HUL LIME4 WILDCARD Case Study By Marketing Mavericks


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We were one of the teams who got shortlisted via the Wildcard entry.

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  • 500 ml is also there.
  • Lifebuoy Touch targeted to our customer profile of young mothers and young kids moving beyond jhonson & jhonson
  • HUL LIME4 WILDCARD Case Study By Marketing Mavericks

    1. 1. Team – Marketing Mavericks Rajath Ravikumar Ankit Sharma Gaurav Rawat Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad
    2. 2. Agenda
    3. 3. Objectives
    4. 4. Findings
    5. 5. Findings from Retail ObservationFamily Singles• Prefer buying large volume packs to • Buy on need basis save (i.e. Go for bundled packs) • More concerned about convenience• Seek value for money and ease of use• Look for offers and discounts • Few of them picked up what was• Carefully evaluate the offers and decide visible to them.• Few of them were extremely brand • Though most of them had a loyal and looked for a specific brand. preferred brand, very few of them These consumers evaluated offers took the pain to look for their within the same brand and went for preferred brand when not available. the ones which offered more value for Most of them picked up one of the money. popular brands that was visible.• Few others didn’t mind switching between brands for better offers and • Very few of them looked for specific discounts. brandsWhat was common among both the audience was that both were brandconscious. All most all the correspondents preferred popular brands overnewly introduced brands despite great offers.
    6. 6. Findings from Direct Interview A customer with his family was shopping. He picked up Lifebuoy. When asked he told that he liked A customer with his wife was Lifebuoy and he preferred it over purchasing hand wash. He scanned all other brands. When asked about the available brands displayed and then his favorite variant in Lifebuoy he settled for Santoor . When enquired he replied that he had not tried all told as he found a good offer with the variants available. Santoor. He was earlier using Dettol and he looked around for an offer pack in Dettol, when he did not find the offer pack he switched to a new brand. He also went on to justify his purchase by telling that Santoor has apricot and Two girls were shopping they looked around. First glycerin which was something he they scanned Santoor offer pack, then checked out desired in a hand wash. Lifebuoy. Then they walked away only to pick up Lifebuoy in an other section. When interviewed, one of the girls replied that she had earlier used Lifebuoy and that Lifebuoy is a more trusted brand. When enquired about Dettol she replied that Dettol is A group or friends were shopping they equally preferred, and that she randomly picked up picked up 3, 185ml pouch’s of Lifebuoy. Lifebuoy as she noticed it first. When asked about the When suggested about picking up a variant she told she just picked up nature just900ml Can instead, which would be more randomly there was no logic behind it. When asked economical they replied telling that its about bundle packaging or offer packs instead of a was more convenient to use pouch pouch the other gal replied that its different withbased on their usage. Their decision was family buying and different when you are living single. based on ease of use and convenience.
    7. 7. Findings from Online Survey
    8. 8. Findings from Online Survey contd.
    9. 9. Findings from Online Survey contd.
    10. 10. Findings from Online Survey contd.
    11. 11. Findings from Online Survey contd. Please click on the link below to go to the online survey:
    12. 12. Findings from Online Survey: Conclusion
    14. 14. Dettol: Be 100% Sure“Healthy Handwash”
    15. 15. Dettol: Be 100% Sure “Healthy Handwash”Quantity(ml) Packaging Variants Price (Rs) Type Current Offer185 Pouch All 35 Refill Buy 3 get 1 free @ Rs105/-250 Plastic Bottle All 59 Dispen- One dettol Ser 185ml pouch free250 Bottle+Pump Original, 450 Dispen- New entry Cucumber Ser250 Bottle Original, 99 Cucumber900 Container All 155 Refill + 1, 185ml refill pouches of different variants
    16. 16. Fem Handwash
    17. 17. Fem HandwashQuantity(ml) Packaging Variants Price (Rs) Type Current Offer180 Pouch All 30 Refill250 Plastic Bottle All 60 Dispen ser1000 Container All 149 Refill +250ml Dispenser free (cross bundling)5000 Container All 580 Refill
    18. 18. Palmolive Naturals
    19. 19. Palmolive NaturalsQuantity(ml) Packaging Variants Price (Rs) Type Current Offer200 Pouch All 33 Refill250 Bottle All 60 Dispenser
    20. 20. Competitors offers which were attractingconsumers
    22. 22. Current existing sizesProduct Packaging Variant Price in Type Offer Rs185ml Pouch All 34 Refill215ml Dispenser Total & Active 54 Dispenser Free soap Fresh (Cross Variant of Lifebuoy) Dove soap200ml Dispenser Care & 49 Dispenser Free Soap Natural (Cross Variant Lifebuoy) Dove Soap900ml Can All 147 Refill Rs.99
    23. 23. Existing Problems•
    24. 24. Existing Problems
    25. 25. Existing Offers
    26. 26. Recommendations for offers andschemes
    27. 27. Recommendations for a newvariants
    28. 28. Recommendations for packaging
    29. 29. Product Display
    30. 30. Product Display
    31. 31. Recommendations for product displayFor Malls and departmental stores
    32. 32. Recommendations for product displayFor Malls and departmental stores
    33. 33. Recommendations for product displayFor Retail stores
    34. 34. Recommendations for activation/promotion
    35. 35. Recommendations for activation/promotion
    36. 36. THANK YOU