st March. All this is to mark the centenary of what?
  11. 11. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  12. 12. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  13. 13. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC The Titanic, whose construction was completed on 31st March 1912 and which sank on 15 April the same year. It was built in Belfast and set sail from Southampton.
  14. 14. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q29:) In 2004 he was the recipient of the Paul Harrison award for a lifetime of service to the rural poor. This award is given annually by the ChristianMedical College in Vellore, India, to its alumni. In 2007 he was awarded the R.R. Keithan Gold Medal by The Indian Academy of Social Sciences (ISSA) on 31December 2007. The citation describes him as "one ofthe most eminent scientists" of India. Recently he was involved in controversy. WHO ? (bit current affairs)
  15. 15. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  16. 16. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Dr. Binayak Sen Who was found guilty of helping the Naxalites
  17. 17. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q30:) Uys and Buys in AfrikaansCitserono and Tsicerono in Esperanto Dupont and Dupond in Swedish Schultze and Schulze in German How do we know this better??
  18. 18. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  19. 19. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  20. 20. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q31:) We see the claim to fame of the lady daily and theclaim to fame of the boy during some special occasion. What is being talked here?
  21. 21. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  22. 22. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Ruth Kedar is the designer of the Google logo andDenis Hwang design’s the Google doodle’s for festive seasons
  23. 23. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ32:) PSV Eindhoven fans used to refer to a particular strike duo as “Batman and Robben”. Together, they helped lead PSV to their 17th Dutch title. One half of the duo was obviously Arjen Robben. He was named“PSV co-player of the year” along with the other part of the pair. Identify the “Batman” of this pair, who pickedup the nickname because the famous theme song was played at the Philips Stadion every time he scored. Later the duo played in an English club together. Who is this Batman?
  24. 24. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  25. 25. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  26. 26. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ33:) An 1867 deal between two countries worth of sum of $ 7.2 million about what?
  27. 27. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  28. 28. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECIt happened 30th March 1867 - Alaska was purchased from Russia for sum of $ 7.2 million
  29. 29. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ34:) Connect(Exhaustive List):
  30. 30. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  31. 31. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  32. 32. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  33. 33. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q35:) These people are the dancers and theatre actors from Cape Town. Where have we seen them mostly?
  34. 34. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  35. 35. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Zoo zoo characters
  36. 36. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q36:) "Kung Fu" is a song by Ash, released as the first single from their album 1977 on 20 March 1995 - as a CD single, limited edition 7”, and standard 7” vinyl. The song was written in five minutes on Boxing Day 1994 at BelfastInternational Airport, and recorded in one take on the following day. The song lyrics reference martial arts movie star Jackie Chan and the song was even featured during the bloopers at the end of the Americanrelease of Chans film Rumble in the Bronx. Additionally, the songs intro is a sample from kung-fu flick Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind, starring Sammo Hung, which was being shown as part of a Channel 4 Kung-Fu film season shown over Christmas of that year. It is Sammos voice that can be heard in the sample. What did the band use as the album cover? (Hint: The album cover was selected in 1995)
  37. 37. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  38. 38. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  39. 39. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Audience Q:) ________ is composed of three arrows forming a mobius strip. The mobius strip is indicative of the “unendingness” of the thing represented by thesymbol, and the colour is representative of its nature. Which symbol?
  40. 40. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  41. 41. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  42. 42. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ37:) Where have u seen him in his younger days?
  43. 43. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  44. 44. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  45. 45. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q38:) Ben Lomond is a census-designated place inSanta Cruz County, California, United States, and also the name of the mountain to the west. Artesonraju, also referred to simply as "Arteson", is a distinctly pyramidal mountainpeak located in the Cordillera Blanca mountain range, a part of the Peruvian Andes. Either of the two is believed to have been the inspiration behind which logo ?
  46. 46. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  47. 47. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  48. 48. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q39:) Put Funda:
  49. 49. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  50. 50. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  51. 51. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ40:) What in the world of business is named after her?
  52. 52. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  53. 53. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Apple Lisa Computer
  54. 54. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q41:) He is Richard Stokes, a trainer with KPMG Finance Consultancy came to Delhi in 1999 and bought a ticket in 8th February and thought that he might soon be a part of a cricketing folklore, and surprisingly he became. How did he become the part of cricketing folklore in spite of having no relation with cricket?
  55. 55. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  56. 56. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECOnly man to have witnessed Jim Laker and Anil Kumble’s perfect 10
  57. 57. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q42:) Constance Bennett and Myrna Loy, among others, turned the script down. X only accepted because Capra promised he would double her salaryand she would be done in four weeks. She disliked thefilm so much she didnt even attend the Oscars; when she won for Best Actress she was found about to leave on a trip and was rushed to the ceremony,where she made her acceptance speech in a traveling suit. Who is X or Which legendary movie am I talking about?
  58. 58. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  59. 59. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  60. 60. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ43:) Initially “X” was not a part of the very thing we nowadays associate it with. Its introduction ishowever believed to have been made by Hans Gieng in 1543 in one of his works at Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen, although it’s requirement isquestioned till date. Initially the carrier of “X” had toreferretives -to luck and nemesis later “X” was added to a reference to Fortuna. What is “X”?
  61. 61. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  62. 62. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  63. 63. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECAudience Q:) Film based on the life of whom?
  64. 64. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  65. 65. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Abdul Karim Telgi
  66. 66. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ44:) The FIFA Presidential Award is an Association football award givenannually at the FIFA World Player Gala. It was first awarded by theincumbent President of FIFA Sepp Blatter in 2001, and has beenawarded each year since. 2001- Marvin Lee 2002- ???? 2003- Iraq Soccer community 2004- Haiti 2005- Anders Frisk 2006- Giacinto Fachhetti 2007- Pele 2008- Women’s Association Football 2009- Queen Rania of Jordan 2010- Desmond Tutu 2011- Alex Ferguson
  67. 67. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  68. 68. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  69. 69. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q45:) He is King Chephren, what said to have been modeled on him?
  70. 70. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  71. 71. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  72. 72. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ46:) He is Sebastian DSouza, a picture editor at the Mumbai Mirrormagazine. What was his famous and brave move, that was used and telecasted by all the news channels of India and rest of the world?
  73. 73. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  74. 74. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  75. 75. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q47:) Iain Stewart Macmillan was the Scottish photographer. After growing up in Scotland, he moved toLondon to become a professional photographer. Macmillan was given only ten minutes around 11:30 that morning(08.08.1969). What was the outcome then?
  76. 76. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  77. 77. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  78. 78. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBECQ48:) Duncan White was the 1st to achieve this fame way back in 1948 and 52 years later X again achieved the same fame and till to date they are the only two from their country to achieve this record. Tell me who is this X?
  79. 79. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  80. 80. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC X= Susantika Jaysinghe only two Sri Lankan athlete to win the Olympic medal till to date
  81. 81. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q49:) X originally belongs to a farmer family, during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, X was posted at the border in the Khem Karan sector. X was the sole survivor of an enemy attack—variously claimed tohave been a bomb, an aerial assault and an exchange of fire at the border—while X was driving a truck. Now X is in a completely different field and has become a household name. Who is this X?
  82. 82. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  83. 83. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  84. 84. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC Q50 :) Mel Blanc was the voice for many famous cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny and Barney Rubble. What would you find engraved on the headstone of his grave?
  85. 85. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  86. 86. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  87. 87. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  88. 88. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  89. 89. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  90. 90. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  91. 91. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  92. 92. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC
  93. 93. ENQUESTA “2012”, COENSOBEC