Enquesta prelims answers


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Prelims version of Intra College Quiz competition in BESU, SHIBPUR

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Enquesta prelims answers

  2. 2. COENSOBEC **Q1:)Poster of which famous movie?
  5. 5. COENSOBEC Q2:) It is a Japanese manufacture, foundedin July 1973 by Foster Electric Co. Ltd., has todayover 20,000 employees in nine countries. It is thesole manufacturer of which worldwide famousproduct??
  7. 7. COENSOBECApple IPod, I phones original earbuds
  8. 8. COENSOBECQ3:) In 1990 Brian Skiff and Edward Bowell, twoastronomers at the Lowell observatory, decided to rename Asteroids 4147,4148,4149 and 4150 as atribute to a bunch of people whom they had been fans of for more than 25 years. Who were they named after?
  10. 10. COENSOBECThe Evergreen Beatles
  11. 11. COENSOBECQ4:) Which famous word was 1st introduced in this magazine?
  12. 12. COENSOBEC
  13. 13. COENSOBEC Dude
  14. 14. COENSOBEC **Q5:) “No dumpings for the sake of it -selectors, coaches and captain must keep their nerve” was an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 13th November 2011. What’s the significance of this article?
  15. 15. COENSOBEC
  16. 16. COENSOBECLast Article of Peter Roebuck
  17. 17. COENSOBEC Q6:) In an attempt to define this South African ethic and humanist philosophy, Archbishop Desmond Tutu stated the following:"A person with ___________ is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others areable and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed." What modern-day product takes its name from the abovementioned philosophy mostly because it is based on the same principle?
  18. 18. COENSOBEC
  19. 19. COENSOBEC
  20. 20. COENSOBECQ7:) Connect(Specific)
  21. 21. COENSOBEC
  22. 22. COENSOBECThey were the bowlers, when Sachin and Sehwag scored their 200th run
  23. 23. COENSOBECQ8:) Lego recreation of what?
  24. 24. COENSOBEC
  25. 25. COENSOBEC
  26. 26. COENSOBECQ9:) Identify them ???
  27. 27. COENSOBEC
  28. 28. COENSOBEC
  29. 29. COENSOBEC**Q10:) No need to say the person in the left, just tell me who is this young girl?
  30. 30. COENSOBEC
  31. 31. COENSOBECArfa Karim Randhawa, the2nd youngest Microsoftprogrammer, died at theage of 16 in January 2012
  32. 32. COENSOBECQ11:) Joshua McEarchen, currently playing for Chelsea, what is his unique claim to fame?
  33. 33. COENSOBEC
  34. 34. COENSOBECBorn after Champions league new format started in 1992
  35. 35. COENSOBECQ12:) Identify him or tell me which incident made him popular in India?
  36. 36. COENSOBEC
  37. 37. COENSOBEC The New Zealand Journalist Paul Henry, whomispronounced the name of Sheila Dixit as “Dick Shit”
  38. 38. COENSOBECQ13:) Identify the athlete and which famous incident is associated with him?
  39. 39. COENSOBEC
  40. 40. COENSOBEC Derek Redmond, the man who wasdisqualified in 1992 400 meter semi final due to hamstring injury and he finished the race with the help of his father
  41. 41. COENSOBECQ14:) In the UK theatrecircuit, a bright lightplaced at eye level, infront of the performer,which helps to hidewrinkles is named inher honor (because shealways used to insist onone) after her firstname. Who?Clue: One of the only four actresses to winthe Best Actress Oscar and the WorstActress Razzy.
  42. 42. COENSOBEC
  43. 43. COENSOBECFaye Dunaway
  44. 44. COENSOBEC**Q15:) Data Wind is a company manufacturing andmarketing wireless web access products, originally foundedin Montreal in 2001 by brothers Suneet and Raja Tuli fromthe Indian state of Punjab. Now headquartered inLondon, the company also has offices in Amritsar, India;Dallas, Texas; and Mississauga, Ontario.With its research and development based in Montreal, thecompany until 2010 marketed its production primarily inthe UK, where it is registered as an LLC. In 2004, thecompany was described as a "small tech shop“.Why it is in news recently?
  45. 45. COENSOBEC
  46. 46. COENSOBECAakash manufacturer
  47. 47. COENSOBECQ16:) Although this is never actually explicitly shown in the film, the last names of which these iconic Hindi film characters are Manohar and Bhopali respectively and they are listed on IMDB as such. Which two characters?
  48. 48. COENSOBEC
  49. 49. COENSOBECAmar Manohar and Prem Bhopali from Andaz Apna Apna
  50. 50. COENSOBEC Q17:) This is a French professional wrestler named MauriceTillet, known as “The French Angel” fought in the early 1940s. His usual finishing move was the bearhug. In his twenties, hedeveloped acromegaly, a rare disease that causes bones to grow wildly and uncontrollably. what did he inspire?
  51. 51. COENSOBEC
  52. 52. COENSOBEC
  53. 53. COENSOBECQ18:) This is a dish circulated among soldiers quite frequently during the WWII.Which often used technical term thus derived from it?
  54. 54. COENSOBEC
  55. 55. COENSOBECSpiced + Ham= Spam
  56. 56. COENSOBECQ19:) The lesser known founders of this company are Otto Scott and Ernst Abbe. This one of theoldest existing manufacturers in its domain in the world. On 27 April 2005 the company announced acollaboration with Nokia in the phone market. Thefirst product to emerge out of this collaboration is the Nokia N90. Id the company??
  57. 57. COENSOBEC
  58. 58. COENSOBECCarl Zeiss AG
  59. 59. COENSOBEC**Q20:) After the release of the movie Rasputin and the Empress in 1932, the model for Prince Natasha filed a lawsuit against MGM claiming invasion of privacy. What resulted after this incident?
  60. 60. COENSOBEC
  61. 61. COENSOBEC
  62. 62. COENSOBECQ21:) This was a famous lake in Switzerland named Alpenraush, what’s its present name?
  63. 63. COENSOBEC
  64. 64. COENSOBECYash Chopra lake
  65. 65. COENSOBEC Q22:) Simba Toys is world’s one of the biggest toy manufacturing company founded in 1982 by Fritz Sieber with his son Michael and five employees.the SIMBA DICKIE GROUP now incorporates several successful, independent companies that cover all areas of the toy market.Simba Toys had entered into an exclusive alliance tomanufacture and merchandise X for the first time in India. X is available in various sizes 26inch, 17inch, 10inch and 7inch, priced between 299 to 2499. What is X? Hint:( Simba Toys has a collaboration with ICC)
  66. 66. COENSOBEC
  67. 67. COENSOBEC
  68. 68. COENSOBECQ23:) Poster ofWhich movie?
  69. 69. COENSOBEC
  70. 70. COENSOBEC
  71. 71. COENSOBEC Q24:) Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY 1977 - 1981.Utica College, Utica, New York Bachelor of Science degree in computer science 1981 - 1986. Who is this person am I talking about ?
  72. 72. COENSOBEC
  73. 73. COENSOBEC Andy Rubin
  74. 74. COENSOBEC**Q25:) While recovering from World War I wounds, army sergeant DeWitt Wallace read scores ofmagazines and articles to while away the time. It wasthen that he realized that some articles had far more enduring appeal and interest than others, and that even these could be improved by vigorously condensing them and focusing on the essentials. Keeping this In mind, What did he create?
  75. 75. COENSOBEC
  76. 76. COENSOBEC
  77. 77. COENSOBEC
  78. 78. COENSOBEC
  79. 79. COENSOBEC
  80. 80. COENSOBEC
  81. 81. COENSOBEC
  82. 82. COENSOBEC
  83. 83. COENSOBEC
  84. 84. COENSOBEC