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Raihans evaluation


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Raihans evaluation

  1. 1. What do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  2. 2. CostumesIn the preliminary task we barely used any costumes but on the main movie westarted to decide what everyone will be wearing to present ourselves as young typicalyouths. We used tracksuit to signify the character as a young thug and the main bosswas wearing a suit to show he has more power in the movie. we used tracksuits andhoodies to represent how teens dress up these days. This shows the audience that it’sa urban genre. In the preliminary not all of us was in costume as you can see here Im wearing my normal clothes so in the preliminary we decided were all going to need to decide what to wear to present ourselves as teenagers from east London. Here you see Im wearing tracksuits and a hoody, so from the preliminary we have learnt that costumes have an big effect on the audience as it will present how the character might be and what the genre may be.
  3. 3. Location• In the preliminary task we recorded the movie in the school, not really thinking about where to record it but during the main movie we decided to choose a prison gate for our scene because it signifies that the character is coming out prison. Also we recorded the scene where the character gets arrested in the dark because most crime happens during the night which signifies more chaos. The denotation of this scene is that there is a prison gate and the character is walking out. This connotes that the character is getting released from prison. This could set the genre of the movie as crime as he comes out of prison.
  4. 4. Establishing shots• In the preliminary task we didnt use establishing shots but in the main movie opening we used extreme long establishing shots to set the scene for the audience so they know where the scene is taking place. Our tripod was a bit weak which made it harder to keep it steady as we was panning and tracking.
  5. 5. Sound• In the main movie we have used a slow and sad music. We used it as it gave an effect of something sad was happening. Therefore the music sets the mood of the character which helps express the characters feelings. This has helped progressed our movie opening as the audience will feel that
  6. 6. Camera angles• We handheld recorded the police scene as the shaky camera effect makes it more chaotic and aggressive. In the preliminary we didn’t use this as we just used simple camera shots such as close up and long shots.