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Pcf commands


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Compilation of PCF commands for reference

Published in: Technology
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Pcf commands

  1. 1. PCF Rajan Prasad Upadhyay Rajan p Upadhyay 1
  2. 2. PCF Keywords • Api endpoint • Org, spaces • Target • Push • logs • Scale • Service, cups service • Binding/unbinding • routes Rajan p Upadhyay 2
  3. 3. Basic Commands • Cf api • Cf login • Cf logout • Cf target Rajan p Upadhyay 3
  4. 4. Other commands • Cf apps • Cf app APP_NAME • Cf push APP_NAME • Cf push –f <manifest_file> -p<package_file> • Cf scale APP_NAME • Cf scale APP_name –i <instances_num> -k <disk_limit> -m<memory> -f • Cf delete APP_NAME -r Rajan p Upadhyay 4
  5. 5. More commands • Cf rename APP_NAME NEW_NAME • Cf start APP_NAME • Cf stop APP_NAME • Cf restart APP_NAME • Cf restage APP_NAME • Cf events APP_NAME • Cf restart-app-instance APP_NAME Index • Cf logs APP_NAME Rajan p Upadhyay 5
  6. 6. Even more commands • Cf env App_Name • Cf set-env APP_NAME <Key> <Value> • Cf unset-env APP_NAME <Key> Rajan p Upadhyay 6
  7. 7. Services command • Cf marketplace • Cf services • Cf service SERVICE_INSTANCE • Cf create-service SERVICE PLAN SERVICE_INSTANCE • Cf delete-service SERVICE_INSTANCE • Cf rename-service SERVICE_INSTANCE NEW_SERVICE_INSTANCE • Cf bind-service APP_NAME SERVICE_INSTANCE • Cf unbind-service APP_NAME SERVICE_INSTANCE • Cf create-user-provided-service SERVICE_INSTANCE • Cf update-user-provided-service SERVICE_INSTANCE • Eg. Create database user provided service in interactive mode cf cups SERVICE_NAME -p "url, username, password, encrypted" Rajan p Upadhyay 7
  8. 8. Org commands • Cf orgs • Cf org ORG_NAME • Cf create-org ORG_NAME • Cf delete-org ORG_NAME • Cf rename-org ORG_NAME NEW_ORG_NAME Rajan p Upadhyay 8
  9. 9. Spaces • Cf spaces • Cf space SPACE_NAME • Cf create-space SPACE • Cf delete-space SPACE • Cf rename-space SPACE NEW_SPACE Rajan p Upadhyay 9
  10. 10. Domain commands • Cf domains • Cf create-domain ORG DOMAIN • Cf delete-domain DOMAIN • -- shared domain can only be created by admins • Cf create-shared-domain DOMAIN • Cf delete-shared-domain DOMAIN Rajan p Upadhyay 10
  11. 11. Routes command • Cf routes • Cf create-route SPACE DOMAIN [-n HOST] • Cf check-route HOST DOMAIN • Cf map-route APP_NAME DOMAIN [-n HOST] • Cf unmap-route APP_NAME DOMAIN • Cf delete-orphaned-routes • -- routing is very important Rajan p Upadhyay 11
  12. 12. extra commands • Cf buildpacks • Cf feature-flags Rajan p Upadhyay 12
  13. 13. Blue Green JVM • For zero down-time in production • Route = host + shared_domain • We can have many routes point to same application • Blue Gree JVM • deploy application in PR with a non production route. One prefixed green and one prefixed blue • Create the production route manually: without mapping to any jvm • Which ever instance is tested, point the PR_ROUTE to that jvm instance Rajan p Upadhyay 13
  14. 14. Blue green jvm example • Say in PR, an application ABC needs to be deployed with a route abc. Where and host=abc • Deploy the application with a host green-abc and app-name green-abc ie route = • Create the abc route manually cf creae-route <SPACE> –n abc • When testing is finished with the application and it ok, map the route cf map-route ABC –n abc • Now route abc. will also point to the application ABC in addition to • you can unmap the green-abc route from the application Rajan p Upadhyay 14
  15. 15. Blue green jvm example continued • Next time you have some change in code and want to deploy in PR • Deploy it with host blue-abc with a new applicationName blue-abc. • So the new instance will have a mapped route of • Lets say the testing is complete and you want to make this the production version. You can map the abc route to blue-abc application. Cf map-route blue-abc –n abc • Now the route abc. will be pointing to both the instances green- abc and blue-abc • Now unmap the route from the green-abc instance so that it will only point to blue-abc instance • Cf unmap-route green-abc –n abc • If some problem is discovered and you want to backout the changes, simply map the route to green-abc and unmap it from blue-abc. Rajan p Upadhyay 15