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A short Olympic Quiz - Enjoy!!!

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  1. 1. Snatch, Clean, Jerk…. Quiz on Olympics Rajan and Manish
  2. 2. RULES• Olympics supposedly started in 776BC. Hence we have plenty of material for 50 questions.• Fairly long written quiz.• Some questions have multiple parts. Each part carries a point. (Arul Mani prelim scoring system will be followed)• In case of ties, we use sudden death – from Q 1.• There are no marks for handwriting, but please write legibly.• Points for each question is indicated in the relevant question.
  3. 3. ANSWERS
  4. 4. QUESTION # 1 – 3 points• The origins of this sport (X) is linked to the decline of another ancient sport (Y). The ancient sport eventually became more popular in its current format (Z).• X is a former Olympic event. Since its sole appearance at the 1900 Olympics, it has served as a demonstration sport at three different Summer Olympics.• Name X, Y and Z
  5. 5. ANSWER• X – Basque Pelota or Pelota• Y – Jeu de Paume• Z – Tennis
  6. 6. QUESTION # 2 – 1 point• Janet Lynn had a terrible start to the 1972 Winter Olympics figure skating competition. She fell during the free-skating period and finished 3rd in the overall competition. Despite all this, her graceful diligence and persistence resonated with the Japanese, making her an overnight celebrity. She was also a peace activist and took every opportunity to reiterate her stance of being against wars.• She is sometimes credited with a cultural phenomena seen predominantly in South East Asia. Many dispute this theory, but seems like a plausible explanation nonetheless. What phenomenon?
  7. 7. ANSWER• South East Asians default pose in photographs is with a V-sign. Apparently Janet Lynn, was repeatedly seen flashing the V-sign in the Japanese media and is credited for having popularized it in South East Asia.
  8. 8. QUESTION # 3 – 1 point Identify this silvermedalist who is also an author of threebooks and a former federal politician.
  9. 9. ANSWER Ric Charlesworth• He won the hockey silver as a part of the men’s team in 1976.• He also played 47 matches for Western Australia.
  10. 10. QUESTION # 4 – 2 points• Two events made their debut for women at the 1984 LA Olympics.• The winners of both the events are shown below. Name the two events.
  11. 11. ANSWER• Women’s Marathon won by Joan Benoit.• Rhythmic Gymnastics won by Lori Fung.
  12. 12. QUESTION # 5 – 1 point• On 2nd October 1924, Argentina played Uruguay on a friendly match at Sportivos Barracas stadium. Close to 52,000 spectators attended the match, which was won by Argentina 2-1. Best remembered for scenes such as Uruguayan team leaving the field with only 4 minutes to play.• There were several reasons for leaving the field– main being hostile Argentinean crowd. This match however is famous for a particular incident (which also contributed to the tension) which happened during the 15th minute of play.• The player involved – Cesareo Onzari became famous for this particular piece of beauty, although Onzari was not the first to do this. What did he do whose name was christened after this match? Just give me the name popularly known in Latin America.
  13. 13. ANSWER Olympic Goal• Goal scored directly from a corner kick. Since the goal was made against the Olympic champions, Uruguay – the name Olympic goal stayed on.
  14. 14. QUESTION # 6 - 1 pointIdentify this Olympic team (Be specific)
  15. 15. ANSWER• Israeli contingent at the 1972 Munich Games
  16. 16. QUESTION # 7 – 1 point• Monday, 13 July 1908, the opening day of the First London Olympics in the White City Stadium, was concluded with an exhibition of this sport. The sport was the recent invention of R.J. Mecredy, the editor of the Irish Cyclist.• The match was only an exhibition match - the players were not official Olympians. The Irish association team thrashed their German opponents, 3 to 1.In the recent years India has been one of the most successful countries at the International championships of this sport. Name the sport.
  17. 17. ANSWERBicycle Polo
  18. 18. QUESTION # 8 - 1 point• This is Takeichi Nishi, the 1932 Olympics winner in the Show Jumping individual competition. He later died in 1945. We remember him thanks to a revival through a 2006 movie. Which movie?
  19. 19. ANSWER Letters from Iwo Jima• Nishi commanded the 26th Tank Regiment during the battle at Iwo Jima.
  20. 20. QUESTION # 9 - 2 points• In this video, there are two ex-Indian hockey players. They both can be seen as the coach and manager of the Indian team in the film. Name both the players.
  21. 21. ANSWER• Coach is Mir Ranjan Negi• Manager is Zafar Iqbal
  22. 22. QUESTION # 10 – 2 points‚I had just turned 17 years of age and I thought that was good because I was not a boy anymore, and wrote that I was Chinese because I thought they might think that I was wise, but I decided not to put my name or address on the letter in case they thought it was a dumb idea. It was the Wednesday night when I wrote my letter and the Saturday was to be the _____ _____. The office for the Organising Committee was in Little Lonsdale Street, so I dropped my letter into their letter box late at night making sure no one saw me. By Saturday morning, I had not heard or read about any changes to the _____ ______ so I went to the movies that afternoon. When I came out, there was a crowd of people watching the television in a shop window, so I went over to see what they were watching – in those days very few people owned a set – I saw the _____ _____ and …………………………………….. What did he watch? Which edition of Olympics was this?
  23. 23. ANSWER CLOSING CEREMONY• All the athletes had come together and intermingled as one nation, and were marching around the track laughing and waving to the crowd.• 1956 Melbourne Olympics.• The boy later revealed himself as ‘John Ian Wing’.
  24. 24. QUESTION # 11 - 1 point Wiki snapshot of what?
  25. 25. ANSWER Olympic Gold post boxes• To commemorate the British Gold Medal winners, Royal Mail decided to paint the post boxes of the winners’ home town in Gold.• Several of these boxes were later vandalized including some high profile ones like Jessica Ennis and Andy Murray.
  26. 26. QUESTION # 12 - 1 point• At the 2009 IOC session in Copenhagen, this was heralded as one of the comeback stories.• This sport has seen only gold medal winners from North America with USA winning 3 out of 4 that have been on offer.• The venue for this event in 2016 will be designed Hanse, who has been called the Architect of the Year by the sports magazine in 2009.• What am I talking about?
  28. 28. QUESTION # 13 - 1 point• Who in the 1972 games won the 50m freestyle gold and created a world record in the same event?• He ended up participating in Javelin throw, precision javelin throw and Slalom and was a finalist in all three events.• He became his country’s first ever individual gold medalist.
  29. 29. ANSWER Muralikant Petkar• He was crippled during the 1965 war. He was originally a boxer of repute.• He participated in the 1968 paralympic games without much success but became India’s first ever individual gold medal winner at the 1972 Paralympic Games in Heidelberg, Germany.• Despite searching for hours on the internet, I did not find a single photo of this man.
  30. 30. QUESTION # 14 – 1 point WHAT DOES THIS MAP DEPICT?
  31. 31. ANSWER• Route of Marathon at 1908 Olympics which became the modern standard distance for the Marathon – 42 km, 385yds yards.
  32. 32. QUESTION # 15 - 1 point• The 1900 Olympics had a live pigeon-shooting competition where over 300 pigeons were killed.• So somebody came up with an alternative to killing pigeons and 2 variations of this are now Olympic sports.• Identify the sport.
  33. 33. ANSWER Trap Shooting• Olympic Trap and Double Trap are the current two variants.
  34. 34. QUESTION # 16 – 1 point• This was the snapshot used by the referees to award the gold and silver medalists at an event in 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Next day, several newspapers ran an article with condolences to the silver medalist ______.• She had the best chance to win the gold here. Nevertheless, this was her first silver medal after a string of bronze medals in previous Olympic editions. Who is this athlete?
  35. 35. ANSWER Merlene Ottey• Former Jamaican athlete who currently represents Slovenia since 2002. She holds the record for the most Olympic appearances (seven) of any track and field athlete (1980- 2004).
  36. 36. QUESTION # 17 – 1 point SIMPLE!!! NAME THE OLYMPIAN
  37. 37. ANSWER Sonja Henie• Sonja Henie – Ice skater and a Winter Olympic champion• She acted in few Hollywood movies and this clip is from the movie ‘Sun Valley Serenade’.
  38. 38. QUESTION # 18 - 1 point• Snapshot from an athlete’s IAAF profile. This is her performance in triple jump.• Her father dropped a letter from her first name so that his daughter would be the first in everything. Who is this athlete?
  39. 39. ANSWER Anju Bobby George• She started her career as a triple jumper and at one point of time even held the national record in Triple Jump. But realized, she had a better shot at Long Jump.• Her first name at the time of birth was ‘Manju’.
  40. 40. QUESTION # 19 – 1 point• This particular book part of a series was released in the year 1968 (to coincide with the Mexico City Olympics). It was translated into English in 1972 (to coincide with the Munich Olympics). The story satirizes performance enhancing drug usage in sports. A movie version of the book was released in 2008 (to coincide with the Beijing Olympics). Just name the book.
  41. 41. ANSWERAsterix at the Olympic Games
  42. 42. QUESTION # 20 - 1 point• David Weller is a retired Jamaican Olympic medalist. He won a bronze in the 1980 Olympic games.• In what way is his medal unique among all Jamaicans?
  43. 43. ANSWER Non-Athletics Medal• He is Jamaica’s only non-Athletics medal winner so far. He won the bronze in the 1000m Time Trial.
  44. 44. QUESTION # 21 – 1 point 1968 + CONNECT 1984 +
  45. 45. ANSWER• Singles winners when tennis was a demonstration sport.• At 1968 Olympics – Manuel Santana & Helga Masthoff.• At 1984 Olympics – Stefan Edberg & Steffi Graf.
  46. 46. QUESTION # 22 - 2 pointsThis is a snapshot of a athlete’s performance at theParalympics. He is still remembered for a particularfeat of his at the Games. Identify the Para-athlete andwhy is this guy remembered?
  47. 47. ANSWERAntonio Rebello – For his famous arrow shot at the 1992 Barcelona Games.
  48. 48. QUESTION # 23 – 1 point• ‚I vividly remember the 1968 Winter Olympics in Grenoble, France. My mom woke my younger brothers and me up at 4:00 in the morning to watch Jerry, the one-man ski team from _______. Jerry was a waiter with my older brothers at the Chart House in San Diego and a fantastic skier. Any way, there we were all cuddled on the couch waiting to see Jerry in his downhill run. We watched Jean Claude Killy, a couple of Americans and then when Jerry was to race, ABC cut to a commercial! The network thought an ____ skier was of no interest to the American viewers. Well, my mother gets up and goes to the phone in the kitchen (no cordless phones). She calls the local ABC station and wants to know who is responsible for scheduling that commercial break. After several more calls, my mother finally gets a hold of some one in New York City. By the time she gets back to the living room and the commercials are over, the sportscasters on that mountainside in France are announcing that they will now replay the run of______ skier, Jerry for his fans in San Diego, California.‛ A friend narrating an incident on Jerry. What is Jerry’s claim to fame?
  49. 49. ANSWER First Indian Winter Olympian• Jerry Bujakowski – The first Indian winter Olympian.• He is from Polish descent.• Since he was born in India, therefore qualified to be on the Indian Olympic ski team.
  50. 50. QUESTION # 24 - 1 point• The 1968 Olympics games torch relay gave special importance to these 3 places. – Genoa, Italy – Palos de la Frontera, Spain – The island of San Salvador. They supposedly represented the interaction between Europe and the Americas. Explain the importance of these 3 places.
  51. 51. ANSWER Christopher Columbus• The 1968 Olympics Torch relay was designed to follow the course taken by Christopher Columbus. This was supposed to highlight the interaction of Europe with the New World.• Genoa – Birth Place of Columbus• Palos de la Frontera – Place from where he embarked for his journey.• San Salvador – Columbus encountered land here first in his journey.
  52. 52. QUESTION # 25 - 1 point This incident involving Knud Enemark Jensen at the 1960Rome Olympics led to a significant development at the future Games. What?
  53. 53. ANSWER Tests for Doping• Knud Enemark Jensen died during the 100km time trial at the 1960 Olympic Games.• During the autopsy they discovered traces of amphetamine in his body.• IOC initiated a committee to look into the matter in 1961 and they recommended mandatory drug testing at future Olympic Games.
  54. 54. QUESTION # 26 – 3 points• The final words by X in the movie Y sums up ‘Z’: ‚All my life, man and boy, I have operated under the assumption that the main idea in running was to win the race. Naturally, when I became a coach I tried to teach people how to do that. I tried to teach ‘Z’ how to do that. Tried like hell to teach ‘Z’ to do that. And ‘Z’ taught me. Taught me I was wrong.................. But he finally got it through my head that the real purpose of running isn’t to win a race. It’s to test to the ______ of the human heart. That he did… Nobody did it more often. Nobody did it better.‛ This is where the movie ends. (A 1990’s movie) Name X, Y and Z (Character names for X and Z)
  55. 55. ANSWER• X – Bill Bowerman (Founder of Nike)• Y – Without Limits• Z – Steve Prefontaine
  56. 56. QUESTION # 27 - 1 point• Sansarpur, the hockey factory, is part of the Jalandhar Cantonment constituency. A lot of hockey fans are hopeful that it may return to its glory days as X has been elected on a Shiromani Akali Dal ticket.• X has been trying to reform hockey after his retirement. He contested in Hockey India elections before losing out to Vidhya Stokes. Name X.
  57. 57. ANSWER PARGAT SINGH• The only Indian to be a captain at 2 Olympics – 1992 and 1996.
  59. 59. ANSWER CARL LEWIS• Chicago Bulls had drafted him in 1984.• Dallas Cowboys had drafted him in 1984.• Carol Lewis, sister and former Olympian.• Lewis Carl Hamilton – named after Carl Lewis.
  60. 60. QUESTION # 29 - 1 point• This is Frederick Lane from Australia. He was one of Australia’s early gold medal winners.• He won one of his 2 golds in this event, which was held only in the 1900 Olympics.• It was a race over 200m but also involved boats. What event is this?
  61. 61. ANSWER 200m Obstacle Event• Swimmers had to climb over a pole and a row of boats and then swim under a third row of boats.
  62. 62. QUESTION # 30 – 2 points• At one time, X of Grand Rapids, Michigan was the best amateur heavyweight in the world. This was in 1964, after he had twice defeated another promising amateur named Y. He was on his way to the 1964 Olympics Games in Tokyo but an injury sidelined him. Y took his place as an alternate, won the Gold Medal and the rest is history. Name X and Y.
  63. 63. ANSWERX – Buster Mathis Sr.Y – Joe Frazier
  64. 64. QUESTION # 31 - 1 point• A minor controversy erupted in 1992 when a judge accidently entered 8.7 instead of 9.7 for Canadian Sylvie Frechette, which cost her the first place. After appealing to the IOC, her medal was upgraded to a gold which meant that this event had 2 gold medal winners and 1 bronze medal winner. It was the last time this event was played.• This event would confuse a lot of people with its name. Some might even wonder what the judges are trying to judge due to a very confusing and misnomer sort of name for this event.• Identify the event.
  65. 65. ANSWER Solo Synchronized Swimming• One person swimming cannot be synchronized with anything else.• Pedants say that the ‚synchronized‛ part was actually with the music.
  66. 66. QUESTION # 32 – 2 pointsName the movie and Connect these two photographs A B
  67. 67. ANSWER1956 Olympic Champions ofWater Polo - Hungary
  68. 68. QUESTION # 33 - 1 point• Karoly Takacs was a sharp shooter and an Army man. He was considered among the best in the world. But disaster struck in 1938. Despite the setback, he taught himself to shoot again and was considered a favourite for the 1940 Olympics.• He finally managed to win the gold in 1948 Olympics and repeated the feat in 1952 to become the first man to defend a shooting gold.• In what way was Karoly Takacs unusual among shooters?
  69. 69. ANSWER He shot left handed – Only left-hander to win Olympic Gold• He was the top right handed marksman in Hungary. During a training exercise in 1938, his right hand was badly injured when a grenade exploded.• He taught himself to shoot left handed and won gold at the Olympics.
  70. 70. QUESTION # 34 - 1 point• More Than Gold, a Christian outreach organisation that seeks to enable local churches to engage with big sporting events in host cities around the world, hosted the inaugural Legacy Award breakfast in honour of this athlete in 2012. The Award honours one male and one female Olympian who display outstanding character at home, in their community and on the field of competition.• The male recipient of the award was the 2008 Olympic decathlon gold medallist from the USA, Bryan Clay. The female athlete honoured at this inaugural event was British rower and double Olympic silver medallist, Debbie Flood.• Who is the athlete after whom the award is named after? (His memorial can be seen in the pic)
  71. 71. ANSWEREric Liddell
  73. 73. ANSWER DAWN FRASER• Notorious for stealing the flag by climbing the pole at the Emperor’s Imperial palace during 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
  74. 74. QUESTION # 36 - 1 point• Like his more illustrious father, Ranjeet was a hurdler of high promise and clocked 13.49s in an All-Comers athletic meet at Santa Barbara on June 27, 1996. Since the timing was wind-assisted it has been credited as a national record.• With this Ranjeet effectively became the first person to break his father’s long standing record. Ranjeet though left athletics to pursue a masters in computer science and international relations. He is today a successful businessman.• Who is Ranjeet’s father?
  75. 75. ANSWER Gurbachan Singh Randhawa• Gurbachan Singh set the national record for the 110m hurdles in the 1964 Olympic final. It remained an official record till 2001 when it was broken by Gurpreet Singh.• Only recently did an Indian breach the 14 second mark in the 110m hurdles.
  76. 76. QUESTION # 37 – 2 points• This is a final table of a sport which made its debut at the 1912 Olympics.• Name this US athlete whose name has been blanked out and which sport is this?
  77. 77. ANSWER Modern Pentathlon & George S Patton• Modern Pentathlon (pistol shooting, fencing, 200 m freestyle swimming, show jumping, and a 3 km cross-country run).• George S Patton was famous as a General for United States Army at WW II. The movie 1970 ‘Patton’ is based on him.
  78. 78. QUESTION # 38 – 2 points• This gentleman on the right had taken up a herculean task of setting up this place as a Olympic venue. He managed it in such a way that, the event is remembered to be one of the most innovative Olympics to this date.• Name him and which edition of Olympics am I talking about?
  79. 79. ANSWER• Walt Disney• 1960 Squaw Valley Winter Olympics.
  80. 80. QUESTION # 39 – 1 point• Two of the landmark events occurred during this race.• One was the first All-Black Athletics finals in an Olympic event.• Name the other most significant event.
  81. 81. ANSWER JIM HINES breaking the 10s barrier• Jim Hines becomes the first to break the 10 second barrier in the 100m race officially.• Official reading read 9.95 s which stood for the next 15 years. It was at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.
  82. 82. QUESTION # 40 – 2 points• This is one of the controversial incidents of the recently concluded Summer Olympics. Here the referee is shown with a ‘black card’.• Only two Olympic sports employs the use of ‘black cards’. Name the two sports.
  84. 84. QUESTION # 41 - 1 point• Identify the man encircled in green.
  85. 85. ANSWER SPIRIDON LOUIS• Winner of the marathon at the 1896 Olympics.
  86. 86. QUESTION # 42 – 1 point• She may have been the perfect athlete in her sport, she may have become more famous than her countrys most popular character and been patronised by many including the most influential person in the government, but the demands of her sporting schedule had repressed her soul. She seldom smiled, never cried and as a teenager attempted suicide by drinking bleach. On recovery, she said she was glad about what she had done, because her time in hospital temporarily spared her the rigours of training. In all she participated in two Olympic Games. Who is this athlete?
  88. 88. QUESTION # 43 - 1 point• Image from a place called W-Bar in Beijing. Who owns this place?
  89. 89. ANSWER Jan - Ove Waldner• Considered by many to be the greatest Table Tennis player of all time.• He is the only non-Asian gold medal winner in the table- tennis event. He won gold in 1992.
  90. 90. QUESTION # 44 – 1 pointWhat’s happening here? Connect the two photographs. A B
  91. 91. ANSWER• Jim Thorpe’s two gold medals won in 1912 is being reinstated after a gap of 67 years.• His two gold medals were taken off in 1913 because he received money (playing in league) prior to taking part in the 1912 Olympics, thereby losing the amateur status.• His daughter is receiving the medals.
  92. 92. QUESTION # 45 - 1 point• In the 1968 Olympics, India fielded a hockey team with 2 Gurbux Singh’s and 3 Balbir Singh’s.• How were they differentiated by the All India Radio Commentators? This was also used by the officials at the Olympics while filling up the team sheets.
  93. 93. ANSWER• ‚Balbir Services, Balbir Railways and Balbir Punjab Police.‛ - Domestic teams.
  94. 94. QUESTION # 46 - 1 point• She made a much more happy Olympic appearance 36 years after participating in one. Who is the athlete in question?
  95. 95. ANSWER Princess Anne• She presented her daughter Princess Zara Phillips with the silver medal at this year’s Olympics.• Princess Anne had finished 24th in her event in 1976.
  97. 97. ANSWERKATARINA WITT – WinterOlympic Champion.
  98. 98. QUESTION # 48 - 1 point• This was considered the biggest controversy of its time. He not only bribed his way to ensure that the Olympics were postponed by 2 years, but also bribed his way to Olympic Laurels.• He competed in an Olympics but did not finish the race. He was still proclaimed the winner on the grounds that he would have won had he been able to complete the race.• He died the following year, and his name was expunged from the victor list.• Who is this mahapurusha?
  99. 99. ANSWER Nero, the Roman Emperor• He participated in the games in 67AD. Died in 68AD.• He participated in the 10 horse chariot race in 67AD which nearly killed him.
  100. 100. QUESTION # 49 – 1 point• Born in a Nazi occupied country, he chose ‘surgery’ as his profession. Apart from being a 3-time Olympic veteran in sailing, he was crowned as the national champion sixteen times. He has also represented his country’s Rugby Union team. Who is this Olympian?
  101. 101. ANSWER• Jacques Rogge – the current IOC President.• He participated in the 1968, 1972 and 1976 Olympics.
  102. 102. QUESTION # 50 - STAGE II• Connect questions 9, 18, 27, 36 and 45• 1 point with just the Stage II.• 2 points with two correct answers and Stage II.• 3 points with three correct answers and Stage II.• 4 points with four correct answers and Stage II.• 5 points with five correct answers and Stage II.
  103. 103. ANSWER Indian Flag bearers at the Opening Ceremony• Zafar Iqbal – 1984 Olympics• Anju Bobby George – 2004 Olympics• Pargat Singh – 1992 Olympics• Gurbachan Singh Randhawa – 1964 Olympics• Balbir Singh Sr – 1952 & 1956 Olympics
  104. 104. THE END