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  1. 1. HUNT MORE, A LOT MORE USING A LOT LESS TalentHire Mobile App- Almost an ATS that fits in your pocket! A fraction of the competition! 3 layered Support Helpdesk- Online/ Onsite/ Video Your constant search for Talent ends with CEIPAL TalentHire  h ps:// TALENTHIRE Enterprise cloud so ware for Talent Hire PORTAL MOBILE
  2. 2. Job Requisitions Customize and configure your approval work flows depending on the pa erns of your business ac vity.  Set up Hiring Workflows Manage Internal Requisi ons Set up mul level approval process Create comprehensive reports Job Posting Take advantage of our widespread integra on with over 300+ social networks and job boards to market open jobs, discover passive candidates ahead of the compe on.  Publish Jobs in a flash Manage mul ple submissions Quick and simple Resume Previews Send mass mails without restric ons Applicants Manage every aspect of your resumes with complete ease. Parse applicant informa on directly to your applicant database thereby saving me avoiding manual data entry and increasing produc vity.  Parse mul ple resumes with ease Schedule Interviews and track feedback Mul facet filtering op ons Industry ranked advanced search capability TalentBench Effec vely monitor the status and profiles of candidates on the 'bench' all at the same place. Segregate candidates into 'ac ve' and 'inac ve' depending on their availability and eligibility to join a job.  Capture all the bench submissions Market bench profiles with a click Quick view of bench sta s cs Measure performance of your team The Who’s and the What’s CEIPAL TalentHire is a complete end- to-end cloud Applicant Tracking System. In terms of staffing func onali es, TalentHire enables your recrui ng teams to be more efficient and produc ve in every step of recrui ng and hiring process. Armed with an arsenal of features, CEIPAL TalentHire really takes the cake when it comes to delivering high performance at a nominal cost. Equipping your recrui ng firm’s inventory with TalentHire empowers your recrui ng team with a source that, not only will make them more produc ve but also lay out your en re hiring process into an organized and efficient manner. FEATURES What is TalentHire? Without a doubt, TalentHire will be the last ATS that you will ever need to sign up for! Thanks to its efficiency in catering to the obvious to the ni y-gri y details of your recrui ng and staffing needs. CEIPAL’s TalentHire is not just an ATS but a complete ecosystem in its own right!
  3. 3. Job Applications 500k+ Requirements 18k+ Customers 300+ Hires 4500+ With the advent of TalentHire you no longer have to be a big company to benefit from state-of-the- art cloud based HCM solu ons, or to afford it. CEIPAL's flagship product TalentHire, our So ware as a Service (SaaS) pla orms is exactly what small and medium recrui ng and consul ng businesses of this age need. Who should go for CEIPAL TalentHire? Placements Be it in terms of dura on or pay grade, once a candidate gets enlisted under placements, all the available details of the candidate can be recorded without any hassles at the same place.  Detailed reports of placed candidates Monitor total number of placements Record dura on and pay grades of placements Track net profit margin of each placement Dashboard One can use the Execu ve Dashboard to get a detailed overview and Bar graph representa ons of the performance of the recrui ng teams across all sectors, all at the same page.  Vibrant and comprehensive reports Compare trends between quarters Export generated reports Partners & Clients Using TalentHire, you may not only manage all your vendor and client informa on at one place but also club similar vendors and clients into groups as per your conveniences. Thereby, allowing for be er management and email communica ons with your vendors. Integrations Your convenience is the utmost priority for us! Now have the core competencies of an ATS integrated right into your Microso Outlook Account.  Parse resumes directly from outlook Create and post jobs in TalentHire from Outlook Submit hotlists directly from Outlook CEIPAL, LLC Avani Business Park, 687 Lee Road Suite 208A, Rochester, NY 14626 [T] 585-358-4317, [F] 585-285-4133 Track and monitor the status of an –on-booarder Send reminders for outstanding documents Get live updates of onboarding progress U lizing TalentHire's e-Boarding feature, you can now centralize all the requisite steps of the on- boarding process through a secure online portal. On Boarding Just a small start of many more yet to come....  