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Real media texts By M.Raja


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Real media texts By M.Raja

  1. 1. Real Media Texts M.Raja
  2. 2. Why is it important? Looking at real media texts is important because it allows a person to learn and be inspired by something that already exists. By analysing real media texts we can learn more about the conventions of that genre and apply it to our own work. We can learn and understand what makes that movie successful and perhaps what doesn’t. Finally through analysing real media texts, we can be inspired to use certain elements of it in our own work and also remove certain things that doesn't work well. Why is it important in year 12? Looking at real media texts in year 12 is especially important because although I have watched many movies, I have never analysed a movie opening or even thought about the conventions of that genre. By looking at real media texts It has helped me to understand how much work goes into a movie and what the movie includes to make it successful and fitting for the audience
  3. 3. Success of movies and inspiration When I looked at real media texts for my AS media studies coursework, I chose a genre that depicts hardship and social realism within British movies. I looked at one of the most well known and successful movies within in that genre. The movie is called Kidulthood. The opening of that movie sets the tone and theme through the use of language, costume and realistic scenes of the British youth in London. We were inspired by this and therefore went for a similar approach.