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Imaginea qa&automation

  1. 1. QA AND
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL and PRIVATE. Do not forward or share without writtenconsent from Imaginea. Copyright © 2011, Imaginea, Inc. the features, the release–we are product engineers. We test and own whole products, the experience, Our Differentiator
  3. 3. Acceleration with Imaginea• Blend of home-grown, open source, and commercial automation tools• Engineers with wide array of tools, automation skillsets and best practices• Proven expertise in choosing what to automate, tools and frameworks with a consistent focus on maintaining the quality of test cases• Test suites & frameworks for repeatability, coverage, efficiency• Integrated test solutions suitable for both startups and established shops• Rich history in automating product testing and web vulnerability testing since web app server days, we hire software development engineers in test
  4. 4. Imaginea Test Engineering Process Product explanation1 and Test strategy Vision & Test Planning, Processes, Tools, Complete test plan, architecture, test Performance Tests, Platform Certification, cases, use cases, scenario matrix, test definition Tech Pubs bed and infrastructure definition2 Functional QA Feature understandings, use case Complete test execution, build wise identification, Functional Testing (Manual, reports, adhoc, system,integration, Automated, Regression), blackbox and white box tests3 Automation and Automation scenario identification, Automation estimates, Test Regression framework development, unit and function development and scripts, regressions , test automation, nightly builds and reports RoI and test cycle time reduction Benchmark identification, Load parameter4 Performance and definitions, scalability and peak Stress, Load and reliability tests, Security testing injection attacks, DDOS, sniff tests performance definitions, Security parameter definition5 Platform Platform matrix identification, Interop Lab Interop testing, Platform certifications, certification setup, Automated platform test suites Browser compatibilities, Multi Platform testing6 Go To Market Use case driven testing, Fresh test Test Suites, Harness, Go-To-Market readiness Program infrastructure close to customer Testing, Alpha, Beta Testing, Product environment, Product Management and Docs, GA Mktg testing, Beta feedback
  5. 5. 1 Identify the Key Architect / Technical Lead consent from Imaginea. Copyright © 2011, Imaginea, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL and PRIVATE. Do not forward or share without written We invest upfront in identifying the product owner and single point of contact. Such a person comes with the right mix of technology and maturity, and is the key to success of the engagement.2 Assemble the Right Project Team Based on [1], the owner studies requirements and mode of engagement with client, and assembles a team with right mix of skills, attitude, and seniority for the assignment.3 Implement and Review Project We always work with a roadmap to prioritize and pace our work. We work in an Agile environment with high visibility for all stakeholders. Styles will differ between fixed bid and time/material projects. Onboarding Process Aimed To Please
  6. 6. consent from Imaginea. Copyright © 2011, Imaginea, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL and PRIVATE. Do not forward or share without written QA Management, DRI, Technical QAResponse Times, NPS tracking, Billing Manager Writing test cases, PoCs, Technical reports, team Principal QA upgrades, training Daily tickets, closures, development, communicating Senior QA Senior QA with Client engineersDaily tickets, implementations, QA Engineer QA Engineer QA Engineer resolutions, fixesTypical Team Structure
  7. 7. Automation Challenges• Automation is a development effort, not ‘record-n-playback’• And there are challenges:• Systems: Frequent changes and enhancements• Teams: Unrealistic expectations, wrong tools• Tools: Reuse/Adapting for new platform requirements• Challenge: Communication Gaps When Moving from Manual to Automation is one of the prime reasons for automation failures.
  8. 8. Case: BrighTest for agile applications• Built at Imaginea for product engineering efforts• Java-based tool built on Selenium–to keep the test suite up with the changes of an evolving code base• Rich test format with extensive test details. Use of XLS cuts down on the verbosity of ‘Selenese’ without compromising on the ease of recording or playback.• Have callbacks to scripts in other languages like Java. Python leverages LiveConnect.• Add commands with immediate integration, no browser restart needed.• Externalize key properties and templatize frequently used commands to provide DSL-like features.
  9. 9. Case: Bot-Bot, automating on Android• Selenium-like keyword-driven automation framework for native Android applications• Test-cases defined in csv format converted to Java files and then executed using TestNG execution framework, Selenium Native Driver and Ant• Server: Records user actions through Recorder and allows users to export their test-cases• Recorder: Tracks user actions at the android app side and then send them to the Server• Runner: Allows user to run their recorded test- cases on the actual android application as a suite• Generates HTML reports at end of test execution
  10. 10. Case: JDBC Compliance Test Suite• Global search platform provider wanted its drivers to be certified• Imaginea test suite helped the customer deliver robust, reliable SQL driver conforming to the JDBC 4.0 specifications• JDBC test suite covering 17 chapters with 1800 test cases• Transaction compliance of the driver against JTA and XA contracts• Leveraged our application server experience
  11. 11. 08:30 EST 12:30 EST9:00 IST India 18:00 IST India 22:00 IST India 9:00 IST India consent from Imaginea. Copyright © 2011, Imaginea, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL and PRIVATE. Do not forward or share without written Imaginea Client Updates Updates Plan, Work and Stage. Your AM Our PM Our AM Reviews, Tests, Reports Twice a Month Project Management Sync Up Daily Daily Close Extended offshore day Offshore Standup Of Day during release time Scrum Meetings Updates Wednesday Thursday Working across the globe has its advantages, if overlapping hours are used effectively and clear communication is established. Our teams in India share a 2 to 3 hours overlap – depending on the working hours. During Go Live, overlap can be up to 8 hours. Overlapping Hours: Making the most of “Follow The Sun”